Fancy listening to something hot and steamy this weekend


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Make sure you have some time to yourself this weekend to listen to the audio version of my first novel “Sarah”. You might like to go for a long drive, have an afternoon nap, or some late night playtime.
It’s time well spent!

Sarah: Malcolm’s Prize: Sarah’s Story, Book 1

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Publisher’s Summary

So you are beautiful and sexy yet lonely. You just want love, affection. But when you can’t reach between the bedroom walls into the bed of your best friend’s husband, with whom you live, it becomes more than love and affection you lust after. What do you do when your thirst can’t be quenched? Set on the beautiful Australian coastline, maybe, just maybe, all your dreams will come true.

This stylishly written romantic tale of three lives intertwined escalates over time into one of not just passion, lust, and desire. Out of nowhere the unexpected arrives to release unparalleled scenes of erotica that sweep you away on a wave of ecstasy. Confused as you are, vulnerable and uncertain as you may be, you know deep down in places only you have visited that he has been looking. There’s only one problem. While he’s been noticing, your best friend has been protecting. She’s not about to give up everything she’s worked hard for. And why should she? She has him; you just want him. Or, should I say, need him.

Three’s a crowd. Or is it?

This series contains strong language and scorching sex scenes including masturbation, mutual masturbation, oral, anal, lesbian, threesome, slight BDSM, and straight sex.

©2015 Sasha Holden (P)2015 Sasha Holden

How important is sexual chemistry in a relationship? New Love Times by Sasha Holden


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How Important Is Sexual Chemistry In A Relationship?

Sometimes we try to ignore it, to suppress the emotions surrounding it, as Keira Knightly did in New York when Edward Norton touched her hand in the film “Collateral Beauty.” Though experts and lay people all agree, sexual compatibility is not only real, it forms the very fabric that binds our relationships together. Perhaps they are correct in their assumptions. On a recent trip to Madrid, I was drawn to a painting wherein the muse drew her last breath following the death of her true love, from whom she had been separated since youth. Having been locked for years in a loveless arranged marriage at the request of her father, she had forever hungered for the intimacy of her long lost lover. Dramatic perhaps, yet one only has to read through the threads of online forums today to ascertain that in the absence of sexual compatibility, relationships are often doomed from the start.

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Let’s take a brief look at some online responses to a disillusioned forum member, found questioning the lack of intimacy within her current relationship. Hannah says,

“Sexual chemistry is vital. You need to feel the love and excitement of a relationship. Without sexual chemistry, you will feel unhappy with a lack of sex.”

Kathryn says,

“In my experience, sexual chemistry – if it’s not there – it will never be there. You will start to feel very guilty and resentful. For your sanity and his, it’s best to end a relationship without sexual chemistry.

men choose sex over food

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Jessica C says,

YES, sexual compatibilityy is very important. The thing is, it may help to balance and accept differences in other areas, and I think this is good as long as such differences don’t touch core values.

Nikki, in turn says,

Sexual compatibility is soooo important! I married a man that I did not have great chemistry with because he seemed like he was head over heels for me, and the lack of sexual attraction was one thing that killed our marriage and relationship.

Experts too, agree that sex and being sexually compatible, are two of the most essential ingredients required in maintaining a sustainable relationship. In fact, the lack of sexual compatibility, and sex for that matter, remain common reasons for relationship breakdowns today. They suggest that possessing sexual chemistry with your partner, feeling the desire, the hunger, and the excitement when you are intimate with them, helps to ensure your relationship shall go the distance.

For when that initial “loved up” phase we all go through in our relationship abates, we need to experience that sexual ccmpatibility, that sexual connection, to keep the flame alight. Most couples, over time, rarely have matching sex drives. The “he wants sex more than me” factor is a common issue raised during marriage counselling. Over time, menopause in women, lowering libido in men and aging, all bring their own sexual frustrations. During these turbulent times, the ever-present cracks in a sexless relationship tend to manifest themselves into a chasm that for many couples, is simply too big to cross. He or she has an affair or loses interest in the broader, everyday facets of the relationship. The inherent lack of a sexual bond between the couple can often lead to a slow and painful end to their relationship.

couple in bed_New_Love_Times

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Yet your search for a sexual compatibility need not always be a harrowing one. I was in an airport in Europe a month ago only to be touched on the shoulder by a stranger. Upon turning around, a tall, dark, and handsome man greeted me in a strong European accent with, “Excuse me,Ms Holden, your hair brush.”

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Having passed through the security screen, I had left my hair brush on the carousel in search of my laptop and other items. I then felt it. The power of sexual compatibility. Shivers whisked their way through the small of my back, tightening my torso and sending bolts of lightning in and out of my inner thighs in waves of exhilaration. My heels buckled for a split second. I blushed the color of his gorgeous Italian shirt and stuttered the only two words I was capable of saying, “Thank youuu..….”. For the length of the ensuing plane trip and throughout the coming months, I intermittently found myself swimming in a sea of pins and needles, as the memory of his voice sent me tingling off to sleep. Powerful, strong, resilient, sensual, erotic, sexual and surging, in, then out of our very existence. Sexual intimacy is a beautiful thing. Don’t leave home without it…

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I lifted my legs up in bed
opening them slightly
listening to cars playing below
screaming through the lights
only to be slowed by another bus
then cab
taking their passengers home
or out to work
Jack was home from work
I had missed him
he turned in late
no doubt frustrated
lugging camera equipment
up and down stairs
on and off platforms
in and out of studios
waiting on his feet
as the girls flowed in and out
after countless hair and makeup sessions
innumerable bra and panty changes
before rearranging again
lights camera action sleep
beside me
the horny Sasha
I felt like a housewife without a husband
a cougar with nowhere to prowl
a Jenifer without a stepdad
Sarah without a Malcolm
Maria, two weeks after Antonio had left for fishing

My hand drifted
slowly caressing a small tuft of hair
on the landing platform above my slit
pushing lower at infrequent intervals
to play with my kindness
making a coffee now
attempting to write
poor choice
I write erotic fiction
hornier still I entered the bathroom
gathering up the red wax
my small pink vibrator and the matches

On the spare room bed
with the wax now hot
turning my ribbed pink friend on low
I angled her toward my tight little butt hole
to circle
to dance upon the surface
with her toe in the water
waiting to take a dip
below my newly found drip
Alas I hear stirring
He must be waking up
tools down
with haste
beneath the sheets
tongue inside thighs
licking the shaft
engaging his head
I arise
to engulf his upright hardness
his early morning want
such a gorgeous feeling
sliding further down
hands reaching now behind me
to guide without a sound
silently I moan
juice flowing from within
my cunt wetter with every moment
it needs licking once again

climbing further up
across his long flat chest
my pussy cream now sits
around my lovers breast
I lower ever so slightly
toward his soft wet tongue
up then down I lift
now back down with my bum
resting on his neck
as he works now on my lips
licking deep within
divining my warm wet slit
rubbing anxiously on my clit now
my fingers feel his tongue
his fingers now searching for lava
sliding open my wax filled bum

with knees shaking in a rift
my lovers arms outstretched
his hands teaching my breasts
to push in then to lift
fuck that feels so good
I whisper to myself
only to move back lower
across his torso shelf
to slide his love back in
to push it through my juice
Take it Sasha
he whispered
take me in your pink
take my long hard cock
take it in your hole
with that I arched even higher
my breasts alight in his touch
my pussy simply ached
his length was just too much
ramming into the sweet spot
feeling him explode
my mind racing through the traffic
my love hole about to implode
then shooting forth it came
that sensational hot release
out into the open
gushing at its peak
I rammed him in once more
muscles clasping at his head
draining every inch of his love
whilst squirting on our bed
as my fingers returned to the swelling
to where it all began
the heat now too intense
hey lover boy
turn on the fan

Why Physical Intimacy In A Relationship Doesn’t Always Amount To Intercourse


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Why Physical Intimacy In A Relationship Doesn’t Always Amount To Intercourse

For years, physical intimacy has been proven by psychologists, relationship counsellors, and now sex therapists, to form an integral part of a healthy and successful relationship between couples. By physical intimacy we mean sex, don’t we? Well, not always. There’s a little more to physical intimacy than sailing between the sheets with your partner. Take a few minutes to hang out with me, and find out why physical intimacy in a relationship may not always have to mean sex. Remember, rule number 1, ‘you don’t always have to turn it on, to be a turn on.

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Touch, the power of tactile affection, is crucial to forming an intimate relationship with that special person in your life. We are all tired, stressed, and anxious from time to time. Often, the thought of rolling around in the hay just doesn’t feel all that enticing, does it? You’re cycle’s out of whack, you’re bothered by what happened during the day, you have an early start tomorrow, and you feel the need to bury every mirror in your apartment. Don’t despair, honey. It doesn’t all have to be about getting some action. The very essence of physical intimacy lies in communication with your partner. Connection. Affection.


couple kissing_New_Love_Times


Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

If you come to think about it, sex is something that you can have with anyone. Equating it with physical affection is a rookie mistake that will only leave you feeling alone and dissatisfied. Even one-night stands are a physical act which is all about sex. But there is rarely any intimacy in a one night stand, is there? People are essentially just looking for some companionship and love, and even though a one-night stand can momentarily give you the illusion of intimacy, it is merely just a shadow of the actual thing.

We all need something more than sex to feel wanted and loved and satisfied. Most of the time, marriages and relationships fail because the two people involved aren’t able to have great sex, but the truth of the matter is, you cannot have great sex, unless you are intimate with your partner. Intimacy therefore precedes sex, and there are a number of different ways that you can get physically intimate and close with your partner, without having actual intercourse with them.

couple kissing_New_Love_Times

Image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

Touching your partner gently on the hand, on their wrist, or upon their arm during dinner are all examples of physical intimacy. Smiling at them, and then extending a gentle hand. Caressing the hair back from their forehead. Kissing them softly upon their jaw. Nestling into their side on a cold winter’s day. Play wrestling with them on the couch. Pillow fights in the morning. A cheeky love pat on the bum. A long and intimate hug upon saying goodbye. All of this counts. Another thing that is grossly underrated is PDA. The adrenaline rush that you get when you and your partner are physically connected when out in public is one of the best ways to establish physical intimacy in a relationship. Putting your arms around each other when you are with a group of people, a kiss on the forehead and holding hands; now, that’s connection.

That, girlfriend, is physical affection. Whether it is a foot, neck or back massage to relieve your lover’s tension, spooning them at night, or simply a kiss hello, it’s all about showing them you care. It is about wanting to touch them because you are attracted to them in ways that are more than sexual. It is about needing their touch and showing them that the physical affection that you have is merely a reflection of your mental, emotional and spiritual connection.

couple hugging_New_Love_Times


Image source:  Pixabay, under Creative Commons License 

Foreplay is also about physical intimacy, which, believe it or not, doesn’t always have to end up with a romp under the sheets. The right touches in the right places can make your hair stand on end and connect you and your partner in ways that you hadn’t even imagined. It gives you goosebumps and makes you feel a mutual sense of love, wanting and devotion, which can then later translate into some mind-blowing sex. But before any of that happens, you and your partner need to know that you are connected spiritually and mentally and you are comfortable with each other completely, which can only happen when you have established physical intimacy between the two of you.

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Life’s about those moments together, moments when physical intimacy toward your partner illustrates your genuine affection for them. “I love you, Sasha,” he said, as he leaned into me and placed the palms of his hands on my jawline. Gathering my hair together from my cheekbones before collecting it in a bun behind my neck, he stared longingly into my eyes, then kissed me ever so sweetly on the lips. Now, that’s physical intimacy. That’s the moment I first thought of when I opened my eyes today. And it had nothing to do with sex…well, not yet anyway…


Featured image source: Pixabay, under Creative Commons License

Tips On How To Look Better Naked And Make Him Horny


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Tips On How To Look Better Naked And Make Him Horny

Baring it all in front of him is a little more revealing than unbuckling the seatbelt when you’re a few thousand feet above sea level. When it comes down to taking it all off in front of him, it can be quite daunting, and frankly, a bit stifling. And what makes matters worse is everyone out there is telling you how to look better naked, in order to make your man horny. We have “Instyle” presenting us with 10 tips on how to look better naked, whilst fashion supremo, “Allure,” is giving us 27 ways to assist. Even Hollywood Celeb Kourtney Kardashian is in on the act with a home remedy of lotions and potions to apply on your skin to make yourself look better before baring it all in front of him.

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To be honest, I could write 10 pages-worth of content relaying better ways on how to look better naked, and in doing so, make your lover horny. I could start with nude makeup to accentuate your natural beauty, together with a combination of day/night facial and skin creams to prevent wrinkles and skin imperfections. Why, I could even suggest spray tan to camouflage your skin lines, and exfoliating scrubs to remove the cellulite. Obviously, I could devote a page or two to squats, push-ups, hill sprints, burpees, sit ups, swivels, ab and bum-busting workouts to keep you trim, taut, and terrific.

woman in white lingerie_New_Love_Times

Image source:  Shutterstock 

But clearly, that would only serve to sugarcoat the real issue. The real issue is that your man has to find you hot and horny. And by you,I mean you, just the way you are. Okay, so you can dim the lights, even change the color of your lamp shade to protect those harsher lines, but the truth is, it’s all about your inner connection with him. Don’t despair though; if the sexual chemistry was there once, it can still be rekindled.

To look better naked, and in doing so, make him hot for you, my advice is to be sensible in the way you look after yourself, and not go overboard. By being sensible, I mean staying fit and healthy. If you can’t afford the gym, there are some great 15-minute workout videos you can find online. I train with for my abs,leg, and bum workouts as an example. A walk and some fresh air are good too. Stay out of direct sunlight, get a good night’s sleep, drink gallons of water, and eat well. In other words, fruits, vegetables, low fat alternatives where possible, and home or organically grown, if you can afford it.

And by not going overboard, I mean don’t try too hard. Remember, for the girl with the hourglass figure, time runs out very fast. You are never going to have the perfect shape and physique forever. Yet I know ‘us girls’ are never truly satisfied. I have girlfriends I have modelled alongside and hung out with in New York who are stunning on the outside, though crippled on the inside by fear and self-loathing at the way they look when they walk out the door, let alone the way they look naked.

home remedies for yeast infection in females_new_love_times

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Most importantly, be realistic. If you are carrying a few extra pounds, a Brazilian wax may not be the best idea. I once read somewhere that keeping the triangle in line with your hip size may prove to be a good analogy. Actually, when I think of the “it” department, “landing strip” is one of the best rating #hashtags on my blog. So maybe that’s a good place to start, if in doubt. Finally, start where your lover is at. And if you are just getting to know him and aren’t aware of what makes him horny, don’t be afraid to ask him. In order to look better naked and make him horny, stay in touch with what it is that he likes. I’m not asking you to be submissive; far from it. I’m talking about being comfortable within your own skin, in the knowledge that he likes you that way. If he likes you wearing “Issey Miyake” perfume, wear it. If he likes your hair straight, then straighten it. If he enjoys you in dark eyeliner, darken it for him. While these are some of the potential things you could change about yourself, never change your core values and identity for anyone.


I was out with some friends in New York last week and they were on dating sites/apps, swiping right and left as the young girls appeared ad infinitum on their mobile screens. “I might meet her,” said Mitch. “Wow! She looks cool,” swooned Myles. Yet, I kind of thought that even in New York, as a girlfriend, i.e., as opposed to a potential date, you have the upper hand. You have the sexual chemistry, and yes, he has seen you naked before. You know what he likes. The best part about looking better naked and turning him on is you know you can do it. You’ve done it all before. So straighten your shoulders, pull that tummy in tight, and go get him, girl. Tell him you want him, you need him, you need to feel him close to you. That’s always a good place to start…just after you’ve dimmed the lights that is.

Featured image source: Shutterstock 

Sasha Holden

Sasha Holden

Sasha Holden burst onto the literary scene in 2015. Her short stories quickly evoked passion within her fan base who related instantly to her unique brand of eroticism. The ability to engage the reader on both an emotional and physical level provided the key to her success. A renowned poet in her own right, Sasha released her first literary novel entitled “Sarah” Malcolm’s Prize on Amazon in mid-2015 to much critical acclaim within the erotic fiction industry. Like Sarah, her leading female characters more often than not lonely, yet longing to explore their innermost desires sexually. Her stories enter the most intimate corners of her characters’ minds, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for pleasure. The need for my eroticism to arouse readers on every level, as they turn the pages, is my ultimate goal as a writer. Sasha has a strong following in the UK and India, as well as her home base of US. She is now a published author with Moon and stars press.


inside my groove


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My hips they drifted
from side to side
along the bed
against your slide
the water lapped
yet never came in
lulled by your breathing
within the swim

my breasts they danced
beneath your flow
soft to your touch
warm and smooth
writhing as I melted
inside my groove



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The smallest ray of light
a skylight
allowing a skerrick of dust
to flow within its centre
as it found her table
in the left hand corner
of Biology Lecture Theatre 2

where his gorgeousness met her hormones
well out of balance
every time he spoke
his tight pants
causing her even tighter slacks
to expand
every time he moved


Mr turn on
and then turn on again
with his firm butt
warm brown chest
open shirt
and long
Who are you?
She whispered
to whom do you belong?


Her fingers
sliding beneath the small desk top
below her notebook
undoing her zip
just walk left
once more
you sensational creature
her tiny binoculars
fixed firmly upon his bulge
his manhood
his cock
and crying
crying out for her

Her eyes wandered
the Friday afternoon lecture theatre
all but empty
her fingers
finally catching the warmth
disappearing into the wetness
sliding into her
with her long forgotten memories
of all those around
with her anxious
nervous need
not to make a sound

His shoulders
broad back and bones
his legs
taut and fully toned
his torso
clutching within his shirt
his voice
calling for her to come
the bell
ringing all too soon
the light
lighting up the room
burying her ray of light
drowning her of might
of just what might have been
removing the final act
from her dirty little scene

friday night


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Mike’s car left to head back to town
no doubt his wife would be waiting
On Friday nights he said she had a roast prepared
he was probably lucky to have her

He had no sooner left
my legs became restless
I needed to sit down
his body turned me on
if only he could stay
but it wasn’t to be
he was really only my agent
I shouldn’t ask for more
but I needed him to spank me
and treat me like a whore


With my dirty little pussy
screaming for a cock
I lay upon the couch
and pictured Mike on top
as I loosened his tight pants
and freed him from his chains
taking him in my mouth
again, again and again

My dirty little pussy
now took two fingers in
rubbing my clit with another
moaning and yelling out
fuck my mouth my lover
fill me with your spunk
stroke your long throbbing cock
you gorgeous piece of hunk
fuck me gorgeous Mike
shoot it all over the place

shoot it on my lips
and all over my hungry face

My swelling clit now leaked
more juice upon its slit
as my wet fingers danced
from my firm and erect tit
back into the warmth
of my soaking dripping cunt
back to Mike’s stiff rod
as I tried to hold his bum
he kept moving from my hands
as they grabbed and held his ass
until finally he shot it
over the coffee table glass
then reaching out I held it
his spurting thrashing knob
forcing it in my mouth
to finish off the job

Feeling his warmth inside me
his creamy slippery heat
sliding over my tongue
rising from my seat
to lay two hands upon it
to drink now every last drop
I loved him standing above me
I loved him being on top
Then down to the bottom I drifted
closing my eyes as I played
if only Mike could fuck me
if only for once he stayed

the drive home


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The leather seats in the jeep were cold at first
as they met the back of Krystal’s legs
beneath her tennis skirt
she quickly covered her legs with the Cherokee’s rug
angling forward she watched
as the lights flickered by
it was Billy’s parents
driving him home

Billy had placed his tongue inside her mouth
it had felt funny
his hands had foraged inside her tennis shirt
rubbing across her bra
her mind drifted back
she had felt awkward
as his small cock pushed into her hip
before the rain became too heavy outside
and they ran inside to escape  the downpour

Her nipples were like little buttons now
as she adjusted her bra
she felt a tinge leave her breasts
propelling itself throughout
her young body was listening
calling out to Billy
needing to be touched
with her hand now sliding underneath her skirt
pulling the panties aside
following her desire inwards
she reached inside her wetness
the car door opened
the light came on
she retreated in a flush
How was your night Krystal
asked her Dad

The drive home seemed like an eternity
as she fidgeted above the rug
taking time out at infrequent intervals
to reconnect with her scent
her fingers now played games
they asked her to come and join in
as her blood continued to dance
beneath her tender skin