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At 56 years old Maria longs for her glamour days, on the Amalfi Coast. The former Miss Italy lives in the peaceful fishing village of Sorrento, where tourists and fishing boats pass by her window, from an apartment set high up on the beautiful Italian Coastline. A nephew of her friend, Antonio, the young handsome Italian fisherman from nearby Naples comes to board. During the week when he is not fishing Maria enjoys more than his companionship.



The men sat drinking Drambuie
as the deck hands mended the nets
whilst the grandchildren played on the wharf
some of the boats made their way home
yet most were idle
sleeping out the day
from Maria’s apartment she could hear the laughing
she drank in the talking
collecting her thoughts for the day

Lying on her bed Maria dreamed of earlier days
her black hair sailing in the breeze
the sand swallowing her feet
her breasts standing tall through her top

Looking downwards from her pillow Maria paused
her breasts sagged
her stomach
no longer taut
her legs
the firmness had disappeared
with her hand she massaged the oil in
salivating her nipples
smothering her torso
as she slowly parted the hairs from around her hole

Choosing to slowly rub her long, moist clit
her back straightened
the pleasure made her slow
her desire strengthened
she decided to let her fingers in
sliding and penetrating deep through the juice
Maria leaned back
legs open
nipples wet with oil
cunt dripping
she began
faster and faster she fingered her hungry hole
two then three fingers
diving into the pink
her second hand wandering

Licking her other fingers she moved further down
taking the juice to moisten her butt
as two fingers entered
another retreated
her cunt fingers removed to loosen her bum
with one deep breath later
she started to cum
over her fingers and out from her slit
gushing now sweetly
toward her wanton butt
where her finger still toyed
in love with the juice

The curtains blew outwards
then back to within
as her breasts bathed in sweat
flowing down her skin
back over her mound
to her warm soaking slit
dripping down her thighs
to lay beneath her ass
Maria leaned sidewards
reaching for her glass
the wine meeting her lips
then wetting her throat
as she swept her hair back
to return to the boats


Maria had known Antonio’s Uncle
Antonio had come to board with Maria
Napoli or Naples
as the tourists called it
wasn’t far
and here in Sorrento he needed looking after
at least during the week

Take a shower
she said
I will pour you a beer
before long the young man returned
dripping from his now wet hair
black in colour
long in length
leaning toward the bedside table
handing him the glass
he drank

From beneath the glass
her hand disappeared
under the towel to draw out his cock
her dark hair now upon him
obscuring his view
within seconds his shaft
was taken from his sight
the young mans body
could barely but stand
his entire being swallowed by her hand
the touch of her mouth
too overwhelming to explain
the wetness of her tongue
driving him insane

With her right hand still busy
Maria moved her left
lowering the sheets over her breasts
to down beneath her stomach
where her hairy snatch did lie
moving now forward
her pink slit
caught his eye
it was all too much
as his cock thrust in
deep in her mouth
could this be a sin?

Within seconds he ejaculated
shooting it out
Maria slowly guiding it
further south
to spray her sweet nipples
round and erect
creaming all over stomach
then back to her neck
grabbing his cock now
he unloaded on her snatch
the juice slowly dripping
for her fingers to catch
as she lowered her mouth again
to swallow his head
stemming the flow
from over the bed

Thank you Maria
the young man said
turning away now
moving from the bed
drinking now slowly
taking it all in
a feeling that good
could never be a sin


The boats had drifted further out now
Maria returned from her balcony
to slowly caress another glass of vino
her legs were sore
walking on the promenade at Capri in her heels was tiring
either way Antonio had left
it was Saturday night and his parents needed him

Maria needed to think
she thought of Antonio
of his handsome strong figure
the broad chest that he possessed
his long firm legs
his walk
Capri had been a delight
kissing him goodbye was difficult
yet it wouldn’t be for long

Antonio’s scent lingered on her shirt
so much so that she kept it on
she needed to smell him
her sagging breasts clutched at the shirt
wanting to break free
but it was Maria’s pants that were opened
pushed aside to enjoy the kindness of her fingers
Maria’s long gorgeous fingers
opening the hairs in her moist filled hole
she pushed her lips open
looking down toward the pink
dripping with warm fluid
her fluid
her juice
her wet soaking hole
pleading to be fucked

Two fingers pushed high on the wall
inside Maria’s aged cunt
she opened her legs further
spreading them as far as she could
fuck me Antonio
she begged
fuck Maria
give it to her
give me your juice

your load
your gorgeous cock
Maria bucked into a shuddering orgasm
her hands furiously entering the wetness
almost fisting her hole
fucking herself with a passion
fuck i need it she moaned
fuck i need it she moaned

Releasing her fingers from within her gaping hole
finally allowing her breasts to be fondled
Maria cried
ever so softly


Maria felt anxious
on edge almost
she had taken Antonio
enjoyed the intensity of him within her mouth
the throbbing pulsating feeling of his vein
sliding inside her lips
parting her mouth
caressing her tongue
he had even thanked her

The trip to Capri had been romantic
they held hands on the way back to the boat
laughing as they gazed in awe
toward the clifftops of Sorrento
her stomach being comforted by the young mans hands
reaching from behind
to soothe her knots away
delivering in return only smiles
as his mouth perused her neck
sending a tingle down her back
and beyond
Maria’s dress fighting the incoming wind
only to open again
exposing her wanton breasts
her beautiful soft skin
her heart

Maria had not enjoyed Antonio yet
she was nervous
he was young, strong, fit
his lean arms
a symbol of youth, determination and confidence
however it was confidence that Maria now lacked
surveying her own body
she found breasts that sagged downward
as opposed to up
her hips carried with them the weight of age
embraced by gravitational issues
in need of repair
her vagina
and from where she sat
Maria tried again
to erase these fears

Would he lie underneath her?
as she lifted her skirt
lowering herself slowly
upon his handsome mouth
his young firm lips
his healthy tongue
allowing her juice
her gorgeous sensuous nectar
to flow into his being

Would he bend her over?
lie her on all fours
straddle her from behind
thrust his hot shaft high up within her
in her hungry, eager hole
riding her hard
driving his youth
deep inside her cunt
as she bucked then moaned
before collapsing in delight
dripping furiously from her lustful bounty

Or would he just watch?
watch as she parted
her hairy slit
opening her legs
diving her fingers
in then out of her thirsty hole
sliding into the pink
for him to visualize
in slow, slow motion
only stopping to ease a finger south
toward her sensitive tunnel
before reigniting the flame
high up in her flesh

Maria grew impatient
she looked in the mirror
only to turn away again
he was young
he had his life before him
he was walking into the future
Maria felt tired
tired of looking into the past
almost frightened to touch herself
to uncover the prism of self doubt
but he had thanked her


Maria slowly dressed
taking time to brush her hair
slide on her black stockings
lace garter belt
thong and bra
her blue skirt and white shirt
complimenting her dark hair
accentuating her beautiful red lips
allowing her long neck room to breath
and affording her breasts enough fresh air for Antonio to drink

Finishing the balsamic salad and prawns
she poured the water
rearranged the vase
taking time to make her bed
it had been many years
since a man had entered her bedroom
the memories of having someone inside her were distant now
at best
yet Antonio her young handsome boarder
was soon to be home
perhaps just maybe he would enter her room
she had taken his gorgeous cock before
deep within her lips
and allowed his juice to flow from her mouth
before enjoying the taste of his upright shaft
yet her aged cunt needed him
the trip to Capri had wet her appetite for something more
something new
someone young

Antonio waved from the piazza kissing Maria on both cheeks
he placed his suitcase back in his room
and the mature woman and young man chatted
Antonio’s family were in good health in Napoli
he was anxious now to return to the sea
to earn a solid income
to put something behind him


Following lunch they walked in the court yard below
Took in some gelato from the piazza
then sat by the fountain laughing
occasionally holding hands as onlookers watched the attractive couple
Maria, the stunning woman she still was
alongside her tall companion
dressed in smooth slacks and a perfectly manicured Italian shirt

Upstairs Maria was unsure of how to approach Antonio
the young man himself was sitting uncomfortably on the couch
as Maria joined him in a glass of Pinot
she leaned forward breathing softly upon his neck
then sat back watching
as the boats lulled up then down
pushing forward and backwards
their chains talking with the buoys
as the tide ebbed and flowed in tune with their conversation
Antonio’s strong chest challenged his buttons
with his broad shoulders pushing Maria further into him
she listened as he spoke quietly now
of his childhood
his teenage years
and of his journey into manhood


Maria then lifted her leg slightly on the couch
allowing Antonio’s eyes to catch a glimpse of her garter belt
her black thong in clear view of the handsome young man
she noticed his cock moving in his slacks
aroused by her wanton body
Maria took the lead standing up and guiding the young Italian
effortlessly into her bedroom
lying on her stomach she slid the young mans hand
high up her legs placing his fingers firmly on her thong
he began rubbing her slowly feeling out her slit
before sliding the thong sideways
to wet his long fingers
Maria pushed back gliding them deep in her hole
his two fingers moving slowly
heating her up even more
reaching her arm around behind her back
she lowered his head down to lick within her cunt
to pull her clit out from her mound
sucking it with his lips
softy biting it with his teeth
Maria pushed him in deeper
his fingers making her come
the feeling of pleasure consumed her

Maria now needed to take him whole
to capture her handsome young lover
to satisfy her goal
she undid her straps then pulled down her silky thong
stretching out on her elbows
Maria held her ass up high
unbuttoning his pants now Antonio grabbed his cock
sliding his wet fingers along his shaft
watching as she rose
his eyes wandered above her stockings back toward her slit
where he slowly brought his cock
to tease her just a bit
he rubbed his fully erect rod up then down her slit
watching as the juice gently flowed onto it
then the young man could wait no longer
he entered her steamy hole throwing his head back
the pleasure continued to unfold
ram it into me
she whispered
fuck me with your stiff hard cock
to which he thrust in deeper still
slowly and in sync
with Maria’s slender hands
pulling open her pink
the hole became too wet for the young mans cock to grasp
so he lowered a finger down
to penetrate Maria’s ass
reaching the bedside table
he splashed on some hot clear oil
to loosen up the tight hole
he was eager now to spoil

Again Antonio handled his young cock
guiding it toward Maria’s ass
slowly Antonio
she said
as if the young man were in class
so he took his purple rod
releasing his throbbing vein
from the clutches of his hand
into Maria again
slowly he entered her ass
slowly he started to win
Maria was thoroughly delighted
his shaft pushed even further in
she tingled deep in her cunt
as her hand began rubbing her clit
Antonio too lowered a finger
sliding it into her slit
with her finger rubbing her button
and another sliding into her slit
Antonio withdrew his cock
to pause for just a bit
turning ever so slightly
Maria angled her head
fuck me in the ass Antonio
fuck me in my bed

With that Antonio thrust forward
to give Maria her much needed fuck
he could hardly even believe her beauty
let alone his luck
Maria’s tight ass took his cock whole
her walls strangling his shaft
whilst he mounted her on the bed
she dug her knees in deeper
to give the young boy his head
fuck me harder Antonio
fuck me deep in that hole
slam it into me now
give me your stiff hard cock
Maria bucked and writhed
sucking in the young jock
until he thrust up even deeper
high up in her bum
shooting and spurting his juice
releasing a massive load of cum
he moaned and almost yelled
Maria you are so beautiful he said
I love being deep inside you
Thank you for taking me in your bed

Maria fell on her back smiling
looking up at her handsome beau
her legs were still slightly shaking
from her pussy down to her toe
with one hand on his shoulder
the other caressing his chest
she laughed together with him
that was so much fun
yes that was the best


Later on the balcony
fondling a cigarette
Maria gazed at Antonio
as his eyes wandered up from his glass
she had loved having him inside her
she loved his juice deep in her ass
another glass for you Antonio?
another glass of Pellegrino?
Maria leaned forward to kiss her lover
to softly be by his side
you are beautiful
she said
my handsome Antonio
thank you for loving my body
thank you for taking it slow..


Maria looked out to sea
the water pushed peacefully toward the rocks edge
away from the discerning fishing nets then around the tall ship
fifty meters from where she lay
a young boy cast a line into a rocky pool
where elderly Italians rowed their small wooden boat
as she swam
under the rope
outside the rocks in the saltwater
filled with green blue
then the yellow and beige of the rock below
but for this coastlines water
the tide
pushing in and out in time with the moon
the moon
rising against the setting sun
with whom she ate last night
on the balcony of her apartment
above it all
the orange, the red colours
capturing her gaze as the sun sank below the coastal horizon
the Amalfi coast with her steep rock faces
her gentle motor boats
passing by
the Italian fishermen casting narrow orange nets
searching for pesci, scampi or crab
the cliff face
smothered in green
sketched with stone dwellings of grace
overwhelming beauty
Maria herself was overwhelmingly beautiful
at 56 years of age the young girl who had grown up in Napoli
who had been crowned Miss Italy in Rome
was still able to catch the attention of those on the beach
of those within her reach


Maria showered
the swim had been refreshing
her body drew in the moisture
releasing the sand and sun from her ageing skin
massaging her shoulders
her arms and her back
as the heat washed over her gorgeous body
tonight Maria had a strong desire to enjoy the shower
to wash herself clean
to smell beautiful
for herself
Antonio, fishing for two weeks now
would not return for another two
two Fridays to be precise

Leaving the shower behind her Maria drew the curtains to the balcony
returning to her couch
placing her wine on the coffee table
before lamenting
another two weeks
two more weeks without Antonio
her mind wandered back
to the evening when she first took Antonio from the shower
devouring his long shaft
consuming his throbbing vein
his gorgeous cock
her hand slowly cupping her aroused breasts
as she remembered her delight
her sense of achievement
as the young man’s creamy love flowed over her breasts
down toward her hairy mature cunt


Opening her legs Maria closed her eyes
drifting back to the Sunday night of two weeks past
back to Antonio’s return from Napoli
following their romantic trip to Capri
she had longed to see him on that occasion
to caress his broad shoulders
to laugh with him
and to walk with him in the piazza
in front of the onlookers
the passers’ by
to show him off
to romance his strong handsome features
among the crowds within the village of Sorrento
Maria’s mind caught a glimpse
of his impeccable Venetian shirt
his Italian pants
surrounding  his manhood
as he too lay on the couch
waiting for their time together
their first time

Reaching forward Maria’s fingers found the wine
slowly placing them in the glass
she removed them
giving them to her lips
her mouth
then her tongue
before coating them with the moisture she needed
Maria’s memories of Antonio were upon her
closing her eyes her fingers moved the thong sideways
exposing her womanhood
now opening her lips
parting her hair
she succumbed to her desire
her memories
her aching want for the young man’s cock
the moist fingers slicing though her deep slit
as she lent forward
to watch with pleasure as the juice met her fingers
moaning as her fingers engaged her slippery clit
the warm swollen button
that Antonio had ignited
on his quest toward her centre
the dripping wet hole
she had so desperately needed to give him
to open for him
to quench her thirsty hunger
for his strength
his youth
his juice


Maria’s fingers fled toward her opening
her pink slit slithered open
freeing her own pleasure
tightening then opening between thrusts
Maria became hot
her brow perspiring
her cunt began to quiver
to fight with her memories
standing up Maria removed her thong
walking to her bed
to their bed
she quickly splashed the oil upon her soaking fingers
upright on her elbows and knees Maria paused
closing her eyes she pictured Antonio
waiting to mount her
to penetrate her
cock in hand eager for her slit
she returned two dry fingers to her already wet cunt
with legs wide open Maria guided her wet fingers toward her tightness
smothering the hole with the smooth warm liquid
she begged Antonio
fuck Maria up the ass Antonio
give me your stiff hard cock
her fingers penetrating her sensitive tunnel
she teetered on the edge
then as her fingers released a waterfall from her cunt
Maria pushed harder
fucking her butt
with two fingers in
and another two out of her wetness
her memories of Antonio
causing her to shout
slam it in darling
fuck my tight bum hole
fuck me harder Antonio
give me your load

sliding over her clit Maria finally broke loose
her fingers prolonging the ecstasy
until her legs drew closed
preventing the juice from exploding once more
shutting her cunt
closing the door
on a passion she lived for
her one true love
with whom she had blessed with
from high above

Two Fridays later Maria awoke
drawing the curtains
she cast her eyes further out
today he would be home
headlands to the south
Naples to the north
a distant shadow set in far reaching mist
mountain tops
high enough to outlast the lingering mist
calming the water as it rested on the rocks
beneath her apartment
alongside Sorrento
beside the casting boy
above the tall ship
on one beautiful day
the day her lover would arrive


Walking toward the wooden craft
water in abundance
towering above Sorrento stood
the fishermen they gathered, bustling together
eating cake, drinking Dram Buie, laughing
their boats the “Antonia”, the “Francesca”
biding their time in this timeless world
light beamed upon the waters glassy exterior
fresh fish, packed cases, an old red tractor
whose trailer trailed above their deck
strong coffee brewed in the darkened kitchen
on this Friday with the fishermen
Maria stared into their hard working eyes
their caring souls
as they searched their past in Calabria
whilst water pumped rapidly throughout
the men were alive
they were family


Maria watched
as filtering from beneath the gallows a young man appeared
it was her man
he smiled
before hesitating
somewhat anxiously
raising a finger to his mouth
he whispered
before racing back down below
and returning
returning with the rose
Maria’s rose
placing it within her hair
he smiled
Didn’t you even miss me?
He asked
As Maria fell into his arms
resting on his neck
crying softly
Antonio’s hands surrounded her face
kissing her on the forehead
the lips
kissing the tears from her cheekbones
to open her smile
to release her love for him
Placing his bag upon his shoulder
Antonio with his other arm reached out for Maria
guiding her home
past the fishermen
the warehouses lying empty
beyond the boats lying alone
the sun was now setting toward night
fishing nets spread afar
the old men were mending
young men spoke one beautiful language
serenity opened her door
Maria captured the moment on that waters wharf
to hold forever in time
to lean on in times of separation
from her man
her young handsome man
Leaning forward Antonio opened the door to the apartment
his strong forearms
reaching past Maria
protecting her from danger
providing the warmth she had longed for
she felt her inner thighs twinge
a pulsating rush of blood stirred within her legs
upon closing the door Antonio held Maria tightly
wrapping his body around her
breathing in her skin
her scent
her love
she felt his body
bleeding with desire
striving to escape
wanting to discover her
to find her once again


Antonio threw the keys on the sideboard
his bag over his shoulder
after a month at sea his mind was exploding
thoughts of Maria had dominated his thoughts
he had prayed for this moment
this time to be with her
his cock could wait no longer
his lust must be released
with that Maria kneeled before him
opening his belt
lowering his pants
pulling down his briefs
to expose his eager shaft
he thrust his hard rod
forward and backward with force
the long shaft throbbing
clutching to his grasp
suck it Maria he yelled
as his face went red with desire
the side board mirror watching him
as he held the head with might
pulling Maria’s hair
he guided her lips smoothly
as she licked then sucked and bit
his gorgeous purple knob
taking her tongue in intervals
to encircle his massive ridge

The veins in Antonio’s neck then swelled
he could see himself losing control
pulling Maria upward
she sat up in front of his strength
whilst rasping on his cock
she opened her legs up wide
inviting him to come inside
tearing open her stockings
ripping off her thong
with her hairy snatch now open
the young man could wait no more
swaying and rocking in spasms
his legs knees ramming the sideboards door
Antonio began to explode
shooting furiously over her cunt
with his juicy cream filled load

Maria lent back against the mirror
slowly unbuttoned her shirt
releasing her wanton breasts
to take his final squirt
then kneeling in front of him
looking ever upward
she licked his gorgeous cock
swallowing the last droplets
as he squeezed them from his knob
moaning writhing and weak now
Antonio kept yelling inside
I love you
until the day I die

Maria and Antonio awoke Saturday morning to the peaceful sound of boats meandering in and out of the bay. Friday night had realized Antonio’s return from one month away fishing. The separation for Antonio had been difficult. He missed his older companion, his lover, his compass. Young Italian men were known on the Amalfi Coast for straying, for drifting into deeper waters, yet in Maria the handsome young fisherman had his feet firmly anchored to the ground.
I want to pleasure you darling
the beautiful Maria said
Last night you were tired
you were unable to accept my love
Maria smiled
slowly drawing back the sheets
slowly removing the shield between her and the young man
Maria needed to take control of the handsome 24 year old
to dominate him
with one hand cupping his balls now
Maria opened her mouth
sliding the tongue from underneath his balls
she circled the round pendants
the gateway to his manhood
spitting saliva on his shaft her tongue proceeded north
then down again
to join her hands in search of his balls
choosing now to suck them in and out of her magnificent lips
the older woman took her time
patiently allowing her hand to follow her tongue upwards
toward his gorgeous peak
with her tongue Maria divined the eye of Antonio’s cock
after rocking back in a short lived spasm
he soon rose again
to watch as Maria caressed his succulent knob
his torso beginning to pulsate
slowly releasing his juice southward
toward the pleasure zone
closing firmly now with her lips
and a tight grip on his shaft
Maria sucked and sucked
Antonio couldn’t last
Maria’s head did not move
only her mouth did but falter
to tighten below his ridge
preventing an easy escape

Feeling the juice release
in threatening speed from his cock
he looked for the explosion below
yet found only Maria’s hair
for she held on so very tightly
squeezing out every drop
preventing him from moving
staying firmly at the top
swallowing his passion
consuming his young fresh flesh
Maria smiled with delight
leaning now on his chest
How do you feel my Darling
Is it good to finally be home?
Antonio lay there speechless
he would tell her later in Rome
Saturday in Rome
the attractive couple alighted from the train at the Stazione Termini
people were present in numbers
to enjoy the brilliant sunshine
to bask in the capital of their nation
baggage lay everywhere
high ceilings reached above them
only to be replaced by the money exchange booths outside

Then there were the tourists
spending their foreign dollars in summer time
on stinking hot hotel rooms
as they listened to the church bells
forever ringing
housing Italy’s national religion
as the local Italian men drank coffee on outdoor seats
aligning Ristoranti’s
the tourists dined inside
upon red tablecloths
being served by their waiters in dinner suits
pouring Vino Biancos’ for them
whilst they enjoyed pastas
on nightfall
before returning back to their rooms
on narrow cobble stoned streets
to overcome their jet lag
and sleep
Maria and Antonio found their way to the Trevi fountain


Sitting as the water splashed at their side they held hands
Antonio spoke of his need to provide for Maria
to shower her gifts
upon the return of his voyage
of his need to spoil the woman he had found
the woman who showered him with pleasure
Maria spoke softly now
I am here for you Antonio
you were sent for me to love
It is I that will give to you
she explained


My life has brought me many spectacular gifts
a surplus of jewellery
an abundance of clothes
a host of uncompromising experiences
I ask now for you
not to shower me with gifts
but to love me
to enjoy me
to provide me with warmth

The young man looked perplexed
the girls with whom he had danced searched for diamonds
for a pathway out of their past
Maria only required him
his love
his heart
his soul
she was not interested in diamonds
she was not asking him for gold


In the afternoon the couple walked slowly
down the long hill into the centre of the original Roman Empire
into the Lost City
now in ruins they looked beyond the roses
beyond the playful cats
to see the Colosseum
still standing
lined with statues
of Titanus
of Caeser
before angling their way through the ruins
underneath the crosses
beneath the residential windows
through the alleyways
past a score of Fiats
a sea of bikes
the ever present Renaults’
the most exquisitely dressed Italian women
wearing fashionable shoes
within Roma’s bustling piazzas’
on their way back to the Stazione Termini
to catch the Sorrento train home

Maria lined the small table with a white table cloth
the salad and pizza sat below their pinot
as the young man told her of his week off
he would not return to the sea until Monday week
What have you planned for yourself?
Inquired Maria
before lighting her first cigarette after their meal
I have arranged for us to travel to Firenze’
the young man replied
the reply sending a quiver through Maria’s ageing body
Firenze’ said Maria
I love Firenze’
the river
the narrow lined streets
I will walk with my man along the river bank
as the water washes the merchants home from their work
we will hold each other tightly on nightfall
then visit Ristorantis’ once more
and kiss passionately below streetlights
before visiting churches during the day
or visiting the statue of St David
perhaps we can just sit in a cafe
watching the westerners
breathing in the Italian beauty
Antonio laughed
leaning forward he kissed Maria’s hand
who brought you to me
you gorgeous creature
he whispered who delivered you to me


Maria’s feet were tired
at 5 foot 10 inches heels were not everyday wear for her
particularly on previous visits to Rome
where the cobblestones played havoc with her ankles
however when walking aside her striking beau
standing inches above her
they made her feel comfortable
comfortable in the knowledge that she
was not too short for him
some may call her old fashioned
she referred to herself as traditional

With the bath run she could finally relax
turning the lights off
Antonio surprised her
as he lowered the scented candles above her bath
before finding her feet
with his strong, firm hands
the oil soothed her feet
as the young Italian slithered the liquid between her tired toes
her towel awaiting her
as was her bed
lowering her now on her bed
Antonio removed the towel
to soften her ankles with his tongue
to kiss her inner thighs
moaning ever so quietly as he proceeded
Maria opened the pink
gathering in his head
burying him in her hole
with his lips devouring her muscle
and his fingers upright and in
Antonio sucked on her swelling clit
releasing the sweet tasting cum
with her stomach moving up and down
as the spasms ignited her bum
in and out she pushed
until the final droplet escaped
leaving the young man leaning over her
satisfied he had opened her gate

Now clenching his tired manhood
fixing his eyes on Maria’s open cunt
as she parted the pink hole wide
beneath the hairy platform in front
Maria you are so beautiful
the young man briefly said
as he squirted upon the mound
on her pink then on the bed
collapsing by her side
the shooting stars had now subsided
they lay peacefully
side by side
in  a moment
where their love collided