The leaves had started to fall from the trees. I felt a chill as I pulled my pink singlet down, exposing my upright nipples even further. Pushing the wax bottle away with my left leg toward the window, looking down into the courtyard I could see Sonya walking toward the front door. Her blond hair was tied up in a ponytail, her white shirt and khaki skirt still immaculate despite having been on her since dawn. Dad was still in Paris at the Annual Architects Convention, so there wasn’t really much excuse for her to stay late in the office.



Looking down I could see the reddish marks surrounding my labia and pink lips where the wax had stripped the hair from my inner thighs and pussy. I pulled my pink singlet up slightly and gazed at the black landing above. The thin line of pubic hair making its way upwards toward my navel. I guess I was trying to be cool. To remove myself from the geeky science image I exuded at school. The girl who had creamed her final exams, well maybe. The girl with the geeky glasses, band on her top teeth, lanky legs and civil engineering Mom who had run out and left her when she was 10 for the then member for Minnesota. I slowly ran my index finger along my slit, up into the thin landing strip line, in review of my handy work.  I felt quite proud of it actually. There was a knock at the door and before I could take my hand away from between my legs Sonya pushed through my bedroom door. No doubt blushing as I was I said “Hi”, albeit ashamedly. “I was going to ring your father and was keen to let him know how your chemistry finals went, “ she said.  I was not to upbeat to be honest, and looking down back out into the courtyard Sonya sensed the solemn tone in my voice and attempted to console me. “You’ll be fine,” she said. Math and physics were all good, the marks you need are already in the bank,” she said, trying as hard as she could to lift my spirits.  

I stood up and moved over onto my bed, putting my toes underneath the covers to keep my feet warm. And with that Sonya sat on the edge of the bed and slipped out of her high heels. “That feels better” she exclaimed, before turning to look out the window, as the falling leaves slowly made their way down in the cool evening breeze toward the ledge below. “I’m scared,” I said quietly. “What if I don’t get the marks to make it into College?” Sonya then kneeled along the bed and sat behind me, giving me a gentle hug, in much the same way as she had done when working through the angst of my first period with me, in this very room.  “Its okay Soph”, she whispered, its all going to be okay, you’ll see.”. I began to cry, ever so softly into her crisp white shirt, as she pushed back her long blond hair to make way for my tears. “It’s okay darling”, she said sweetly into my ear. Then taking her hand she lifted up the bottom of my singlet top and began rubbing the palm of her hand in a smooth circular motion around my stomach, and kissed me gently on my neck. “That feels nice,” I said softly. Sonya had always been there for me, I thought, as I straightened my long legs out before me, fully aware of my status as the class dork. The girl who wouldn’t have ever come close to kissing anyone, let alone having sex. OMG I was a nerd. I couldn’t shake the image, even if I had wanted to. At 18 you’d think a girl would be blossoming into the prime of her life. But all I felt like was a geek. A science wonder kid who’d ran out of wonder. 

My sobbing subsided as Sonya began stroking my long legs with her neatly manicured hands, Her fingers running from down at my knees, up along my outstretched thighs, and then across my stomach, before making their way back again toward my knees again. “That feels so good,” I said, wiping the tears away from my face, as I could se the black mascara covering my fingers. I must have looked a mess, I thought. But having Sonya there to comfort me made me feel warm and cosy inside. And for a second my mind escaped from the pressure of my final exams, to focus upon the serenity of her touch. The warmth of her body. And the sweetness of her breath. “You look beautiful, Sonya,” I said. ”You always look beautiful,” I mused, before turning the face her, giving her a kiss firmly on her cheek. And then, almost unconsciously, I began to kiss her on her lips, once, twice and then three times, as if I in a passionate embrace with a long lost lover.. Then, opening my eyes, I blushed again, before apologising profusely. “I’m sorry I said,” totally embarrassed by my actions. To just come out and kiss my stepmom front and centre on the lips was probably the most outrageous thing I’d done in all my 18 years. If not certainly the most embarrassing. Then much to my surprise she kissed me back on the lips, and I could feel her tongue penetrating my lips, finding its way into the moist enclaves inside my mouth, meeting my tongue, as she pressed tightly around my stomach, drawing me into her warm embrace. I began to breath heavily, kissing her back with a passion, sliding my tongue in and out of her mouth. Arching my neck back to meet her gorgeous lips, as she tongued and tongued her way into my wanton mouth.

Then, with her legs wrapped around me, her knees pressed firmly up under my arms, she took my right hand and guided it under hers, down toward my freshly cut landing strip, and into the smooth skin below. “Let see if we can’t relive some of this finals tension she said, in the most sensuous tone I think I had ever heard to that point in my life. And leaning back into her, closing my eyes, I dreamed my way into her spell, as she pushed my hand and fingers in a slow, circular motion from one side of my pink pussy lips to the other. It felt so beautiful, so pulsating, so good. Then she asked me to softly rub my clit with my index finger, as she guided it, inside the warmth of my slit, up toward my young pink button that lay above. My swollen pink clit, needing to be rubbed, to be stroked, to be loved. I began to push into my finger, as she grasped my hand tighter, forcing it inside the top of my hole, then back onto my clit, then back into my juicy slit again..and again. “Its Okay Soph she whispered, in her charismatic, sexy tone. “Its okay, let it all go,” she said. I started to rub harder, in fast movements underneath the warmth of her ever present hands. Her left hand now finding its way beneath my pink singlet, encircling the nipple of my right breast, arousing me even further. I could feel the juice staring to lather around my fingers as I began to finger inside my now wet hole. Sonya then sat back slightly, and pulled my hand away from my hungry snatch. Unbuttoning her pristine white shirt before me, exposing her pure white Victoria’s Secrete bra, enveloping her slender breasts, she chose to kneel before me. The lowering her head toward my lap she looked up, staring into my eyes and spoke once again in her sensuous tone, “let me help you baby, “ she said. And then after lowering her mouth onto my wet pussy lips I felt her tongue slide deep inside me, before flicking my swollen clit from side to side. My body began shaking, writhing and pulsating against her touch. Uncharacteristically I chose to grab her hair band and push her head down into me, as she sucked hard around my clit, drawing it into her mouth. In that moment of ecstasy, of weakness, of pleasure I began moaning, and moaning once more. “I’m coming Mommy,” I exclaimed, as I buckled up, my waist lifting in convulsions as her tongue thrashed into, covering her mouth, lips and tongue with my warm flowing cum, as it gushed from within my tender young hole. “I’m cumming Mommy,” I exclaimed once more, as he pinned my thighs to the bed, continuing to suck at my clit, as the juice flowed freely don toward her chin. Sonya, then pulled back, placing her hand on my stomach, rubbing me softly once more, as I closed my eyes in a sea of ecstasy. The orgasm still lingering, my inner thighs drenched, sweat upon my brow, hands shaking from side to side. “I’d better ring your father, “Sonya said jokingly, as we both began to laugh. “he’s going to be wondering what we’re up to,” she said, smiling now, before picking up her white shirt and closing the door behind her.