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Camille had by now forgotten about their dinner. Their first “formal” date. Even the film. Clark’s wavy blond hair, his chiseled jawline. His straight forehead, strong nose, protruding upper lip. His square like chin, with its indent firmly centred, above his open blue shirt, his powerful pec’s, his gorgeous manhood, within those tight faded jeans..turning now..with his beautiful smile, to wave goodbye..to her…….
fuck….it was all too much..her body began to quiver..to yearn ..to want..
opening her legs she thrust her middle finger in..into her now soaking hole..her slit..her warmth..wet with pleasure and desire she searched for her knuckles as her body lurched forward. With her right index finger she did what seemed naughty…almost shameful, yet necessary….she began rubbing and rubbing at her now slippery button…pushing furiously againt her want..with her left middle finger now high in her hole she began to exhale..to let out some tender moans..to speak, ever so softly..I need it she moaned..I need it Clark..I want you baby..she then let go..surrendering to her heartfelt urge to take him….”give it to boy,” she moaned….”give it to me Clark”..”fuck me baby,” she begged..”fuck my hungry snatch”…then opening her legs even further she drove two fingers in….before begging and moaning and pleading once more..”fuck me Clark..pleaaaasssse”…and then in one powerful jolt she rocked forward and screamed, in a somewhat muffled tone…a silent cry for help..before releasing her hunger onto the now dampened sheets below…..”fuck me Clark,” she said softly, before gyrating and spasming once more..

Josie lifted her floral night dress to pee..she could hear some faint noises lingering from Camilles room…all else was now quiet..straightening her knees and tensing her back straight up she turned her left ear toward Camilles room..she could now hear clearly..Camille was moaning, writhing in pleasure..obviously pleasuring herself in the depths of their night..massaging her young body in a quest to ward off the hormones that were drowning her from below…

Minutes later Josie snuggled back next to Camille’s father..Jett had crashed..after a week on the tools three beers was all that it took to turn his lights off…she smelt his chest..the now dry scent of his aftershave..the tired firm touch of his abs….she thought of Camille..of her youthful desires..her need for release…
her hands wandered toward Jetts white boxers..to his elongated cock, with its flexible shaft..she lowered her mouth, then pulling back the boxers she began to suck at i’ts head…to lower herself over his shaft, to swallow his now strengthening rod.. Jett began twitching..he lent forward, still half asleep… ‘Are you right,” he said..half smiling from his slumber…then within what seemed like a heartbeat Josie moved back up the bed..lifted her nightdress and straddled his now firm cock….wet already she thrust up and down upon his shaft…loving the feeling of his manhood, high up in her tunnel..then reaching forward she took the palms of his hands and placed them upon her breasts..seconds later she was coming..almost grunting…moaning…grasping for air..as her head thrust now backward….throwing her long blond hair back toward his now wet balls, between his legs, above the sheets, in their freshly made bed…..

Buckling forward, almost landing upon his shoulder she nestled into the crown of Jett’s neck..before whispering…searching now for breath….”Sorry babe, sorry….I’m not sure what that was all about “…..he was fast asleep..