reviews for Sarah “Malcolm’s Prize’




Reviews for SARAH: MALCOLM’S PRIZE by Sasha Holden

  1. An erotic tale told in poetic form. A beautiful and wonderful sensory experience, and it still keeps the heat going page after page. If you are into traditional narrative you may want to look elsewhere (but still read the preview, it is mind blowing); but for those with a love of passion, sex, and the art of words – this is a delectable treat to be savored. An amazing work full of kinky encounters and heightened sexual experiences. Strong recommend and an in-depth review over on my blog. (5 stars) Sylvia Storm ERead
    5 stars
  2. An amazing tale of passion that has really been a joy to read. It involves lesbian encounters on the Australian Coastline that have really stimulated my imagination. Great and realistic writing, as well as deeply envisioned characters make this a true gem among the similar books I’ve read lately. Wild and unrestrained, this is a story that has truly exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended (5 Stars) Martha L Amazon Reviews
    5 stars
  1. I loved this book! The relationship with Sarah and Jess and Malcolm was really sexy. They had great chemistry and the scenes with them were HOT! I only wish this short novella was much longer, because I felt like I wanted to keep reading much more!! A sexy, fast-paced story that I read in one sitting and really enjoyed Recommend for fans of romantic erotica who want something different. For adults only. (5 stars) Stacy Decker – Goodreads, Shelfari, Indie Book Reviewers
    5 stars
  2. I don’t usually read short stories or novellas as I prefer to really lose myself in a book and its characters for a long spell. But I was surprised that even though “Sarah: Malcolm’s Prize” by Sasha Holden was a quicker read than I normally prefer, I found myself fully immersed in the storyline and caught up in the action and the unique dynamic of all the characters. The sex scenes were descriptive and sexy and had real chemistry. Great sexy escape with all sorts of fun scenarios and toys. Recommend for fans of erotica, and for mature readers only. (4 stars) Jenna Brewster — Goodreads, Shelfari, Indie Book Reviewers
    4 stars
  3. A book that captivates Erato A lyrical jaunt through the memories of Sarah. The prose changes pace with the scene and develops a rhythm that fits what Sarah is experiencing. A roller coaster ride reminiscent of Emmanuel but more vivid. No need to wonder if there is anything good on TV when one can read about Malcolm’s Prize (5 stars) Daniel Hinson Amazon Reviews.
    5 stars
  1. “Sarah: Malcolm’s Prize” by Sasha Holden is unlike anything I’ve read, especially in this genre… it is written almost like a free verse poem (not rhyming) with no punctuation or anything… so basically the whole thing is one long sentence! But as strange as it sounds, here it totally works, as you get caught up in the smooth rhythm of the narrative fun, fast paced, very enticing and hot! It’s almost like being inside a dream or a stream of consciousness thought. Liked how the author did her own unique touch on a subject that’s been done before and made it feel fresh and new. (4 stars) Layla Messing – Goodreads, Shelfari, Indie Book Reviewers
    4 stars
  1. Wow, this was fun, fast, and incredibly sexy… definitely different! Not written in a typical fashion, but I loved the end result once I got into it. Cuts right to the chase and delivers lots of sexy situations with Jess and Malcolm and Sarah. There is no punctuation but it is still easy to read, and quite enjoyable. We like imagining ourselves as part of the fun! (4 stars) Claire Middleton – Goodreads, Shelfari, Indie Book Reviewers
    4 stars
  1. Not enough stars hot. Can’t put it down hot. Can’t not read it hot. Did I mention hot. Gotta read more hot. I am a newbie in the world of erotica, my regular fare being historical Romance and I am totally hooked. I enjoyed this book thoroughly, and hope Sasha Holdon writes more like this in the future… checked out her author page and see there’s more there, I’m gonna read them for sure! I found myself unable to put the book down until I’d finished reading it which means it’s awesome! (5 stars) Anabella Johnson – Goodreads, Shelfari, Indie Book Reviewers
    5 stars
  1. “Sarah: Malcolm’s Prize” is super fun and super sexxxy! I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves sexy romance. The premise of the story is perhaps a familiar one, but the way the authors writes, so lovely and beautiful, it is like a flowing poem that we are swept away in like a strong current carrying us along for the ride. Sasha Holden has a great imagination and creates very sexy scenes that we feel like are happening to us! Delightful and enjoyable book to read. The passion is roaring, and I look forward to reading the sequels if there are some! (4-5 stars) Nicole Hastings – Goodreads, Shelfari, Indie Book Reviewers
    5 stars
  1. Wild and uninhibited, a place where your naughtiest fantasies come to life! This book is just what I needed to start my day off right! Haha… I liked that I was able to read the whole book in one sitting because I don’t have tons of free time, but I was impressed how much sexy scenes were packed in there, and the plot is good too! The things that really stood out for me was how incredibly well written it was, and the characters were interesting and developed well even though the story is short. I can’t wait to read more from this author. Worth the time! Highly recommended (for adults only!) 5 stars-  Kaylee Stevens – Goodreads, Shelfari, Indie Book Reviewers
    5 stars
  1. This was a beautiful, dirty, sexy, shocking, sweet, funny, lovely, risqué, charming, did I say SEXXY novella. My only complaint was that I wish it were longer because I wanted MORE! It was so easy to read, after you adjust to the somewhat unorthodox writing style of the author. But it is really amazing! I can’t believe how hot and steamy these scenes were, and told in great creative detail! I was enthralled the entire time and think “Sarah: Malcolm’s Prize” is definitely worth the read for erotica lovers. I would recommend it to others. (4-5 stars) Eliza Brown – Goodreads, Shelfari, Indie Book Reviewers
    4.5 stars


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  1. Randstein said:

    To feel a sense of desire is the noblest and most powerful of human emotions. The ancient Greeks lived freely with their sense of desire and devoted the God Eros and the muse Erato to it. While it does go to many levels and wide ranging subjects through the centuries, you have managed to give the art a soft touch true to that desire that manifests itself in the greatest of human expressions. This is what the Greeks felt and wanted to express. And that is art.


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