Night fires


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Brit lay flat now as her head raced back to earlier in her evening
the graduation dinner was so amazing
with Chelsea, Sarah, Jason, her Step mom, Dad
and of course Tyler
in her mind she could almost touch his tight jeans
as they clung to his gorgeous butt
before he lowered himself into Chelseas car to leave the restaurant
his eyes had glanced up as he shouted goodbye
with his blond hair waving in the drift of oncoming traffic
and his strong forearm disappearing behind the car door


Tyler was unattainable for Brittany
at least whats she thought
he was all IV League
blue blood
sexier than a boy could be
and straight down the line
she wrestled with her pyjama pants
unsure whether to remove them
or simply let them drink in her sweat filled thighs

Brit wondered where he was
Was he with Chelsea?
What would they be doing?
Were they really just friends?

She thought of how he had placed his hand upon the edge of her skirt
Just above her knee
“Congratulations Brit,” he had said
“I am so proud of you, First Class Honours”

Brittany had wanted him to leave his hand there forever
to forever stare into her eyes
with his deep green eyes
his smooth brown forehead
and his pure pink lips
as they whispered once more toward her ear
“I’m so proud of you”

She could have melted
Fallen in a heap on the table
Lay bare before him
crushed by the weight of his gorgeousness
His style, charisma, sexiness
His young manhood

As he stood up to leave the table she had blushed
When his jeans had brushed past her shoulder
His body connecting with hers
Pushing against her young breast

As he navigated his way around her seat
Had Chelsea noticed her?
She had tries not to stare at him
Yet his body was all over her
All around her
Within her tender skin

The pants had to come off
Brittany began caressing her breasts
From under her pink pj top
Her right hand wandering toward her now wet snatch
her fingers wanting
needing her desire
as she rubbed, then rubbed some more
pleasing her hungry clit
moaning ever so slightly
before forcing two fingers high
high inside her warmth
juice, cum, beautiful liquid
flowing from inside her love
gushing now from her pink
crying out his sexy name
Tylller…she moaned
Before bucking forward
in a spasm that knocked her teddy from her bed

In the bathroom Natalie could hear some distant noise
Perhaps it was the tv still on
Listening intently she picked up the moans
The sounds of her step daughter
pleasuring her hole
Her bathrobe was silky
Crisp against her skin
As she felt the warm liquid leave her body for another world

Then back in bed Rhett only stirred
Her bathroom break had not awoken his alcohic slumber
She thought of Brittany
of her orgasmic play
of her young hormones exploding
wanting to escape

Her own pussy felt horny
wanting to be touched
needing to be prised open
and fingered from below
she felt her wedding ring
as she slid her index finger beneath her pubic hair
now inside her wanton cunt
she licked it now
inhaling the scent of her hot slit
before fucking herself some more
driving two fingers in now
then lowering her right hand lower
to caress her tight ass
she massaged
fingered and fucked
until the cream came upon her

Drenching her knuckles, her hand and her skin
writhing in her lust
before coming once again

The moon was higher now
her curtains blowing ever so gently against the evening breeze
the hallway seperating her from Brit
from her girlish thoughts
her teenage dreams
her youthful lust
her needs and desires
Would they be fulfilled?
Or simply just expire?

How long could she wait
to put out her burning fire

Fly me to the moon


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Did you ever wonder what it would be like
To fly to the moon and back
Above all the stars
Our sirens and cars
People on those streets
So eager to meet
Then just walk away
At the end of the day
From you

Once upon a time
I dreamt of a relationship
That lived forever
Without any ends
More than just love
Above being friends
Where we loved as one
Pure and content
Maddening passion
Lustful and spent

The dream never evolved
To outlive my sleep
Now staring at your photo
Be-trodden at my feet
Whereupon I pick you up
To again see your smile
A flicker of hope
To hold but awhile

Yet love doesn’t last
Does it
The moon is too far
Sirens ever present
I can barely see your star
Your willowy neck
Your silver
Distant car
As you wave gently goodbye
Caressing our plight
Like all true relationships
Toward the dead of the night



Cowboy Up..the 1st in the Spur Hill Series -out now on Kindle


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Once again that tight butt of his was distracting me, this time from within a pair of white jeans. Turning to face me as we opened the tall bi-fold doors, I familiarised myself once more with that gorgeous broad brimmed smile of his, those shiny white teeth, his wavy blond hair and those magnificent eyes, surrounded by tinges of yellow and green that I could swim in if afforded the chance.


cr=w-538,h-269-1 copy


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Jessica Stanton


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Jessica Stanton was in search of peace, tranquility and country. Far away, above the starlit sky, beyond the ever distant moon, this fall evening signalled a warning: A tall, blonde cougar with too much time on her hands, can be her own worst enemy

Spur Hill “Cowboy Up” by Sasha Holden


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Every time he spoke in that sexy boyish tone, I was reaching for the ice, in spite of the outside chill. I could feel my inner thighs expanding against my strongest will. I couldn’t take it much more. I’d been too long without a lover, my body was aching and hungry with lust. His gorgeousness began exploding all around me.


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Congrats Frolicme…you are simply the sensual, erotic and visually splendid…I love the lingerie, your leading men, your orgasmic locations and the feel of your are a turn to individuals and couples alike the world over..thank you for being you..sashaholdenxx

Anyway I’ll leave you to get the Xmas table ready and see you in 2018!



Yes I know, it has only happened again! Another nomination has come our way. For the second time running my deliciously naughty and gorgeously beautiful erotic site has been nominated for this year’s 2018 XBIZ awards for Best Erotic Site of the Year to be announced in Los Angeles in January. Woohoo, I hear you all shout … go girl!

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The 16th annual XBIZ awards are highly recognised within the industry, which have been hosted since 2003 to recognise and honour the achievements of many different multi national businesses who work within the adult world. So for us as a small independent (I say small but boy are we growing fast!), the recognition is a real achievement.

These XBIZ awards have been compared to the mainstream Hollywood’s Golden Globes. The red-carpet event will be hosted again in Los Angeles on 18th January, all part of a programme of events that mark this annual occasion. The awards annually honour those individuals and companies that have been noted to have achieved within production, products, technology and retail within a highly competitive and large multimillion-dollar industry.

The size of the adult industry is a little clouded on the exact figures but is certainly deemed to be one of the largest industries, reports suggesting in excess of $97 billion, USA alone generating $10 – 12 billion a year. So for a startup independent female-founded business entering this hugely competitive world, I am delighted to be nominated again. In just a couple of years, Frolicme has rapidly become the “go to” site for so many women and couples looking for sex-positive creative and ethical erotica online. This nomination for Best Erotic Site just further signifies the strong global awareness the brand is continuing to achieve.

Yet again, another validation to entice even more potential members to take a peek and enjoy my erotic world of

Goodness, I’m going to be busy in January… quick get those flights sorted!


Cowboy Up The first novella in the Spur Hill Series, by Sasha Holden – on Amazon Kindle from December 24


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The leaves had just started to fall from Spur Hill’s tree-lined entrance, and there was a slightly cooler air to the afternoon. I felt a wisp of wind run through my dress, encircling my breasts. I had moved past the point of no return. Through the threshold point where an older woman chooses to restrain herself. I was hot, I was horny and in desperate need to have him.



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“Cowboy Up” The first novel in the Spur Hill Sasha Holden


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Spur Hill copy



Welcome to the Spur Hill Series, in which the indomitable Jessica Stanton heads to the grand residence “Spur Hill” in America’s mid west for a lifestyle change.

“I am so much looking forward to this next chapter”, said Jessica Stanton. “This change has a good vibe written all over it. No more traffic lights, horns, late night ambulance sirens, last minute deadlines, shallow advertising executives and take out. I’m in search of peace, tranquility, and country”.
Unfortunately, as Jessica was soon to find out, nothing could be further from the truth. Far away, above the starlit sky, beyond the ever distant moon, this fall evening signalled a warning, “A tall blond cougar with too much time on her hands, can be her own worst enemy”.
Having left a failed marriage and a big city advertising job behind her for the grand “Spur Hill” residence in America’s midwest, the stunning Jessica Stanton soon finds she needs a helping hand (or two). Luckily for her there’s more than a few gorgeous young cowboys only too eager to assist.


Ever dreamed of escaping?

Jessica Stanton was in search of peace, tranquility and country. Unfortunately, as she was soon to find out, nothing could be further from the truth. Far away, above the starlit sky, beyond the ever distant moon, this fall evening signalled a warning: A tall, blonde cougar with too much time on her hands, can be her own worst enemy.

Jessica needs a helping hand

Her baby calves and horses were in danger, rising floodwaters and a drowning water pump imminent. Torrential rain was approaching, her property and livelihood threatened. Jessica Stanton was a damsel in distress. She needed a helping hand. But she didn’t count on having two, in “Cowboy Up.”


The Cowboy

Back in the city they call middle-aged women MILFs, or even cougars, handsome young cowboy Jamie thought to himself. Okay so this wasn’t his first time in the saddle, but from where he stood Jamie was sure hoping this wouldn’t be his last, in “Cowboy Up.”

Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 7.01.41 am

The Spur Hill Series

“The leaves had just started to fall from Spur Hill’s tree-lined entrance, and there was a slightly cooler air to the afternoon. I felt a wisp of wind run through my dress, encircling my breasts. I had moved past the point of no return. Through the threshold point where an older woman chooses to restrain herself. I was hot, I was horny and in desperate need to have him.”

Now on amazon kindle for Pre Order
Available December 24

Published by



Fancy listening to something hot and steamy this weekend


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Make sure you have some time to yourself this weekend to listen to the audio version of my first novel “Sarah”. You might like to go for a long drive, have an afternoon nap, or some late night playtime.
It’s time well spent!

Sarah: Malcolm’s Prize: Sarah’s Story, Book 1

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Regular Price:$10.08

Publisher’s Summary

So you are beautiful and sexy yet lonely. You just want love, affection. But when you can’t reach between the bedroom walls into the bed of your best friend’s husband, with whom you live, it becomes more than love and affection you lust after. What do you do when your thirst can’t be quenched? Set on the beautiful Australian coastline, maybe, just maybe, all your dreams will come true.

This stylishly written romantic tale of three lives intertwined escalates over time into one of not just passion, lust, and desire. Out of nowhere the unexpected arrives to release unparalleled scenes of erotica that sweep you away on a wave of ecstasy. Confused as you are, vulnerable and uncertain as you may be, you know deep down in places only you have visited that he has been looking. There’s only one problem. While he’s been noticing, your best friend has been protecting. She’s not about to give up everything she’s worked hard for. And why should she? She has him; you just want him. Or, should I say, need him.

Three’s a crowd. Or is it?

This series contains strong language and scorching sex scenes including masturbation, mutual masturbation, oral, anal, lesbian, threesome, slight BDSM, and straight sex.

©2015 Sasha Holden (P)2015 Sasha Holden

How important is sexual chemistry in a relationship? New Love Times by Sasha Holden


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How Important Is Sexual Chemistry In A Relationship?

Sometimes we try to ignore it, to suppress the emotions surrounding it, as Keira Knightly did in New York when Edward Norton touched her hand in the film “Collateral Beauty.” Though experts and lay people all agree, sexual compatibility is not only real, it forms the very fabric that binds our relationships together. Perhaps they are correct in their assumptions. On a recent trip to Madrid, I was drawn to a painting wherein the muse drew her last breath following the death of her true love, from whom she had been separated since youth. Having been locked for years in a loveless arranged marriage at the request of her father, she had forever hungered for the intimacy of her long lost lover. Dramatic perhaps, yet one only has to read through the threads of online forums today to ascertain that in the absence of sexual compatibility, relationships are often doomed from the start.

Suggested read: Why Sex Before Marriage Is Not Good, But A GREAT Idea

Let’s take a brief look at some online responses to a disillusioned forum member, found questioning the lack of intimacy within her current relationship. Hannah says,

“Sexual chemistry is vital. You need to feel the love and excitement of a relationship. Without sexual chemistry, you will feel unhappy with a lack of sex.”

Kathryn says,

“In my experience, sexual chemistry – if it’s not there – it will never be there. You will start to feel very guilty and resentful. For your sanity and his, it’s best to end a relationship without sexual chemistry.

men choose sex over food

Image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

Jessica C says,

YES, sexual compatibilityy is very important. The thing is, it may help to balance and accept differences in other areas, and I think this is good as long as such differences don’t touch core values.

Nikki, in turn says,

Sexual compatibility is soooo important! I married a man that I did not have great chemistry with because he seemed like he was head over heels for me, and the lack of sexual attraction was one thing that killed our marriage and relationship.

Experts too, agree that sex and being sexually compatible, are two of the most essential ingredients required in maintaining a sustainable relationship. In fact, the lack of sexual compatibility, and sex for that matter, remain common reasons for relationship breakdowns today. They suggest that possessing sexual chemistry with your partner, feeling the desire, the hunger, and the excitement when you are intimate with them, helps to ensure your relationship shall go the distance.

For when that initial “loved up” phase we all go through in our relationship abates, we need to experience that sexual ccmpatibility, that sexual connection, to keep the flame alight. Most couples, over time, rarely have matching sex drives. The “he wants sex more than me” factor is a common issue raised during marriage counselling. Over time, menopause in women, lowering libido in men and aging, all bring their own sexual frustrations. During these turbulent times, the ever-present cracks in a sexless relationship tend to manifest themselves into a chasm that for many couples, is simply too big to cross. He or she has an affair or loses interest in the broader, everyday facets of the relationship. The inherent lack of a sexual bond between the couple can often lead to a slow and painful end to their relationship.

couple in bed_New_Love_Times

Image source:  Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License 

Yet your search for a sexual compatibility need not always be a harrowing one. I was in an airport in Europe a month ago only to be touched on the shoulder by a stranger. Upon turning around, a tall, dark, and handsome man greeted me in a strong European accent with, “Excuse me,Ms Holden, your hair brush.”

Suggested read: More Than Friends: Are You Ready To Turn Your Friendship Into Something More? Find Out

Having passed through the security screen, I had left my hair brush on the carousel in search of my laptop and other items. I then felt it. The power of sexual compatibility. Shivers whisked their way through the small of my back, tightening my torso and sending bolts of lightning in and out of my inner thighs in waves of exhilaration. My heels buckled for a split second. I blushed the color of his gorgeous Italian shirt and stuttered the only two words I was capable of saying, “Thank youuu..….”. For the length of the ensuing plane trip and throughout the coming months, I intermittently found myself swimming in a sea of pins and needles, as the memory of his voice sent me tingling off to sleep. Powerful, strong, resilient, sensual, erotic, sexual and surging, in, then out of our very existence. Sexual intimacy is a beautiful thing. Don’t leave home without it…

Featured image source: Google, copyright-free image, under Creative Commons License