Surfer girls – chapter 1


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Her hair fell into her breasts
As if to stop and not want to proceed any further
A tinge of auburn ran through her ends
Glistening now as she smiled
With salt and sand from todays surf
etching her skin and scuplting her collar bones
The sunlight  shone through her rainbow coloured shirt
Revealing a sense of sensuality I chose to ignore
My inner thoughts flickering from her inner thighs
To her gorgeous smile
Beautifully straight teeth
And smooth pink lips

“Is the surf always so big up here”, Paula questioned
“When its a north easter that break brings on some heat “, I explained.
“It is known for 5 to 6 foot waves throughout late summer, and as such is
one of the favourite hangs for the locals we were out there with today”.




My mind drifted to seeing Paula’s head spring up to face me
as she kneeled through another wave earlier today
Her fresh face invigorated by the swell and the excitement of the big set approaching.
I remember turning back toward shore and seeing her gracefully pick up a wave
Angling and manouvering her board across its face
Her powerful legs pushing hard into her board
As she thrust up and down before flicking off behind me
I myself had paddled further out
Not sure of what lay in front of me
But exhilerated by the fact she was with me

Paula and I knew each other from University
We had often discussed our passion for surfing during tutorials
And with this weekend being our first surfing trip together
I was keen to discover what lay beneath her brown sunfilled skin
To explore her complexities
Her distant background
And her needs wants and expectations


sasha copy

“Were we to be friends after this weekend?”  I mused
“Or were we just to continue bumping into eachother at Uni?”

I smashed now into the avacado, before placing it upon the Cruskits
Lining the surface with cheese and some cucumber
‘Don’t get ahead of yourself Sasha,” I heard my mind whispering
“Just let things be. At least for the moment.”

Our two bedroom cabin sat on the edge of the forest.
The birds and night sounds lingering beyond us
As we sat slowly drinking the Savignon blanc
Laughing as our memories of lecturers gone by were discussed
Dane Jackson our torts lecturer being the most memorable

“He was such a puss,” remarked Paula
“It was as if he spent his life hiding behind lockers in the corridor”, she reflected
“Waiting to peek at or check out any hot young student he may or may not know.
Before glancing away as they caught his stare”.
“I know,” I siad.
“He didn’t actually do it for me”, I said quietly. Before bursting out laughing again.
“What”, said Paula.
“What are you laughing at?”, she exclaimed.
“Unlike you and Mr Phillips”, I said, bursting out laughing once more.
“Oh yeah”, replied Paula.
“I had such a crush on him. I spent most of last semester dreaming of those corduroy slacks.
“That brown was such a turn on,” she said with a sexy grin. “And that butt. Sooo hot.”

Mr Ron Phillips, our contracts lecturer of two years prior stood at 5ft ringing wet.
He possessed an unattractive five day growth and bifocal spectacles. He lowered them frequently to peer at you awkwardly. I was in stitches at her confessions of lust toward him.
Paula was funny. She was such a hoot. And I loved being around her.

Later that night my feet felt cold in bed
Reaching into my bedside table I put on some green socks
Before hearing Slipper, my cross kelpy whimpering on the veranda
Next thing I noticed two large goannas on the steps edge, eying off my best friend
“Here boy”, I said picking up his water bowl and bringing into his mat in the living room.
I fastened the door, only to see the goannas back track down the cabins steps back into the forest. They must have picked up Slippers scent and come searching for a late night snack. 

pexels-photo-542506 3

Back in bed I removed my tshirt. All of a sudden I felt stuffy under the sheets. This summer the weather was changing at frequent intervals, difficult to predict in the least. Or maybe something else was weighing on me. Or in me as it were. Paula was at the other end of the cabin. And whilst I was unsure of the nature of our relationship, her friendship was one I was beginning to treasure. I fell asleep looking back into her face, as she came toward me through the blue and green waves of Callum Point, where the surf was crisp and clean. And the shoreline sand was a brilliant white, laying flat beneath the bluest of blue skies. She smiled again, as I could feel that twitch within me, slowly rising toward my suface.

A loud noise awoke me.
There was then a knock at my cabin door.

Paula whispered, “It’s me Sasha”.
“Come in I said,” before turning on my bedside lamp, and sitting upright to see what was happening.
“I heard some animals outside my window. They unnerved me somewhat” she said.
‘I’m sorry to have woken you,” she said, in an anxious tone.
“Its okay,” I replied.
“Here, come and sit”, I said softly.

As Paula approached I moved my legs to make room, only to notice there was a small
crease of moisture beneath my white panties. I must have been dreaming of more than just Paula’s face in the dead of night. I quickly pulled the sheet back up and prayed she had not visualised my moistened panties. Sitting up, without my tshirt or a bra on I still felt comfortable near Paula. We had sunbaked together today topless, and were familair with eachothers’ bodies. In the company of one another.
“Thanks Sashy”, she said.
“ I feel like such a worry wart.  It’s just Im not used to sleeping in a forest.”
“It’s fine”, I replied. 

Before reflecting on how I loved it when she called me Sashy.
No one had ever called me that before.

“Just stay in here,” I said, and then pulled the sheet up over her, before turning over toward my side of the bed, to face the wall away from her. Trying to remain casual, relaxed and not fixated on the gorgeous creature laying beside me, I lay listening to the waves crashing further out from my window. “Get some sleep Paula,” I said warmly, “we have another big days surf tomorrow” .

And within seconds I was asleep again.

It must have been close to dawn. I could see the faintest light sneaking through from behind my curtains. I could feel the sheets above me moving. A gentle moaning sound was coming from the other side of my bed. I quickly remembered Paula had come in late last night.
I stayed facing my wall, to scared to roll over.  The moans became a litte louder.

“What was Paula doing?” My mind questioned. I lay in shock.
“Was Paula rubbing her pussy in my bed? Was she playing with herself as I slept?”
I could feel the sheets brushing from side to side over my shoulders. I then proceeded to arch my neck ever so slightly to see her knees wide open under the sheets, and her hand moving at pace beneath. Paulas writhing and thrusting up and down from upon the bed was pushing my sheets up and down, as she pleasured her love hole.

“Wow”, I thought to myself, as I turned back to face my wall again.
“What should I do?”

I lay listening as her soft moans intensified, and the gyrating of her hips began to pulsate through my side of the bed. And the pulsating didn’t stop there. If this activity kept on I was going to have to remove my socks. I lay motionless, praying not to move. Though something began stirring inside me. I could feel my torso loosen and my legs begin to twitch, as the sound of Paulas passion enveloped me from behind. “I can’t believe it”, I thought, as I lay still beside her. “Was she fingering her cunt? Or what? Fuck this is turning me on”, I thought. This is just..its mind was exploding. I started to feel sooo horny. I just didnt know what to do.

“What would happen if I pretended to stir and wake? How would Paula react?”

There was only one way to find out, I surmised. Whatever the outcome, I  couldnt lay still for another second. My own pussy needed rubbing. And I couldn’t help myself. I needed to finger my own juicy slit. And right about now nothing could stop me. I needed to fuck myself. Paula’s moaning, writhing and pulsating gyrations were turning my own body into a sea of lust. Taking a deep breath I decided to roll over.  My white sheets brushed over my now heightened nipples as I turned to face Paula.

Then slowly placing my hand underneath her thigh and on the inside of her gorgeous legs I whispered “Let it out beautiful, let it out for me baby”. And with that Paula screamed, and thrust her pussy higher, grinding her fingers in further, as she came with a bomb. Spasming as she came, moaning more and more, slamming into the bed head, she almost shook the floor. The intensity was so massive, burning a fire inside my snatch, I began to find my own slit, as I listened to her thrash. And with that I felt my own juice, gushing from below, within seconds I had come to, splashing from my hole. With my knuckles drenched in cum, I slowly slid them out, feeling somewhat embarassed, for having cum so quickly and keen.

“Did Paula know I felt for her? Had I blown my cover? Did she now suspect, I yearned to be her lover?

My 18th


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I had never stayed on my own in a motel before without my parents. And certainly never with a boy. But on my 18th I was breaking all the rules. 

I could hear the boats outside on the water but my head was inside. Dirk was kissing me on the stomach and making his way upward to my pert breasts. His tongue now encircling my young nipples, as they sprang to attention upon his touch. Then without a second thought I reached down to pull my panties off, pushing them past my ankles before throwing them on the floor of the room. I don’t what made me do it, I guess it was my body heating up at the feeling of Dirks lips against my breasts. Or maybe it was just the fact I wanted it. I had waited so long for this moment I could wait no more. 

Dirks blond wavy hair now lowered down my torso, as I slowly opened my long legs, lifting my knees as I spread them slightly further. My head arched backwards now as Dirk met my wet slit with his soft, warm toungue. I then raised my shoulders from the bed, my elbows lifting me up to watch as he licked at my warmth. My juice was glistening upon his lips as he began to suck at my eager button. In and out of his freshman mouth. And then as if completely on impulse I reached down to push his head into me. Almost pulling at his hair as I grinded into his mouth. Thrusting onto his tongue as he licked me up then down, before sucking at my clit as he took me town. Moaning and moaning I then came with a scream, laughing but scared I’d wake the whole team.  But at 2 in the morning they’d be dead to the world, or drunk and passed out with another girl. My body was shaking. I could feel my warm love juice, dripping inside my thighs, passionate and spent. Dirk was just so hot, so gorgeous and complete, from the first time Id seen him, he’d knocked me off my feet. 


“Bend over Josie,” he now whispered in my ear, and with that I rolled over as he entered me from behind, penetrating my young pussy, simply blowing my mind. I could feel him deep inside me, as I pushed harder and harder back, asking him to fuck me, to fill my aching crack. Maybe I was in love, or something in between, Dirk was just sooo hot, so strong and so lean. His body was electric, as he slid inside my hole, filling up my tightness, with his slender long hard pole. I could then feel his squirt, his sticky warm hot cum, as he pulled out from my pussy, to splash all over my bum.

Rolling back over I licked him, and took him in my mouth, to catch a final sprinkle, as he pushed his yummy juice out. His face now smiled upon me, his jaw was broad and clean, his cheekbones such a feature, forever creating a scene. Yet on my 18th he was mine, to hold and cherish and love, my entire body sprayed with ecstasy, as he lit me up from above. What more could a young girl wish for, I thought as he gazed down, Dirk was the ultimate catch, and I had him all to myself. He made me feel so wanted, so horny and hot all at once, I began to rub my pussy, my need to cum now intense. I wanted to finger myself in front of him, to show him my love was immense, to show him how much I desired him, beyond all common sense. “Fuck you make me feel hot Dirk,” I said pulling away from his knob. “I’m cumming for you baby,” I screamed as I fingered my hole, deeper and deeper inside my pink slit, to reach my orgasmic goal.


I can’t remember much more, it was a long time ago, but from above my gin and tonic, I can feel an inner glow.

Soph’s finals



The leaves had started to fall from the trees. I felt a chill as I pulled my pink singlet down, exposing my upright nipples even further. Pushing the wax bottle away with my left leg toward the window, looking down into the courtyard I could see Sonya walking toward the front door. Her blond hair was tied up in a ponytail, her white shirt and khaki skirt still immaculate despite having been on her since dawn. Dad was still in Paris at the Annual Architects Convention, so there wasn’t really much excuse for her to stay late in the office.



Looking down I could see the reddish marks surrounding my labia and pink lips where the wax had stripped the hair from my inner thighs and pussy. I pulled my pink singlet up slightly and gazed at the black landing above. The thin line of pubic hair making its way upwards toward my navel. I guess I was trying to be cool. To remove myself from the geeky science image I exuded at school. The girl who had creamed her final exams, well maybe. The girl with the geeky glasses, band on her top teeth, lanky legs and civil engineering Mom who had run out and left her when she was 10 for the then member for Minnesota. I slowly ran my index finger along my slit, up into the thin landing strip line, in review of my handy work.  I felt quite proud of it actually. There was a knock at the door and before I could take my hand away from between my legs Sonya pushed through my bedroom door. No doubt blushing as I was I said “Hi”, albeit ashamedly. “I was going to ring your father and was keen to let him know how your chemistry finals went, “ she said.  I was not to upbeat to be honest, and looking down back out into the courtyard Sonya sensed the solemn tone in my voice and attempted to console me. “You’ll be fine,” she said. Math and physics were all good, the marks you need are already in the bank,” she said, trying as hard as she could to lift my spirits.  

I stood up and moved over onto my bed, putting my toes underneath the covers to keep my feet warm. And with that Sonya sat on the edge of the bed and slipped out of her high heels. “That feels better” she exclaimed, before turning to look out the window, as the falling leaves slowly made their way down in the cool evening breeze toward the ledge below. “I’m scared,” I said quietly. “What if I don’t get the marks to make it into College?” Sonya then kneeled along the bed and sat behind me, giving me a gentle hug, in much the same way as she had done when working through the angst of my first period with me, in this very room.  “Its okay Soph”, she whispered, its all going to be okay, you’ll see.”. I began to cry, ever so softly into her crisp white shirt, as she pushed back her long blond hair to make way for my tears. “It’s okay darling”, she said sweetly into my ear. Then taking her hand she lifted up the bottom of my singlet top and began rubbing the palm of her hand in a smooth circular motion around my stomach, and kissed me gently on my neck. “That feels nice,” I said softly. Sonya had always been there for me, I thought, as I straightened my long legs out before me, fully aware of my status as the class dork. The girl who wouldn’t have ever come close to kissing anyone, let alone having sex. OMG I was a nerd. I couldn’t shake the image, even if I had wanted to. At 18 you’d think a girl would be blossoming into the prime of her life. But all I felt like was a geek. A science wonder kid who’d ran out of wonder. 

My sobbing subsided as Sonya began stroking my long legs with her neatly manicured hands, Her fingers running from down at my knees, up along my outstretched thighs, and then across my stomach, before making their way back again toward my knees again. “That feels so good,” I said, wiping the tears away from my face, as I could se the black mascara covering my fingers. I must have looked a mess, I thought. But having Sonya there to comfort me made me feel warm and cosy inside. And for a second my mind escaped from the pressure of my final exams, to focus upon the serenity of her touch. The warmth of her body. And the sweetness of her breath. “You look beautiful, Sonya,” I said. ”You always look beautiful,” I mused, before turning the face her, giving her a kiss firmly on her cheek. And then, almost unconsciously, I began to kiss her on her lips, once, twice and then three times, as if I in a passionate embrace with a long lost lover.. Then, opening my eyes, I blushed again, before apologising profusely. “I’m sorry I said,” totally embarrassed by my actions. To just come out and kiss my stepmom front and centre on the lips was probably the most outrageous thing I’d done in all my 18 years. If not certainly the most embarrassing. Then much to my surprise she kissed me back on the lips, and I could feel her tongue penetrating my lips, finding its way into the moist enclaves inside my mouth, meeting my tongue, as she pressed tightly around my stomach, drawing me into her warm embrace. I began to breath heavily, kissing her back with a passion, sliding my tongue in and out of her mouth. Arching my neck back to meet her gorgeous lips, as she tongued and tongued her way into my wanton mouth.

Then, with her legs wrapped around me, her knees pressed firmly up under my arms, she took my right hand and guided it under hers, down toward my freshly cut landing strip, and into the smooth skin below. “Let see if we can’t relive some of this finals tension she said, in the most sensuous tone I think I had ever heard to that point in my life. And leaning back into her, closing my eyes, I dreamed my way into her spell, as she pushed my hand and fingers in a slow, circular motion from one side of my pink pussy lips to the other. It felt so beautiful, so pulsating, so good. Then she asked me to softly rub my clit with my index finger, as she guided it, inside the warmth of my slit, up toward my young pink button that lay above. My swollen pink clit, needing to be rubbed, to be stroked, to be loved. I began to push into my finger, as she grasped my hand tighter, forcing it inside the top of my hole, then back onto my clit, then back into my juicy slit again..and again. “Its Okay Soph she whispered, in her charismatic, sexy tone. “Its okay, let it all go,” she said. I started to rub harder, in fast movements underneath the warmth of her ever present hands. Her left hand now finding its way beneath my pink singlet, encircling the nipple of my right breast, arousing me even further. I could feel the juice staring to lather around my fingers as I began to finger inside my now wet hole. Sonya then sat back slightly, and pulled my hand away from my hungry snatch. Unbuttoning her pristine white shirt before me, exposing her pure white Victoria’s Secrete bra, enveloping her slender breasts, she chose to kneel before me. The lowering her head toward my lap she looked up, staring into my eyes and spoke once again in her sensuous tone, “let me help you baby, “ she said. And then after lowering her mouth onto my wet pussy lips I felt her tongue slide deep inside me, before flicking my swollen clit from side to side. My body began shaking, writhing and pulsating against her touch. Uncharacteristically I chose to grab her hair band and push her head down into me, as she sucked hard around my clit, drawing it into her mouth. In that moment of ecstasy, of weakness, of pleasure I began moaning, and moaning once more. “I’m coming Mommy,” I exclaimed, as I buckled up, my waist lifting in convulsions as her tongue thrashed into, covering her mouth, lips and tongue with my warm flowing cum, as it gushed from within my tender young hole. “I’m cumming Mommy,” I exclaimed once more, as he pinned my thighs to the bed, continuing to suck at my clit, as the juice flowed freely don toward her chin. Sonya, then pulled back, placing her hand on my stomach, rubbing me softly once more, as I closed my eyes in a sea of ecstasy. The orgasm still lingering, my inner thighs drenched, sweat upon my brow, hands shaking from side to side. “I’d better ring your father, “Sonya said jokingly, as we both began to laugh. “he’s going to be wondering what we’re up to,” she said, smiling now, before picking up her white shirt and closing the door behind her.

from silence into wet


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The light was dim
I could feel the slightest breeze caressing my naked thighs
“Turn around babe”, Jake spoke softly
And with my knees straddled above his legs on the bed,
my butt now facing him
and the palms of my hands suspending me above him,
I began to lower my flesh upon him
drawing in his manhood
breathing in to embrace the initial thrust
that moment of penetration
when my body opened to clasp onto his gorgeousness

Within seconds I was writhing,
From side to side my body pushed
Pulling at his length
Guiding him further inward,
Releasing all my liquid
To lay juice upon him whole
Sliding over his hardness
Stretching open upon his pole
My nipples began to strengthen
Beneath ny weathered pink T
further down my landing strip
Glistening for but me to see
As my index finger and middle
Opened my hungry slit
I sensed he needed my fingers
To caress his tender sack

Then in a flurry I buckled
Sprang forth in a lustful release
Cumming and cumming furiously
Gushing from within my warmth
Until all the spasms and moaning
Lay flat upon his strength
My horny, tingling body
Released from hungry to spent

And within my lustful yearning
My want to please my man
I pushed my butt back further
Toward my lovers head
Then gently lowered my lips
To meet his throbbing love
Releasing my wet pink tongue
To lick him from above
Before taking him in slowly
Tightening around his shaft
Sucking and sucking harder
Until he anxiously rose
To force his cock in deeper
Deeper toward my throat
Filling me with pleasure
Drowning me in his need
To shoot his ecstasy forth
To cream my wanton mouth
To spurt his eager cum
To line my tongue in yum

silence into wet


I could feel his hands open my cunt
To gaze inside my pink
As he now leaned back in pleasure
Watching as I gasped to drink
But every last drop
Of his beatutiful tasty cum
Swallowing my lovers cream
From intimacy to dream
Then laying aside his chest
My lover
Strong and taut and keen
Built from hauling camera gear
On yet another modelling set scene
Wherein I now watched
as a droplet of sweat dripped beneath my pink T
Down toward the crevice
for my Jack and I to see
As he touched the bead of sweat

Then looked into my eyes
“Hows my birthday girl?”
he whispered
Before affording me a smile
All the time igniting my flame
To throw me from silence into wet
To release my inner juices
Driving me further
into our night
If only it could last forever
One touch, two lips, one bite

Ericas Win


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Erica still had adrenalin rushing through her. Even after five gin and tonics and now two vodka lime and sodas the thrill of a win on todays market still had her blood flowing. Monday night in Dukes Bar was may have been quiet, but to her it was pumping. She contemplated her previous wins as she reflected on her now ageing career. Starting as a college graduate on Wall Street she had experienced the Crash in 87, and quickly exited from stocks to bonds. But it was foreign exchange trading where she had made her now. Now with computers reducing the spreads available on foreign currency trading she was not having as many wins, but today was a good day. 

She brushed passed two young guys in pin striped suits on her way to the Dukes Bar ladies room and recognised one. It was Tom Capstan she thought. A young forex trader from Goldman Sachs who she had met when he was but an in-turn on the floor of the trading room. She remembered he was now trading Australian and Asian currencies for Sachs over on Broadway. In the rest room she hitched up her skirt and lowered her knickers to stand while she peed. Her freshly shaved landing strip glistening above the flow of another round of drinks. Wiping her pink snatch clean and redressing she lined herself up the mirror. Straightening her hair, smiling, quickly applying another layer of lipstick before proceeding back out into Dukes. 

Erica noticed Toms drinking buddy had left upon her return. She smiled at him as she ordered another drink. Tom smiled back, Tequila’s Erica, he said as if to give her a rise. She batted it straight back past the bowler replying only with a wry grin. At 48 she was too old for games and tonight she wanted to stay in the moment. $28,000 USD was a lot of money for her in a days trade , particularly given the bullshit going down between Trump and the Chinese. Hey Tommy, fancy a smoke? She asked, as she reached into her CK bag for her silver cigarette case and  Zippo lighter. Sure, came Toms reply, as all 6 foot 3 of him stood up to wave the blond hair from his brow and follow her out the back into the lane behind Dukes. With no doorman present and little lighting out back they had the comfort of taking their drinks with them for a smoke, a simple pleasure not often available to most urban dwellers in New York these days. 

As Erica bent over ever so slightly to light his Benson and Hedges cigarette she noticed Tom catching a glimpse at her navy bra, as it met her ample breasts beneath her beige coloured shirt. She felt a sense of pride. She could still hold her own with the boys, she mused. At 6 foot herself she may have appeared somewhat intimidating to many, yet Tom was confident and smart. Good looking to boot. A handsome young buck straight from IV central who had more than one dalliance with the ladies about town. You like an old girls breasts Tommy, Erica said laughing, as she took her first drag on her newly lit smoke. You’ve still got it Erica, Tommy replied smiling, as he pushed in close to her, sliding his hand up the back of her skirt across her navy knickers into the cleft of her smooth tight butt. I do he said, whispering into Ericas ear as he foraged further up to feel the warmth of her wanton slit. Finger me Tommy, Erica spoke softly, hungry for the touch of his firm young hand. 


Within seconds she could feel a gush of liquid from up within her stomach, slowly pushing southward to meet his youth, as he drove tow fingers higher, almost to his knuckles. She Removing them briefly she turned to face the wall, before reinserting it reinserting it back into her now dripping hole, stretching out her arms, bracing like a mole, who needed to fingered, to be fucked like a whore, as pleaded with Tommy, to finger her some more. Then casting his cigarette aside, and laying down his drink, Tommy brought his right hand around, her gently rub her clit. Within moments his fingers, high up in her cunt, moved in and out in time with the rubbing of her clit, as she let her juice flow forth before buckling to with a grunt. Fuck that feels good Tommy, she turned her head to moan, as she writhed in absolute pleasure riding his fingers home.

Erica could feel the night breeze make its way through her shirt, lifting her nipples to stand at attention as she turned to face her blond captor. She readjusted her skirt and took another swig on the Tequila. She then decided to turn Tommy back against the wall in the alley way before pressing close up into him, sliding her tongue into his gorgeous mouth. I need you Tommy she whispered, and I want you inside me she said, caressing his cheek with beautiful hair. And with that she lowered her head down into the darkness, unbuckling his belt and lowering his suit pants to expose his black boxers beneath. The pulling them aside she took his young cock into her lipstick covered lips, lowering her mouth tightly, toward the bottom of his shaft. As she moved back up toward the crest of his knob Erica could feel his hardness, strengthening inside her, as she gasped for breath in the cool of the night. She dove back now onto his warm meat, sucking and sucking at his ever lengthening pole, spitting out saliva along his smooth young shaft, before sucking even tighter loosening to her craft.  Erica could feel his hands behind her, pulling at her hair, pushing her in closer, as he forced his rod in deep, loving the warmth of her mouth, brushing against her teeth. With seconds he exploded, splashing forth his load, releasing his warmth inside her, deeper and deeper in farther toward her throat, as his head flayed back in pleasure like a young kid on a boat. 




Erica stood to face him, as she fingered at her lips, slowly licking his fresh cum, from on top her fingertips. Then lighting another cigarette, and catching the evening breeze, she felt like such a slut, a dirty middle aged sleaze. But Tommy drew her in, and kissed her on the cheek, caressing again her butt, as he slowly found his feet. You feel so warm he whispered, so soft and so serene. Let me walk you home he said smiling, before we make a scene.

Sundays and swimsuits


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Willow could feel the button harden at the top of her yellow panties
she quickly pulled the short denim skirt slightly lower
Looking into the mirror where she could see the side of the bus drivers brow she blushed
Only to look away outside the window before straining to turn her attention to something else

Yet as the bus meandered toward her northern beach home her mind drifted back to Josh
To his taut torso and slender legs
His golden brown suntan and chiselled jawline
as he sat above her smiling
Where she laughed
Playing with her hair in the shade of his gaze

Before long she ended up in the same place as she had been moments before
Mesmorised by the pronounced angular ring
that lay beneath the crest of his swimsuit
The slight bulge glistening in the early afternoon sun
From which water dripped ever so slowly
toward his smooth tanned thighs

She could now feel a tinge of wetness meet the crevice of her slit
As she stood up quickly to alight from her bus
Stretching now intently at the bottom of her skirt
Making sure to pull it down as much as she could

Inside the door her college bag flung sideways
Rushing to her bedroom then into her sheets
Finally the skirt falling down to beneath her feet
As she fondled her breasts before exploring her lust
Opening her legs licking fingers to thrust
Her panties aside to find that sweet button
To satisfy all that was deep within her mound
Whimpering ever so softly
The slightest warmest sound
Finger me she whispered looking back in those eyes
Before gushing out her warmth much to her surprise

Night fires


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Brit lay flat now as her head raced back to earlier in her evening
the graduation dinner was so amazing
with Chelsea, Sarah, Jason, her Step mom, Dad
and of course Tyler
in her mind she could almost touch his tight jeans
as they clung to his gorgeous butt
before he lowered himself into Chelseas car to leave the restaurant
his eyes had glanced up as he shouted goodbye
with his blond hair waving in the drift of oncoming traffic
and his strong forearm disappearing behind the car door


Tyler was unattainable for Brittany
at least whats she thought
he was all IV League
blue blood
sexier than a boy could be
and straight down the line
she wrestled with her pyjama pants
unsure whether to remove them
or simply let them drink in her sweat filled thighs

Brit wondered where he was
Was he with Chelsea?
What would they be doing?
Were they really just friends?

She thought of how he had placed his hand upon the edge of her skirt
Just above her knee
“Congratulations Brit,” he had said
“I am so proud of you, First Class Honours”

Brittany had wanted him to leave his hand there forever
to forever stare into her eyes
with his deep green eyes
his smooth brown forehead
and his pure pink lips
as they whispered once more toward her ear
“I’m so proud of you”

She could have melted
Fallen in a heap on the table
Lay bare before him
crushed by the weight of his gorgeousness
His style, charisma, sexiness
His young manhood

As he stood up to leave the table she had blushed
When his jeans had brushed past her shoulder
His body connecting with hers
Pushing against her young breast

As he navigated his way around her seat
Had Chelsea noticed her?
She had tries not to stare at him
Yet his body was all over her
All around her
Within her tender skin

The pants had to come off
Brittany began caressing her breasts
From under her pink pj top
Her right hand wandering toward her now wet snatch
her fingers wanting
needing her desire
as she rubbed, then rubbed some more
pleasing her hungry clit
moaning ever so slightly
before forcing two fingers high
high inside her warmth
juice, cum, beautiful liquid
flowing from inside her love
gushing now from her pink
crying out his sexy name
Tylller…she moaned
Before bucking forward
in a spasm that knocked her teddy from her bed

In the bathroom Natalie could hear some distant noise
Perhaps it was the tv still on
Listening intently she picked up the moans
The sounds of her step daughter
pleasuring her hole
Her bathrobe was silky
Crisp against her skin
As she felt the warm liquid leave her body for another world

Then back in bed Rhett only stirred
Her bathroom break had not awoken his alcohic slumber
She thought of Brittany
of her orgasmic play
of her young hormones exploding
wanting to escape

Her own pussy felt horny
wanting to be touched
needing to be prised open
and fingered from below
she felt her wedding ring
as she slid her index finger beneath her pubic hair
now inside her wanton cunt
she licked it now
inhaling the scent of her hot slit
before fucking herself some more
driving two fingers in now
then lowering her right hand lower
to caress her tight ass
she massaged
fingered and fucked
until the cream came upon her

Drenching her knuckles, her hand and her skin
writhing in her lust
before coming once again

The moon was higher now
her curtains blowing ever so gently against the evening breeze
the hallway seperating her from Brit
from her girlish thoughts
her teenage dreams
her youthful lust
her needs and desires
Would they be fulfilled?
Or simply just expire?

How long could she wait
to put out her burning fire

Fly me to the moon


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Did you ever wonder what it would be like
To fly to the moon and back
Above all the stars
Our sirens and cars
People on those streets
So eager to meet
Then just walk away
At the end of the day
From you

Once upon a time
I dreamt of a relationship
That lived forever
Without any ends
More than just love
Above being friends
Where we loved as one
Pure and content
Maddening passion
Lustful and spent

The dream never evolved
To outlive my sleep
Now staring at your photo
Be-trodden at my feet
Whereupon I pick you up
To again see your smile
A flicker of hope
To hold but awhile

Yet love doesn’t last
Does it
The moon is too far
Sirens ever present
I can barely see your star
Your willowy neck
Your silver
Distant car
As you wave gently goodbye
Caressing our plight
Like all true relationships
Toward the dead of the night



Cowboy Up..the 1st in the Spur Hill Series -out now on Kindle


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Once again that tight butt of his was distracting me, this time from within a pair of white jeans. Turning to face me as we opened the tall bi-fold doors, I familiarised myself once more with that gorgeous broad brimmed smile of his, those shiny white teeth, his wavy blond hair and those magnificent eyes, surrounded by tinges of yellow and green that I could swim in if afforded the chance.


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