About Sasha Holden

“Sasha writes like a wet dream and is strangely the epitome of a feminist writer taking bold ownership of her gender in her exploration of female sexuality. She is as smart as a whip!” Warwick Newnham 2016

Her quotes…

“The ability to engage the reader, to stir feelings deep within their being, is the ultimate goal of erotic fiction. When the reader takes the place of the characters in my story, I have succeeded”
Sasha Holden,

Sasha Holden the feminist

Sasha Holden has become a reputed relationship writer and many of her articles, posts and answerS to questions on platforms such as Quora and Medium focus on female sexuality, assertiveness, direction and self confidence.

My stories Sarah, Jenifer, Kate, Liz, Maria, Jeesica and Sophie have strong female characters as their leads, writes Sasha. Yet each character has a sense of vulnerability and at times, a feeling of insecurity, clouding their everyday lives. Each beautiful both outside and from within, these female characters have a close connection to individuals with whom they share their lives, their most erotic thoughts and their intimate moments. Sasha Holden Flipboard Media

Sasha’s female leads exhibit both strength and vulnerability in their quest for contentment.
“I am so much looking forward to this next chapter”, said Jessica Stanton. “This change has a good vibe written all over it. No more traffic lights, horns, late night ambulance sirens, last minute deadlines, shallow advertising executives and take out. I’m in search of peace, tranquility, and country”.
Jessica Stanton, in “Cowboy Up” by Sasha Holden

“As a mentor to female writers and authors online and off Sasha is a strong advocate for female rights and causes,” Sophie Lam Display Media.

Her reviews…

Sylvia Storm

5.0 out of 5 stars A sexual tale told artfully so, full of passion and beautiful words Sylvia Storm

5 May 2015 — Published on Amazon.com

An erotic tale told in poetic form. A beautiful and wonderful sensory experience, and it still keeps the heat going page after page. If you are into traditional narrative you may want to look elsewhere (but still read the preview, it is mind blowing); but for those with a love of passion, sex, and the art of words — this is a delectable treat to be savored. An amazing work full of kinky encounters and heightened sexual experiences. Strong recommend and an in-depth review over on my blog.

Sasha Holden the Author


Sasha Holden burst onto the literary scene in 2015. Her short stories quickly evoked passion within her fan base who related instantly to her unique brand of eroticism. The ability to engage the reader on both an emotional and physical level provided the key to her success. A renowned poet in her own right, Sasha released her first literary novel entitled “Sarah” Malcolm’s Prize on Amazon in mid-2015 to much critical acclaim within the erotic fiction industry. Like Sarah, her leading female characters more often than not lonely, yet longing to explore their innermost desires sexually. Her stories enter the most intimate corners of her characters’ minds, leaving no stone unturned in their quest for pleasure. The need for my eroticism to arouse readers on every level, as they turn the pages, is my ultimate goal as a writer. Sasha has a strong following in the UK and India, as well as her home base of US. She is now a published author with Moon and stars press, Readfingers and Sasha Holden Publications.

Her books include :

Sarah, Malcolms Prize

Sarah “Malcolm’s Prize”


Cowboy Up

Cowboy Up


My Gap Year


Her poetry

Takes you the reader through the seasons with their rustic countryside and unparalleled oceans back through the busy contemporary society in which we live.

Her body

As a fashion, lingerie and swimsuit model from 17–26 Sasha Holden became successful in Europa and the USA working for elite agencies. Her tall attractive figure and blonde complexion won her online catalogue and photographic work in addition to a host of runway shows worldwide

Sasha Holden

Her feature writing

Sasha studied writing at University through her English major degree, in addition to marketing and communications.

She is a feature writer for several publications including New Love Time and Business Insider India.

New Love Times

Her Social Media

@sashaholden30 at twitter has over 13,000 followers,

Sasha Holden at Goodreads has over 3,000 friends and followers https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/13833707.Sasha_Holden

sashaholden1.wordpress.com her blog has thousands of friends and followers

Her friends

Merry Christmas, lovely!

Happy Valentines Day Sasha 💕💕💕❤️❤️❤️💕💕💕

Elite Model Tiffany Champagne

Tiffany Champagne — Elite Model and Entertainer

Hey Sasha…so much enjoyed reading your blog @ sashaholden1.wordpress.com

Lola Down

Her love interests

Sasha Holden met fashion photographer Jack Strainey on location in Venice Italy in January 2003 (formerly of Incite Fashion Photography — UK) and the couple were engaged in March 2005. The couple called off the engagement in March 2006 citing pressures from Sasha’s entry into the world of erotic fiction writing.

I guess I was a bit young and naive at the time”, said Sasha later for an interview at FirstInPress.

I perhaps should have kept my identity anonymous for the erotic writing brought with it a plethora of unwanted male attention from stalkers, to explicit mail, sexual phone calls from unknown third parties and even male visitors to our New York Apartment. It all became a bit too much for Jack. And to be honest I can’t blame him for pulling the pin. Since then I have endeavoured to keep my identity a secret to protect not only myself, but my partner(s),” Sasha said at the time.

Sasha is reportedly dating a leading New York male model of New York Model Management 9 years her junior. The couple live and reside in New York and frequently travel back to her native Australia over Christmas and New Year each year.

Sasha the script writer

In 2017 Sasha started writing scripts for the Adult film industry. Erotic stories for films such as “So Smooth” for www.frolicme.com have been well received and Sasha is keen to pursue script writing for porn sites, adult entertainment sites and performers.

So Smooth by Sasha Holden

You can watch “So Smooth” on http://www.frolicme.com

Audio porn

Many of Sasha’s stories are now available online in audio.
“My readers, fans and followers love being able to not just read but listen to my stories in the privacy of their own home and even with their partners,” she notes. “But I must admit to having a rather horny house wife from Arkansas State saying she loved every bit of “So Smooth” while hanging out the washing.I laughed when she said she had to put her panties back through the washer having just put them on moments before”, Sasha said.

Sarah Malcolm’s Prize in audio


So Smooth in Audio


Sasha’s Erotic Poetry

Sasha’s erotic poetry speaks volumes of female lust, desire and sexual hunger. Famous poems including “Open a little wider’”, “Feeling sore”, “Inside my groove” and “Swimming” are seen as leading edge erotic poems with literally thousand of views online at her blog www.sashaholden1.wordpress.com

Sasha Holden

Sasha Holden the business woman

Having studied marketing and communications in addition to English Honours at University Sasha Holden is well placed to write and promote artists, elite models, adult entertainment sites and businesses in general.
If you are looking for copy for your website, increased exposure for your business or promotions and marketing campaigns to attract more customers, email sashaholden1@yahoo.com today to see how she can assist you.

Sasha Holden hobbies and interests

Apart from sex and writing about it Sasha enjoys Italian food, reading Australian writers, playing tennis and surfing..She recently started playing golf, “I’m really enjoying being out on the course,” said Sasha.

Sasha Holden

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