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I guess as a writer of erotic fiction I’m always hot and horny over one story or another. Whether its at “kiss and drop” picking up kids when I’m either having sex with someone or fantasizing about it, or at the gym giving oral to the gym instructor, something I’m writing is getting me wet between the legs. And speaking of gyms the older guys there tell me they’re masturbating more these days too, as their wives and partners aren’t interested in, as they say, “putting out” for them. “’Cause they’re either too tired, too stressed or just not that interested in sex on a regular basis,” they say.

But with porn becoming more female friendly in 2020 I was wondering if girls were “jilling off”enough? Or if there were reasons they were’nt. And if they were not “jilling off” often was it a good or a bad thing?

When we are young our hormones are racing. We are forever hiding in the bathroom playing with our pussies or laying in bed late at night fingering our wet little holes, fantasizing the boy we want to fuck at school or college. As we age masturbation can become more of a switch off tool, a stress relief or mechanism to rid ourselves of the angst of the day. It’s a time to escape work and enjoy some peace and quiet. Some me time when we can “jill off” in our own time, at our own leisure, or pleasure, as it were. But there is that secretive or sneaky element isn’t there? And what are we watching? Would our partners be offended by us watching the porn we are “jilling off too?” Does our lover actually want to know we are “jilling off’ to a girl being pounded mercilessly by a guy with a massive cock and the body of a Greek god? Who comes like a tsunami and fucks for 32 minutes every time!” It’s a dilemma isn’t it. Often when we were young we were fantasizing about what we didn’t know, hadn’t yet experienced or could not attain. Now as we age as females we are masturbating about fantasies we may or may not have experienced. Fantasies we may or may want to experience. Fantasies that take us away from our mundane “meat and three veg” life. At times when is or isn’t there. Be honest, we all feel like that at times. But is it such a bad thing?

I was talking with a girlfriend and she noted that as things get busy you need to plan your sex life.

“There just isn’t enough time in the week,“ she said.
“Kevin and I are like ships in the night”, she went on to say.

I came to the conclusion planning was a great idea, and that yes, I was “jilling off” too much. Yes I was having my standard “meat and three veg” vaginal sex during the week. But that rather than fantasizing about Mr Tsunami and “jilling off” to him I was going to make a bit more effort on the home front and spice up our sex life a tad. I wasn’t going to be one of those females the guys spoke of down at the gym. I didn’t myself feel guilty about “jilling off”, as I love being with my new partner and wouldn’t dream of straying in real life. But to be honest if the truth be known I selfishly didn’t fancy him “jacking off” to his own private “Miss or Mrs Tsunami”. So I put my thinking cap on and came up with the Sunday Banquet idea.

Our Sunday Banquet’s aren’t a feast, they’re more of a buffet spread. All you can eat in just over an hour. I take a shower, put on some sexy lingerie and lay in bed after breakfast and start to prepare my lover for what is about to come. Or should I say cum. BTW there’s no “jilling off” involved Lol. Its about extended fore and nipple play followed by him pleasuring me with his tongue, then fingers. It’s all about him getting inside my wet hole filling me up with his gorgeous (medium sized) cock. It’s about us taking time and me allowing him to slowly fuck me in my bum, which I know he loves. It’s about the finale, where I suck him off to round out the Sunday Banquet, with dessert (or so to speak). It’s not about secrets, its not sneaky, its not about fantasies. It’s about knowing what we both like, and enjoy. Its about mutual pleasure and mutual satisfaction.

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