you asked me for a poem


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You asked me for a poem
I found it difficult to find
voices in the distance
blurring a distracted mind
focus now I thought
re enter the poems scene
open up my mind
to the softness in between

where your collar meets your neck
warm to my faces feel
loving being up close
verging on the surreal
let me lay forever
beneath your calming breath
accept my lips sweet kiss
as a gift to your beautiful neck


the LA hills at night


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the doorman held the chain back to let us through
my long legs slid across the back seat of our cab
your blond hair fell over my shoulder blades as you began to doze
within moments we had left the city lights behind
the LA hills began to appear in the distance
watching over the now sprawling metopolis that lay below
readjusting my hand bag I noticed a faint droplet on my panties front
the navy blue moistened with my excitement
with us sucking on Tequila
then jiving together on the floor
as the clubs dj jammed through another cool Friday
your black leather pants had recharged me
I still had some fuel in the tank

I could see you undressing as I slid from my short dress
I’m out
you called from the bedroom
within seconds you would be asleep
I needed to move quickly
to catch you before your slumber
guiding you into my mouth
I could feel your breathing slow
yet as I worked up and down your shaft
gently fondling your sack
then softly released my tongue
to encircle your tightening crack
I could feel your manhood harden
as your head began to stir
I wasnt going to miss this opportunity
my kitty needed to purr

Sliding my long legs now forward
my heels still in tact
I slid aside my navy blue panties
and straightened my lengthening back
then opening my dance tired thighs
I straddled over your knob
slowly lowering my pussy
I could feel myself slither and slide
as the head of your long cock touched me
farther then farther inside
leaning forward to kiss you
then arching now further back
I ebbed and flowed as you moaned
stopping briefly to finger my crack

The pleasure now all to intense
I spasmed with an orgasmic rush
falling back on our bed
as my slit continued to gush
Don’t leave me lover
you whispered
Where has my blond baby gone?
as you played with your now hungry rod
keen for me to play along

Spent and pulsating I returned
to suck on your anxious cock
in then out of my mouth
then up toward the roof of my throat
with my hand now clasping at the base
and my tongue penetrating the eye
I could feel your hot veins throbbing
your legs tighten beneath your sigh
within seconds your juice had exploded
as I fought to keep your shaft in
squirming and fighting in ecstasy
releasing upon my chin
before I finally reeled your knob back
to squirt within the walls of my flesh
gorgeous thick creamy bursts
of lust then juice filled with cum
licking the final droplets
before softly tonguing your bum

x-art - beautyisdivine before 2009

I could hear you quietly sleeping
as I opened our door to the to the night
with my vodka lime and soda
fueling me again with delight
stretching back on our deck chair
I thought as the morning sun
climbed slowly above the hills
of how lucky we’d become
to have all these moments together
where fun filled with ecstasy
would dance around our lives
lighting a fire within
a passion that burned through our soul

I longed for today’s new moments
the vodka now smooth and crisp
licking my lips of your scent
I could taste myself in between
relaxed, in love and content
as the sun awoke on my scene



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The bell sounded
it was the end of the last period for the week

I couldn’t believe it
no more law until Tuesday week
I had tort law running through my head
at 90 miles per hour

not to mention criminal
the precedence set by this
did he have the state of mind for that

it was seriously all too much
In the cafeteria Billy came over for a chat
as I took the coffee to go

she asked if she could visit on Saturday
now we were on break
 I said fine
she was lonely no doubt
with her family all the way down south

and a one bedroom bedsit was hardly the place to spend Easter
all on your lonesome
I raced to catch the bus
and within an hour was showered and in bed

Cest le vie to term one I thought 
this little black duck is over and out

The door bell rang at about 9 Saturday night

I was pleased to see Billy
she was fun
growing up on a big farm she had some great stories
and she loved a drink and a party
she was always friendly to me around campus
come upstairs
 I said
I am still halfway through dressing
I still hadn’t finished washing so I wore a skirt only
screw the panties
I thought

its only Billy and I
and reaching for a bra
I grabbed the first one I could see
that pink pokodot number well I guess that will have to do

Billy laughed
What up
I said somewhat bemused
I wish I was as unorganised as you
she smiled
I’m so anal when it comes to clothes
It takes me an hour to leave home

she said
don’t laugh
I exclaimed
this is little Beck on a good day
Okay so I have my skirt the sexy wedges my little pink t
and the good old pokodot bra number
lets hit it
I said


When we arrived the club was already on the go
most of our year was there
that gorgeous hunk Pete Styrus
Jackson Hull
not to mention Calvin Gale
fuck I would like to have that guy for breakfast
I thought
three Bacardi Breezers later
Billy and I hit the Tequilas

the pit was hot and I was loving the freedom
of a Saturday without study

of a Saturday night with so many studs, more to the point
Billy kept slamming the Tequilas into me
I was pretty well wasted by the time 3am arrived
I worked all night on Calvin

at least we exchanged phone numbers
I said to Billy
as we struggled our way out of the taxi
back at my place
 I poured Billy a Vodka lime and soda
we relaxed on the couch
as the lights on the bay flickered in the breeze

the lights  catching site of the shark nets
as they came on intermittently

No way
I screamed
I flew upstairs into the top bathroom
quickly sliding two fingers down my throat
letting it all out

A burger from Charlies
three Bacardi Breezers
however many tequilas
and whatever else lay lurking
I felt fucking terrible
as I sliced another paper towel
and more soap from the cylinder

splashing water on my eyes to relieve some of the strain
keeping the tap on full tilt I threw away the pink t
the pokadot number
and flicked on the shower
before hopping in
 skirt and all
I have to get this shit off me
I thought

the hot water built up quickly
I could finally breath again
 in spite of the steam
looking up I noticed the pink t and the pokadot number
falling from above the shower door to my feet
you’d better wash these as well
said Billy
laughing as she threw them in
how embarrassing I shouted
above the sound of the gushing water
as I bent down to peel my skirt away from my ankles
Its okay
said Billy
we’ve all been there
Hey Bill
I said
Can you be a doll and bring me that blue night dress
from my yellow drawer the top shelf Honey

she replied
placing it on the towel rack before heading back downstairs
to her Vodka

Sorry sweetheart
I said
drying my hair and returning to the couch
You’re fine
Don’t even think about it
you’re just letting off a bit of steam letting go of semester one

said Billy
Letting go of the fact I couldn’t pick up Calvin
I said sombrely


said Billy
leaning forward to caress my cheekbones with her hands
Screw Calvin you’ve got good old Billy to hang with
we both laughed
I was so fucked up I should probably be crying
I thought to myself
As my head fell in a heap on the pillow to crash totally out of Semester one
It must have been about 11 when the screen door closed
Billy found her way back from the balcony

I stole some moisturiser
I’ve been treating my feet

she said
Tell me about it
I replied
the walk from the top campus down to the bottom is horrendous
those steps are killers

I said
Do you want me to treat you?
Billy asked
Treat me
Spoil me

I replied
still half smashed
As Billy sat beside me on the couch
squeezing a dollop of the smooth moisturiser over the crown of my foot
then gently under my heel

Oh more,  more that feels sensational Billy
Thank you, you moisturising goddess
You saviour of all first year law students

Billy massaged the back of my ankles
then lathered some cream into my calves
before rubbing the smooth liquid in
then retreating
 back onto my feet and toes
thanks Billy
I said
and I really meant it
two times on the bike at the gym this week and my calves were a wreck
Billy can you splash some on my fingers? 
I asked

On Thursday night my aqua class punished my thighs
I explained
I went to work on them with the lotion from left to right
then down to my knees
said Billy
let me
Billy picked up where I left off
I lifted my pretty blue night dress toward my hips
to afford my guest some room to assist her in alleviating my tightness
with her hands pushing firmly in the centre of my thighs
Billy lowered her fingers under my legs then up
and slowly down my inner thighs

fuck that feels good Billy
I said
as she continued to open the door on my holidays
sorry Billy I said
as I lifted my legs up at the knees to relieve an itch
the last thing you need after a night out
is to have a nineteen year old pussy thrown in your face like that

I said
as I realized albeit too late
that Billy would have copped an eyeful of my exposed slit

Billy laughed
Its ok I’ve seen worse
she laughed
I bet you have
I said
leaning forward to pull her hair playfully

you dirty little cowgirl
Billy blushed in fact she almost turned over the top red
So how did you find out?
she asked
Billy what are you talking about?
I said
It was just a joke
Billy relaxed
I know
she said

I’m just a bit sensitive
she went on, somewhat hesitantly
it’s just
she paused
I am in a relationship with a girl from back home
she said
I did want to tell you though I was worried you wouldn’t be my friend
You’d think I was some gay lame psycho goth from Alabama
she confessed
Well you got the last part right
I said
But seriously sister you and I are tight
I love you

I said
reaching out to hug her
I don’t care what political persuasion you lean toward
I still want you as my friend

I whispered in her ear
pulling her tightly into my chest to release all the warmth I could muster
One or two tears met my cheekbones
as Billy slowly withdrew before wiping her eyes
and laughing her way through
the tears


By the way
she said
Your wrong about your snatch
I reckon Calvin’s missing out on a catch

she said
as a ten mile wide smile returned to her face

I can’t believe you did actually look
I screamed
before rising to chase her all the way back upstairs
You naughty little cowgirl If  I wasn’t raised better I’d throw you over my knee and give you a good spanking

I said
in between fits of laughter

Billy jumped upon my bed and lay now on her side
her head resting upright with her elbow on the bed

on a serious note
she said in her best attorney accent
thank you for understanding babe
I haven’t been in town long enough
to have newcomers run out on me
and your acceptance of who I am is appreciated
I lay down beside her guiding her hair away from her eyes
above her forehead before engaging her beautiful still teary eyes
hey you gorgeous lesbian
I said
this little black duck isn’t going anywhere



The phone rang

I hopped up
Beck speaking
Billy could hear me laughing from the living room
Where’s Mrs Gale then?
I joked
well my offers only good for 24 hours
I told Calvin shortly  after I hung the phone up
What’s happening girlfriend
remarked Billy
now standing directly behind me
Calvin’s girl is out of town for the weekend
I told him I’d act as a backup
He’s on his way
I said
said Billy
Do you want me to leave?
Of course not
I replied
stick around Billy
Calvin’s parents are in town
He won’t be here for long
Lets head out for Thai when he’s left how does that sound?
I asked
As long as I’m not in your way?
Billy questioned
Don’t be ridiculous this guy only wants to get his dick wet
its not like he’s a lifelong soul mate
I said
remember friends first philanderers second 
I joked
either way  I’ll make myself scarce and check in my room
to listen to some music
 maybe catch up on last semesters sleep
said Billy
I said
I’m going to freshen up for my catch


I knew Calvin would come around
to see things from my perspective
like I said to him
you have to choose between the girl you’ve already slept with
for over a year now
or something new
something different
someone young
and fresh
you make your mind up Calvin

I had said to him
but you only have twenty four hours


Calvin was a 25 year old honor’s student
with all the trimmings
and blue blood to boot
he had all the trappings to
a known cad on campus
Calvin’s eyes wandered way past the first year students
all the way to the lecturing department from all accounts
but I was ready
what did I care
I’m nineteen
and smooth
I’m not too smooth

I thought
grabbing a razor
and removing a batch of small hairs
hiding the entrance to my tender opening
leaving only a tussock of blonde above
before lathering myself with the vanilla body wash

My quest had been realized
Calvin was on his way over
poor Billy
I thought
as I massaged my slit then inside my butt cheeks
bending over to ensure my coverage was complete


she really didn’t strike me as being in a lesbian relationship
she had never really mentioned anyone close
let alone a girlfriend
I stood up to lather my breasts
the sweet smelling liquid racing across their face
over my torso and back
then down into my hollow
before sidestepping my toes and flowing out of sight
with her dark black hair and warm hands
rubbing moisturiser into my tired legs
teary eyed then loving and kind
lying alone in her room now
in the company of my home

Billy sat in the spare room
she hitched up her skirt to reveal her exposed mound
having followed Beck’s queue she too had not worn any underwear



despite Beck having showered last night
following her violent illness
Billy remained clothed as she had been for the past 24 hours
she had been otherwise occupied
focusing on Beck
the gorgeous tall blonde with whom she had been infatuated with
since arriving on campus
having stomached the courage to invite herself over
a move she had been planning for weeks now
everything had played into her hands
or so she thought
with Beck drunk
rejected by her Calvin
and in need of a massage
all the stars aligned
but it wasn’t to be
Billy found herself backtracking at 100 miles an hour
into some bullshit story about a girl friend back home
anyway at least Beck appeared to swallow it
but that was kind of irrelevant now Billy thought
because Beck was about to swallow Calvin


Billy was frustrated
she closed her tired eyes and replayed the last 24 hours
her mind replayed it all in slow motion
back to when she arrived at Beck’s
to watching her dress into her pretty pokadot bra and pink t shirt
to catching glimpses of her exposed snatch on the ride home
Becks fetish for not wearing panties had lit a fire between Billy’s own legs
eyes closed Billy’s mind drifted
to watching as Beck showered
she paused as the video was stuck
stuck at the scene where Beck had bent over in the shower
to remove her skirt as it caught itself upon her wet ankles
Billy started to remove her own skirt
her own slit was wet
in need of some attention
full of frustration
of pent up desire
of lust
of hunger for Beck
for what seemed like an eternity
Billy had stood staring at Becks beautiful blonde body
as she lathered her back and shoulder blades in wash

Billy had allowed her eyes to drink in the firmness of Becks butt
her long legs and tight inner thighs
the video continued in Billy’s mind
with Billy now searching her own inner thighs
as she fast forwarded to their brief intimacy
to the couch scene
when Billy had been careful to gently caress Becks feet
her ankles and then her thighs sweating inside
nervous and scared
Billy had proceeded to approach her friends exposed prize
the bounty that she had longed for
driven forth on adrenalin alone Billy had continued on massaging
touching and spoiling Becks body
until her cover had been blown
the video ended




yet Billy needed a replay
her anxious now wet hole needed another dose
another shot of Beck
of Beck lying comfortably on the warm leather couch
knees upright
lifting her pretty blue night dress
then opening her legs to give Billy all she had dreamed of
for so many months prior
Billy began to reach into her wetness
with one hand arousing her breast
playing with her now erect nipple
she began entering
finding herself with her long juicy fingers
as her dark hair retreated
to push open the path for her

Billy shut her eyes even tighter now
clutching to the vision of Beck on the couch
the smell of the moisturizer
the softness of her skin
she placed two fingers on either side of her swollen button
then releasing them
allowing the droplets to slide within her slit
where now her fingers played
chasing her wanton lust
channeling her desire
until finally she gave in
writhing forward in ecstasy with her fingers deep inside
as she thrust them further up
hanging on her gspot
before opening up her walls to release the pent up desire
the juice from within her love hole
tightening her torso muscles to push a bit more out
finally the pleasure flowed over
Becks vision reappeared
leaving Billy flat in a spasm
the aftershocks squeezing her rear

Strawberries and Cream


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Natasha watched as his wrists moved left then right
his forearms were strong
pushing hard against his white shirts and their cufflinks
his shoulders broad and his chest taut
she was aware he played squash
that he surfed
he had been a good footballer

the car wound down the long driveway in toward his rural shack
her heart skipped a beat
was she making the right decision
her mother had assured her she was
yet her Mom had been keen to marry her off since she was 24
her best friend Liv thought she was insane
he could be an axe murderer
she had scoffed
as Natasha had waved goodbye from work
either way
she was with an online date she had only dated once
at a dinner party with his ex footballing buddies
and their now wives
hardly an outstanding entree for a weekend away
it what now appeared to be pretty rugged country

At 32 she had to try things though
meet new guys
she was tall and attractive
successful in her own right
yet now was the time to meet someone
another decade of meandering through relationships
was not on Natasha’s menu
And why not travel away with Miles
he was outwardly successful himself
with a cool apartment in town
a funky office
truckloads of high profile clients
and a solid education
kind of a bit weird that he had been single for so long
she mused
as the car now slowed toward what appeared to be a shed
I’ll just grab the keys Tash
he said
as she noticed him foraging behind some fire wood
to then open the shed door and reappear into the cars headlights
I just needed to turn on the water
he explained
before re entering the car and angling further down the driveway
toward their weekend getaway

Inside the timber floors ran throughout
even up a classic set of stairs that led to what appeared to be an upstairs bedroom
the dining table was cut from a mahogany log on the place
he assured her
and the balcony they now drank their wine on was built from timber next door
where Myles’ brother and his wife had a place
outside the barbecue’s smoke danced toward the stars now
the evening was brisk
as Tash felt within her bag for a black cardigan

Readjusting her bra she felt her nipples harden to meet the chill
her long legs now straightening back up
to walk outside and chat with her new man
Tomorrow we can head over to the beach if you like
Myles said
now turning inside to lay out our dinner upon his long table
he lit some candles
before reappearing with a sensational green salad
and another bottle
red this time
to compliment their steak


Myles was interesting
Natasha thought
and he was interested in her
in her work
her friends
her life
okay so working in a city law firm in the family law area wasn’t exactly rocket science
yet he made her feel as though it was
He made her feel as though he did care
Let’s face it he had a name for being one of the best investment consultants in town
but that wasn’t all there was to him
as she was about to find out

The wine was playing tricks with her bearings
is the bathroom upstairs?
Natasha queried
I shall just go and then bring us the dessert I prepared
she said
Don’t go upstairs
Myles said
with a dangerous smirk now entering his repertoire
stay there
I  can bring the dessert

he replied
before entering the kitchen
only to reappear and place the strawberries, cream and ice cream upon the table
I really need to go
Natasha said
as she stood up now
still dressed in her skirt from work
her tall legs kept warm as the long dark stockings rode all the way to her garter belt
It’s fine
said Myles
you can go here
he said
as if peeing on his timber floor was just another routine habit of those who visited
Natasha’s mind now raced
this was just too fucking kinky
she thought to herself
in a now state of flux
she had hardly even touched the guy
kissed him
and now she was supposed to semi undress
and stand before him
then urinate all over his timber floor
Don’t be ridiculous Myles
Natasha now pleaded
I am bursting Myles
She anxiously said to him
I know he replied
but I said its fine
just go there

Miles moved toward her
with his two hands he swept the dark hair from her cheekbones
before kissing her first upon the cheek
then drawing in her mouth he kissed her passionately on the lips
releasing his tongue deep inside
his strong hands clasping at her back
her hips and thighs
he turned her around now
then slowly lifting her skirt he pulled the thong lower
to rest on her dark stocking above her knees
then reaching forward he placed her two hands flat on the table
in the centre
between the slow burn of its candles
before returning to sit back from the table
on his dining chair
only six feet away from her
take your time Tash
he said
as she angled her neck
turning her head to see him sitting
the candlelight flickering light below his chest
upon the now upright bulge within his pants
this is crazy
Tash thought
but it was too late
angling back toward the dining room table she braced herself
the palms of her hands lengthening and gathering in the grooves within the wood
against the grain
she felt a droplet slide against her inner thigh
then a warm wet feeling met her
as she released the tension
tingling now like lightening
high up through her spine toward the back of her neck
the intensity of her flow increasing


As she opened her legs further
to spurt the warm pee out
showering the timber now
in a circle upon his floor
she reached down now with her fingers
to open her pussy some more
as she gushed and pushed more out
shooting from within her hole
opening her snatch wider
to satisfy her goal
then two hands reached from behind her
to take the strawberries then the cream
the cream first washed her pink lips
the strawberries thrust in between
with now five strawberries inside her cunt
and his hand holding the red fruit up
Myles lowered his right hand back
to open himself up

Before releasing his now long cock
stiff and erect
moving in toward her juice hole
to indulge in the healthy red fruit
as the cream dripped further lower
smothering her gorgeous boot
take that my beautiful Tash
he whispered from behind
as she bent now further over
to open up her mind
to straighten her black high heels
in preparation for the pending scene
to tighten her dripping cunt lips
as he entered her sensational wet dream
fuck that feels good
Tash thought
as his manhood entered her hole
slithering through the cream
the pee the juice and her slit
as she opened her pink lips wider
stretching to take in her man
pushing back on his shaft
now reaching back with her hand
to feel his long lean strength
to circle his wanton vein
as in and out he slid
moaning over
and over again
that feels so good Tash
I needed you from the start
I’ve been dying to taste that juice hole
to pull your legs apart

And with that Tash writhed and bucked
forcing his long cock out
climaxing hard in a spasm
coming with a shout
the strawberries squirted out
the redness lining her thighs
as Miles eagerly gathered her back in
to penetrate further inside
fuck me you gorgeous woman
he moaned as his hands now opened her wide
creaming within the cream
shooting his warm juice into her
fucking her deeper inside
she felt a hot liquid burst
somewhere high upon high
this ones the real deal
Tash thought
he put the stars back in my sky


A woman and her sea


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Jillian walked faster now
the cool air capturing her breasts
closing in her cardigan
she briefly hugged herself
in search of inner warmth
and perhaps inner strength

The lights further out caught glimpses
of shark nets
rust rope then chains
holding their weight
a north easterly breeze
brisk in its center
causing the barrier to sway then grate

Danny had been relentless
unkind to a T
Jillian was lost
a woman and her sea
in search of a crust
a mere morsel of of love
a lightning bolt from above
yet her evening walk was lined
with questions and revision
rocked to the core
during Danny’s inquisition

Leaving the promenade
streetlights high above
people quietly chattering
fingering her glove
Jillian felt nervous
cautious and circumspect
he’d practically denuded her
rendered her a wreck


Idling up the stairs
opening the doorway from ajar
Danny smiled then hugged her
beneath their shooting star
all was not lost
true love had once shone through
for in that moment of embrace
he kissed her

Lights flickered in the distance
yet theirs shone forever bright
Jillian stole his warmth
til early morning’s light


unbelievably sensational


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it must have been late
the middle of our night
my lover rolled me over
to open me up wide
spread your ass cheeks Sasha
he signaled from up high
open up your butt hole darling
licking inside my thigh
before collecting my sweet cunt juice
to wet his now keen tongue
within moments he’d then enter
my sensitive yet eager bum
lubing up his thumb
reaching for his knob
he inserted his gorgeous ridge
in then quietly out
my elbows planted firmly
I then turned face about

he had prepared me well
my gorgeous erotic man
taking me ever so softly
gently as we began
to find our steady rhythm
to love at an even pace
car lights circling our bedroom
bringing me his face
he was focusing ever so closely
on gathering my firm hips in
gripping at my thighs now
cutting into my skin
fuck me up the bum hole
my gorgeous sexy boy
fuck my tight little asshole
use me as your fuck toy
you know I need it darling
ram me up my bum

fuck me harder darling
give me your hot wet cum

grinding on his cock
my tight little butt did ride
up and down his shaft
sliding it deeper inside
way up into the tightness
my one true hole for him
squirt it out my darling
shoot it further in
unbelievably sensational
are adjectives that spring to mind
my boyfriend fucking me
up my bum hole
taking me from behind
screwing my tight hole senseless
on and on I’d scream
drowning in a sea of ecstasy
loving my honeys wet dream

wetting my treasures chest


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Hearing heels crash
from high above the timber floor
lying straight I fingered
then sucked on the vodka’s straw
untying cotton buttons
from bottom to the top of my shirt
exposing my flat firm torso
to ocean breeze above my skirt
leaning slowly beside me
he unzipped the garment free
releasing all of the tension
to slowly undress me
gently unstrapping the bra
his lips caressed my breast
pleasuring my alcohol fuelled body
wetting my treasures chest



As I slid away my panties
to part my legs with ease
he lowered his warm long fingers
to sighs and mouthing please
finger me darling
I whispered
finger my thirsty hole
fuck me with your fingers
slice open my hungry slit
finger fuck me my love
as I rub my throbbing clit
then with two fingers thrusting in my cunt
and one at the opening of my bum
I spasmed and writhed above the ocean
my juices began to come
to drench his long hard fingers
squirting upon my inner thighs
loving his firm hard fucking
the fire within his eyes

As kneeling high before me
he stroked down his now long shaft
above his pulsating ridge
as I gently fingered his ass
then licked at his cum filled sack
longing for him to splash his cream
beneath my landing strips crack
opening my pussy lips wide
I could feel the cum explode
give it to me
I screamed
shoot me with your load
spraying and spurting he continued
before releasing a final grunt
to fall flat beneath my thighs
at the mouth of my swollen cunt
where I tickled and fingered the opening
teasing my lover some more

I love you darling
I whispered
I love being your sexy blond whore




the first time


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before the sunlight woke

Light entered Sylvia’s bedroom
it was a hot morning outside the blinds
her sheet moved slowly
folding itself in clusters around her thighs
where inside her restless thoughts now gathered

she thought of Luke
lying in the spare room
separated from her only by her parent’s bedroom
kissing him goodnight she had longed for him
to thrust her up onto the side table again
to lift her skirt
and push her panty aside
to finger her youth
as he stood bringing her in closer
holding her tight
searching within the tightness
for her hungry thirsty love
spreading her even further
directing from above

releasing her sweet warm juice
closing her eyes now shut
moaning ever so softly
leaking toward her butt
her sweet little pussy did open
crying  and wanting to shout
as he had moved silently onwards
further in then out

now bringing her own fingers downward
to dance then play about
she remembered almost vividly
as the vase was about to give way
the water dripping all over the table
the flowers falling out
begging her boyfriend to fuck her
to enter her dripping spout

rubbing frantically into her wetness
her opening now set on fire
fuck me darling
she’d begged
as the boy recklessly gathered his cock
before touching her soaking slit
then pushing finally in
slowly sweetheart
she’d moaned
her pussy wincing with pain
she felt for the first time his love
bursting and gushing free
fuck that feels good
she had whispered
to have you so deep inside me

Her tongue had opened his mouth
as his cock was opening her hole
she couldn’t comprehend the pleasure
as she tingled
with pleasure and pain
her sweet little pussy now yearned
for her boyfriend
to find her again




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I was eager and excited
as I alighted from the spa
within the room of candles
you joined me from afar
my pussy smooth and clean
my mouth all glossy and fresh
for this moment I’d waited
for the entire week

My ass was washed throughout
in case you felt the urge
for me I just loved you
over the top
and in between
with you so much older
I did feel somewhat shy
yet I’ll remember that night you held me
until the day I die

For I was but too young
to take in such a man
much too inexperienced
to pleasure as I now can
yet thank you for staying with me
through the thickest of the thin
you are my gorgeous romantic
I’m open
come on in


making waves


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Chess pieces
looking out to sea
to see over the Pacific Ocean
where boats shadowed the hulls of oily tankers
whose freight bound toward Asia

The waves on my shore weren’t phased
they kept rolling in
only the chess pieces controlled all the moves
standing aside
stalking the unaware
rooks aloft in their corner
frightened yet aware
kings then queen’s upright
overlooking their thrifty pawns
bishops stood amidst the chess
above that moonlit gleam

Enough I finally thought
the oceans wearied my lot
ships have all passed by
boats moved home to rest
yet have those waves continue
breaking forever more
move those chess pieces onward
into the oceans roar
let night falls grace consume me
making waves upon my shore