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The light was dim
I could feel the slightest breeze caressing my naked thighs
“Turn around babe”, Jake spoke softly
And with my knees straddled above his legs on the bed,
my butt now facing him
and the palms of my hands suspending me above him,
I began to lower my flesh upon him
drawing in his manhood
breathing in to embrace the initial thrust
that moment of penetration
when my body opened to clasp onto his gorgeousness

Within seconds I was writhing,
From side to side my body pushed
Pulling at his length
Guiding him further inward,
Releasing all my liquid
To lay juice upon him whole
Sliding over his hardness
Stretching open upon his pole
My nipples began to strengthen
Beneath ny weathered pink T
further down my landing strip
Glistening for but me to see
As my index finger and middle
Opened my hungry slit
I sensed he needed my fingers
To caress his tender sack

Then in a flurry I buckled
Sprang forth in a lustful release
Cumming and cumming furiously
Gushing from within my warmth
Until all the spasms and moaning
Lay flat upon his strength
My horny, tingling body
Released from hungry to spent

And within my lustful yearning
My want to please my man
I pushed my butt back further
Toward my lovers head
Then gently lowered my lips
To meet his throbbing love
Releasing my wet pink tongue
To lick him from above
Before taking him in slowly
Tightening around his shaft
Sucking and sucking harder
Until he anxiously rose
To force his cock in deeper
Deeper toward my throat
Filling me with pleasure
Drowning me in his need
To shoot his ecstasy forth
To cream my wanton mouth
To spurt his eager cum
To line my tongue in yum

silence into wet


I could feel his hands open my cunt
To gaze inside my pink
As he now leaned back in pleasure
Watching as I gasped to drink
But every last drop
Of his beatutiful tasty cum
Swallowing my lovers cream
From intimacy to dream
Then laying aside his chest
My lover
Strong and taut and keen
Built from hauling camera gear
On yet another modelling set scene
Wherein I now watched
as a droplet of sweat dripped beneath my pink T
Down toward the crevice
for my Jack and I to see
As he touched the bead of sweat

Then looked into my eyes
“Hows my birthday girl?”
he whispered
Before affording me a smile
All the time igniting my flame
To throw me from silence into wet
To release my inner juices
Driving me further
into our night
If only it could last forever
One touch, two lips, one bite