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Cowboy Up..the 1st in the Spur Hill Series -out now on Kindle


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Once again that tight butt of his was distracting me, this time from within a pair of white jeans. Turning to face me as we opened the tall bi-fold doors, I familiarised myself once more with that gorgeous broad brimmed smile of his, those shiny white teeth, his wavy blond hair and those magnificent eyes, surrounded by tinges of yellow and green that I could swim in if afforded the chance.


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Sasha Holden on erotic fiction

‘The ability to engage the reader, to stir feelings deep within their being, is the ultimate goal of erotic fiction. When the reader takes the place of the characters in my story, I have succeeded’

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Jessica Stanton


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Jessica Stanton was in search of peace, tranquility and country. Far away, above the starlit sky, beyond the ever distant moon, this fall evening signalled a warning: A tall, blonde cougar with too much time on her hands, can be her own worst enemy

Spur Hill “Cowboy Up” by Sasha Holden


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Every time he spoke in that sexy boyish tone, I was reaching for the ice, in spite of the outside chill. I could feel my inner thighs expanding against my strongest will. I couldn’t take it much more. I’d been too long without a lover, my body was aching and hungry with lust. His gorgeousness began exploding all around me.


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Congrats Frolicme…you are simply the sensual, erotic and visually splendid…I love the lingerie, your leading men, your orgasmic locations and the feel of your are a turn to individuals and couples alike the world over..thank you for being you..sashaholdenxx

Anyway I’ll leave you to get the Xmas table ready and see you in 2018!



Yes I know, it has only happened again! Another nomination has come our way. For the second time running my deliciously naughty and gorgeously beautiful erotic site has been nominated for this year’s 2018 XBIZ awards for Best Erotic Site of the Year to be announced in Los Angeles in January. Woohoo, I hear you all shout … go girl!

You too can help us on our way, it’s very simple you simply do so BY ADDING YOUR VOTE HERE for

The 16th annual XBIZ awards are highly recognised within the industry, which have been hosted since 2003 to recognise and honour the achievements of many different multi national businesses who work within the adult world. So for us as a small independent (I say small but boy are we growing fast!), the recognition is a real achievement.

These XBIZ awards have been compared to the mainstream Hollywood’s Golden Globes. The red-carpet event will be hosted again in Los Angeles on 18th January, all part of a programme of events that mark this annual occasion. The awards annually honour those individuals and companies that have been noted to have achieved within production, products, technology and retail within a highly competitive and large multimillion-dollar industry.

The size of the adult industry is a little clouded on the exact figures but is certainly deemed to be one of the largest industries, reports suggesting in excess of $97 billion, USA alone generating $10 – 12 billion a year. So for a startup independent female-founded business entering this hugely competitive world, I am delighted to be nominated again. In just a couple of years, Frolicme has rapidly become the “go to” site for so many women and couples looking for sex-positive creative and ethical erotica online. This nomination for Best Erotic Site just further signifies the strong global awareness the brand is continuing to achieve.

Yet again, another validation to entice even more potential members to take a peek and enjoy my erotic world of

Goodness, I’m going to be busy in January… quick get those flights sorted!