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She danced with him until her legs gave way
the couch was an attractive proposition
he was ready for her she thought
a few drinks after dinner some peaches and cream
a dance and play with him her date from the net
the world wide web of swimmers
swimming around in search of a pool in which to reside

He was a bit strange though this latest thread
he had hardly looked at her they had sat opposite one another
danced then laughed in tune within an easy step of one another
yet he had reached above her eye line
then down toward his wrists
fidgeting in a restless shy kind of schoolboy manner
then he would look away as her eyes met his beneath the candlelight

Either way he was kind of sexy she thought in a nerdish geeky kind of way
the guy tested concrete in a lab ascertaining its mega Pascal strength
its flexural strength
not exactly what you’d call stimulating
but his corduroy pants were
and Olivia felt pretty turned on about what might lay inside them
okay so Olivia was always rather  turned on
as it was she had slept with practically half the guys in her office
but then again it was an advertising agency
and she was an account executive
it wasn’t as if she was tied to a desk all day
moving around meeting people and handling client issues were her forte
along with selling

When it came to selling herself she didn’t have to try too hard
her looks did most of the talking
and her reputation did the rest
well along with the odd flirtatious comment
the good thing was Olivia pondered she didn’t do married guys
she was never alone if she didn’t want to be and she had never been that hung up on anyone that she lost all control well emotionally that is
but what about this “look the other way” concrete tester
she had enjoyed his sense of humour on their first date
and he was younger in a less intimidating sense
yet he was a bit stand offish maybe she just needed to fire him up a bit

So tell me Clint What do you think of Olivia..
Do you need to turn off the lights or are we able to leave them on from here on in?
Clint smiled
He did have a smile in there
Sitting forward almost leaning into her is that an offer or an expectation?
He quipped Olivia reached out sliding her hands below his cheekbones
before kissing him softly on the lips
then lowering her fingers to his corduroys
Do they make these pants with zips?


Lowering his pants to his ankles then downing his boxers nearby
Olivia sucked gently on his cock
now releasing her tongue to its eye
licking then drawing him in she wet his long shaft for her snatch
as she rested high up on her knees
before angling her slit toward her catch
her wetness arrived in a heartbeat
as her pussy soon slid down his pole leaning back with hands on her breasts
whilst steering his rod up her hole straddling and writhing in pleasure
Olivia soon yelled from up top
screw me you young horny man
ram it up
give me your spunk
fuck Olivia’s dirty  pink hole now you gorgeous internet hunk

And with that Clint pushed up even higher stretching with all of his length
forcing her dripping wet opening to push down with all of her strength
straining and strangling his juice out Clint looked as though he was in pain
yet at least now he looked straight toward her
now that was a definite gain
for Olivia found him quite cute in a boyish nerdish kind of way
if he turned her on even more
now she may well just ask him to stay




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not long out of school
in my parents home
he entered my bedroom
to hand me my phone
his face opened wide
to see my fingers inside
fingering and fucking
I continued at will
as he tried to push in
and join in the fun
unable to reach me
to be together as one

furiously now
picking up speed
wrestling with my juice hole
fulfilling that need
to let it all out
to open even wider
my throbbing bursting snatch
as hungry as can be
like a kid without a toy
he sat quietly
beside me

the bed head shook
scratching paint from my wall
paintings leaned over
the glass began to fall
my face burnt red
moaning and wet
ripping open my buttons
to devour my breast
on and on
unable to rest
peeing in between
as he lowered his head
not wanting to be seen
like a little boy lost
my scared and lonely teen

on a sea of hormones
in a world of doubt
did I reject him
did I shut him out
he needed a friend
a lover in me
selfish little Sasha
as cruel as can be

my parents have moved on now
the bed now sits alone
her iron posts have rusted
no one lives at home
except the ghost of my best friend
saying Sasha let me in
I’d trade all the other moments
to have him back again

skimming stones


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The road opened up as we skirted within the hills
rolling eastward toward the coast
a line of heat sat above the bonnet
reminding us of summer
of the need to swim
to litter ourselves upon the northern coast
our home for the coming months

Jack was tired
the riverbank approached slowly
as he idled her down before parking in the shade
to rest

I was skimming stones as the sun crept behind Glasshouse Mountain
the car door waking my sleepy driver
I rolled into him
kissing him on the neck
before resting his hand beneath my short dress

Pushing his fingers
hard against my crotch
unzipping my love to meet his flesh
warm and slender
tender to the touch
my mouth caressing his manhood
sucking into his soul
my tongue sliding lower
to capture him whole

It’s getting late darling
we still have some driving to do

he said now with a sigh
before lifting up my face
to kiss my now warm lips
gently removing his fingers
across my soft smooth hips

feeling sore


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I was sore
I lay at the end of the bed
his hand moved slowly
from right down the bottom
toward the ridge of his head
his thumb circling the top
before commencing the descent again
I leaned forward
to slightly touch his butt hole
every so softly
with my finger
following with my tongue
licking his swollen balls
then allowing my lips
to follow his hand north
climbing his sexy pole
one kiss at a time
his hand passed by
moving south again
as I licked
underneath the ridge
toward his peak

With the smell of my own scent
now upon me
I encircled the cape
swallowing his beautiful head
caressing the brow
and licking the tip
allowing my tongue to wander
all over his gorgeous crest
my eyes meeting his

His hand became restless
climbing to the top
he became anxious
his face now full of want
I lay my tongue out flat
my mouth now wider than wide
I needed so much to please him
to take him deep inside

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His cream lay still at first
an entree for my soul
before bursting forth upon me
from out his hand held hole
I quickly gathered him in
clenching at his shaft
swallowing the juices
down to the very last
so smooth
so warm and lovely
it was mine all mine all mine
licking at his shaft now
feeling rather fine

With soreness having left me
I need to lie with him
cheekbone upon cheekbone
the love of skin to skin
nestling into his neck now
feeling his soft heartbeat
the distant sound of birds
cars playing in the street
snuggling with my man
feet to feet
I can’t remember a day
before we came to meet




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Sophie was quite tall
she was about 5 10
and in clogs she stood taller than Derek
Matilda wasn’t quite as tall
at 16 she probably still had some growing to do
and little Art
well he was only five
and it was Art’s first day at school
with the photos finished
a cup of tea with the new principal
and a kiss goodbye to Derek over
Sophie drove home
her eyes wandered
it was one of those might have been moments
if only she didn’t now live in the suburbs
if only Derek was home during the day
when she needed him
it was almost cooler when he was previously married
and they were having an affair
at least she’d get to fuck him on the phone every day at 930
after his wife had gone off to work

now it was all about the kids
about dance lessons for Matilda
about Arties sleeping arrangements
I wish Art slept in his own bed she thought
He’s five years old for heaven’s sake
Sophie lit a cigarette
poured a coffee
and sat on the balcony
with her leg raised she dipped into the wax
pulled the hairs away from her tired legs
one after one up then back into the wax
with the messy wax and hairs in the bin
she collapsed
when she awoke she pulled up her dress
taking care to undo her bra and pull down her thong
she showered
the water felt soothing
almost relaxing
as her breasts lathered in the body wash
she took care to wash her torso slowly
it was still firm
in spite of her child bearing days
down around her snatch the wash disappeared
her fingers massaging her hole
before bending down
to lather her butt hole
the rose body wash racing down her legs
and out into the suburbs somewhere
no doubt

it was late now
and time to pick up the kids

At 8.00 that night a miracle happened
Artie was so tired after his first day
he fell to sleep
in his own bed
as Matilda wandered off
to kik, facebook
and instagram out the night
what a scream
i’m tired again
she thought
as she threw on her pink negligee
before curling up in her usual foetal position
and drifting off to sleep

Sophie’s eyes blinked
slowly open then shut again
the bedside lamp
turning on
causing her to stir
she felt Derek’s hands
slowly removing the pink panties
slightly below her thighs
his fingers
wandering around her inner thighs
in search of her warmth
you smell so good he whispered
as his mouth kissed her ass
she winced briefly
as his tongue
touched her open butthole
he licked the sweet rose wash
then pushed his tongue further in
the tight hole asking for more
rolling over now Sophie pushed him down
down inside her cunt
lick it
she said
give it a good lick Darling
she felt his tongue
exploring the wetness
his lips
parading around her clit
his index finger
producing ecstasy from under his tongue
fuck me Darling
she said
I need a good stiff cock
now pulling his head north
diving her own tongue
deep inside his mouth
Sophie tasted the warmth of her own juice
the soft sweet juice
from her now dripping snatch
fuck that feels good
she said
you are such a fucking turn on
she thought
as Derek pounded her open hole
his arms pulling back her knees
she watched
as his hard cock thrust
then out
her neatly trimmed pussy
taking the cock with ease
she watched
as the vein on his cock
then disappeared
deep inside her hole
she needed more
rub it
he said
rub that tight fucking pink hole
he yelled
as she pushed harder
and harder
rubbing her hungry clit
take it
take it
he said
as his huge cock threw her back
her head
hard against the bed head
take my juice
he said
as she felt the warm flood escape
pushing high into her juice hole
filling her with love
she kept on fighting
rubbing at her snatch
fingering her hole
until finally she exploded
dripping on the bed
laying further up
away from his cocks head
I feel so fucking good
she thought now to herself
I should use that rose wash more
I’ll leave it on the shelf



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The morning light met the window pane
to shine through beneath the white curtain
within our room the light travelled
in small segments
to lay upon my chest

I gently rose my knees
then opened my legs some more
slowly caressing your hair
brushing from side to side
whereupon your hands appeared
angling from around my thighs
to rest upon the base of my stomach
before lowering to open me wide


Your tongue sat ever so slightly
gently upon my clit
moving from my hull
softly upon my bow
then rising up my mast
to steady the wandering tac
before gently sliding downwards
to sail me back on track
your gorgeous sweet subtle lips
then encircled the open deck
swallowing in then out
removing me of breath
as clutching to your mane
I arched my firm tail high
to inhale your beautiful tongue
to feel your every move
loving the warmth of you
deeper inside my groove

I needed to empower myself
to open my sails at full mast
to bring forth my anxious wetness
to lengthen my angled cast
opening now even further
grasping and pulling your hair
I released the boat from her anchor
to sail away in your lair
dancing upon the water
at one with my new found crew
bobbing and breathing again
quivering and tingling anew


Watching now as your head rose on up
to see your stomach
your legs and your cock
heading north in a strong firm movement
to land upon my dock
it’s the phone now ringing
why silence the wind from my sails
I have to take this
you said
turning around in a bend
amazing timing
I thought
I can’t believe it
it’s his girlfriend

the last class


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Zoe could see his muscle
in the centre of his pants
she stared as hard as she could
to catch a closer glance
turning toward the blackboard
catching his side on stance
where the length of his gorgeous member
made her hot
then flush at the sight
the folds within her skin
now moistening with delight
as her iPhone button hit stop
the last frame captured his ass
with the lecture theatre dispersing
at the end of their last class

Two more stops til home
Zoe wound down from her day
she could now throw down her bag
and set her phone to play

with her tiny skirt now unzipped
legs apart upon her bed
she gently lifted her pillow
to rest her college head
panties so wet they could swim
intently watching her screen
sliding the soaked briefs lower
to massage
whilst watching the scene

now sweating
then dripping
and moaning
as she zoomed toward his crotch
longing to take him inside her
to release her college crush


kiss and drop


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The cars rolled around on queue as one by one the infants approached
clutching onto their schoolbags, pencil cases and water bottles
the sun was hot at this time of day
as Skye took time to readjust her hair
the feint smell of Issay Mayake perfume still present upon her wrist
this was the time of day she loved
seeing all the little ones smile and skip a step
as their parents approached
kiss and drop as it was known provided Skye with an escape
a repository far away from the mundane life that awaited her
far away from another lonely night at home

Mother by mother paraded around the turn in their new SUV’s
a few grandparents took part in this ritual
not to mention the occasional stay at home or single dad
opening and shutting the car doors
making sure each child was buckled in safely
greeting the parents
waving goodbye to the young students
then taking in the fresh air as another summers afternoon meandered by
in the mid-west town of Brigalow Hill

Young Dirk gathered his goods and chattels together as his father approached
Hi said Skye amicably
as she buckled young Dirk into the rear safety seat of their old station wagon
before opening the front door to throw Dirks bag on the front seat
Hi to you said Dirk’s Dad Dan
leaning across the front seat to take the schoolbags strap
then as Skye lent over her necklace caught the end of the cars handbrake
unable to lift her head she was hooked up via the neck
Daniel moved his arm across slowly to gather in the silver
It’s okay he said politely I’ll pull it off
then blushing a bright pink to match her bra now fully exposed to Dan
Skye lifted her head back up
Thanks she said drawing away
I owe you one
Dan smiled briefly
focusing now intently on her deep blue eyes
Anytime came his reply

Bye Miss Jones yelled Dirk from the window as their car rolled away
Bye to you came her distant reply
as Skye turned back toward the staff rooms
before collecting her brief case and homework assignments to mark
within minutes she had traversed across the wooden bridge that separated her from town
and was out on the open road toward her two young horses Bill and Josie
and her beloved dog Ranger
her mind drifted back to Dirk’s dad Dan
what a pleasant smile
how easy going was he?
she pondered
I owe you one
she mused
before taking in a dollop of her strawberry homemade pie

Winter in Brigalow Hill was all about sport for the children
and keeping warm for the adults
Skye spent most lunch breaks at the student services counter
keeping track of each child’s movement
in and out of sick bay
or watching as they filtered back and forth from the school canteen
with the second break almost over most of the children were ambling back into class
Skye noticed from the corner of her eye a parent with a football at the reception desk
OMG she inhaled to herself
It was Dirk’s dad Dan
dressed in crimson jeans, purple converse and a white t-shirt
he looked HOT
she felt a twinge trickle down her spine
and a small ounce of fluid leak from within her thighs
then readjusting her navy blue skirt and straightening her pantyhose she stood up
her heightened nipples becoming apparent from beneath her cream silk shirt as she approached him
It’s okay Sonia she said
I’ll take care of it
Smiling courteously she then directed Dan down toward the sports locker room
Apologies said Daniel
Dirks been a tad forgetful of late
he said
before taking the pencil to sign Dirks football into the sports book
Bloody pencils he said as the pencil broke onto the page
then locking the sports room door Skye reached from behind him to take the pencil
I’m not to forgetful she responded
I owe you one she said in her most sultry voice
and then taking his hand she slowly unzipped the fly of his jeans
and proceeded to unbutton his boxers
before turning Dan around to face her
Here she said
Let me sharpen that pencil for you

skye dan (2)

Within seconds Skye was on her knees
taking Dan’s now lengthening flesh between her lips
releasing moisture onto her tongue to lubricate the flow of his growing shaft
as he pushed in and out of her mouth

skye dan 2

moaning in pleasure Dan thrust forth
now pulling Skye’s black short red hair
forcing the cusp of her head onto his eager and wanton cock
when the last lunch bell rang
Skye knew everyone would soon be back in class or out on the back sports oval
as she continued to repay her debt to Dan
then suddenly
a knock on the door
she quickly rose to place the palm of her hand over Dan’s mouth
easing him now before the sports room door
Who is it
she said in a court voice
It’s me Mr. Rowles
I just need to pick up the Volleyball for Year 6
he replied
One minute said Skye
I’ll grab it for you
she said before placing a finger over her lips to signal Dan toward silence
I’m doing a Winter stock-take here in peace she laughingly said to Mr. Rowles
then unlocking the door and opening it slightly ajar she handed him the volleyball
from beneath the sports room table
Thanks came his reply
I shall leave you in peace
Then relocking the door Skye made her way back toward the sports room table
bending over to reposition a volleyball that had rolled forward
then lowering her pantyhose to her thighs
pulling her thong lower and leaning over the table she turned to Dan
Lets finish our game
she said
Dan reached forward to enter her outstretched pussy lips
with her blue skirt riding up her legs and her stomach flat on the table
Skye took Dan further in
deeper and deeper inside her anxious cunt
within a minute Dan was moaning again
as he came with an almighty grunt
he couldn’t believe what was happening
he’d never played this sport
well never in a school locker room
and never with such a sort

skye 1

Then rolling onto her back
Skye sat up and began to rub
fingering inside the warmth
of come and sweat and love
her clit was truly swollen
full of heat and myrrh
as Dan leaned forth to kiss her
her mind was now but a blur
rub it for me darling
he whispered in her ear
then gently massaging her nipples
she came in a rush without fear
moaning softly in pleasure
as her fingers thrust up her hole
before releasing that ounce of juice
toward her orgasmic goal
spasm after spasm
she gushed on the tables edge
bucking writhing and moaning
as Dan entered the corners of her bra
wanting to expose her nipples
needing to go that far

Then sitting up and smiling
Skye reached for her pretty blue thong
then lifted her pantyhose up
and zipped her skirt back on
I’ll unhook you anytime said Dan
with a pleasant and sweet grin
Thanks for repaying the favor
Thanks for letting me in
then following Skye down the aisle
back toward the path and bus stop
he caught a glimpse of last summer
of Miss Jones at kiss and drop

Gym time for Sasha


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“Lets push it up to 12.4” he said
Reaching in front of me to press the button on my treadmill
Increasing the speed yet again
“Only two more minutes, then we can bring your heart rate back down”.

Little chance of that, I thought to myself
as his sports watch brushed past my ribs
taking his strong foreceps and gorgeous aftershave with it
this guy was hot
I can’t believe I’m doing this
my mind wandered

“Righto, lets take it down” he said

leaning forward once again to take the speed down to 5.4 for a minute
my towel slowly wiping away the sweat from my brow
as now he stood directly in front of me
with those jet blue eyes
that 5 oclock shadow
his chiselled jawline and streaky black hair
handing me my water bottle before guiding me onto the cross training machine
this guy is a machine, I thought to myself
“Stride length 26 at level five for ten minutes” he said
and off I went again
“Just straigten your back slightly when on this one” he said

Gently touching the small of my back as he stepped back away
as I now looked forward to ensure I kept focused
to ensure I didn’t meet his gaze again
I carried on
blushing as usual in my girl shy kind of way
whilst staring forward out toward the swimming pool
in front of everyone in the gym
busily transacting with the vast array of equipment on offer

I’d like to be out there in full view of everyone, I thought
kneeling down in front of him
swallowing his manhood whole

“Stop it girl”, I whispered to myself
as a bead of sweat appeared around my sports bra line
today I’d made sure there would be no repeat of last weeks training session
I had taken the precaution of inserting a fully lined pad within my briefs
I could be as wet as the swimming pool and noone would notice
thank the stars

“Lets finish it off on the machines with ten minutes on the rower” he said
“We should be able to do 2 km
Lets start with our hands over for a km
and then turn them under for a km
that should serve to utilize a variety of different muscles in your upper body”
he said

Take a look at his body I though again to myself
His abs were like something out of a magazine
rippling all the way down his torso to where I couldn’t imagine
fuck this guy was hot
and I mean smoking hot
with a capital S

“Good stuff Sasha” he said
standing before me again passing me my water
“By the way, sorry to hear about your relationship”
he continued

“Yeah thanks” I said
“It’s been a month now though
It gets easier”

He wasn’t making it any easier though
let me tell you for free
I hadn’t had tasted or even looked at a cock in a month
and my body was dripping inside at the sight of his…

“Lets finish it off with a quick butt blast on the mat” he said
“Down on your hands and knees” he said
doing the same on the mat beside me
“Lift your leg up and push it out”, he continued
“like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant
lets do 20 on each side”

640256cd00bef8c50222b931cff03c52 (2)


Looking over toward him nodding my head in agreement
I could see his inner thighs stretching out beneath his red gym pants
I caught a glimpse of his left ball beneath his purple boxers
as I watched his knob bounce from side to side beneath his shorts
man, they said this guy was a gym junky , I thought to myself
but the gym certainly wasn’t doing anything to adversely effect his junk
he was hung like a guy straight out of my porn
or some other site I’d traversed in my last solo sojourn

“Same time next week” he said
handing me my water
then giving me his usual complimentary parting kiss on the cheek

Taking slow sips now from my drink bottle I watched as he left me
walking away with his firm sensational butt tightly gracing his apparel
this is ridiculous Sasha, I quietly stressed,
your’e not going to make it home in time
grabbing my sweat towel and gym bag I quickly entered the shower cubicle
thank the heavens there was little traffic this early in the day
fuck I can’t wait I thought to myself
stripping the tshirt from my back
and then pulling my pants, briefs and pad all in the same action away from my ankles
with the sweat drenched sports bra now over my shoulders
I gushed the water from the shower head
cold as it was at first it did nothing to appease my firmly erect nipples
grabbing the apricot body wash from my bag I drizzled it down over my nipples
then lathered my taut torso
choosing to watch as it slid slowly over my blond mound
then down the front of my thighs toward my gym sneakers
screw taking them off I thought

I could feel a twinge and burning sensation in my lower abdomen
to much water I thought
then a warm trickle met my inner thigh
opening my legs wide I watched the now bursting yellow line
flow from my snatch
reaching down to open my lips I noticed my now throbbing button
standing outright
pink and rock hard
fuck I thought to myself
this is insane
I’m like a bitch on heat
a dog without a bone

leaning up and foraging through my gym bag I could feel my thin black hair brush
clutching at the bristles I began thrusting the handle inside my wet hole
finally I thought
finally I can feed my hungry wet cunt
shit that feels good I thought
as the slippery hairbrush handle thrust its way further up my juice hole
with my right hand squirting more of the apricot nectar upon my blond mound
I prised my pink lips open and rubbed down hard on my clit
slithering my finger from side to side on my swollen button
as the brush rammed deeper inside my thirst
let it out Sasha, I screamed inside my soul
fuck yourself sweetheart
fuck that dirty hole
and within seconds another warm stream
came gushing from within
squirting over my sneakers
in the shower at the gym
fuck that feels good Sasha
attempting to silence my moans
as massaging my breasts
I continued to bring it home

that dust filled day


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blowing the shadows away from the ant hills
the raindrops
barking through the holes
uncovering the dirt
washing his hands
opening his face
he walked westward

Two rusty nails
peeled back the opening irons roof
lying quietly in the corner
ears folded
dusty paws
one tongue
wet with saliva
drops to dust
he looked eastward

Her skirt fell to the chicken wires gate
the wind catching the cleft of her shirt
her neck hot
then damp
her torso smothered
and flat
she gazed northward

One man
a dusty hat
the young red dog
his sun drenched kennel
the beautiful girl
her youthful face
that dust filled day