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I had never stayed on my own in a motel before without my parents. And certainly never with a boy. But on my 18th I was breaking all the rules. 

I could hear the boats outside on the water but my head was inside. Dirk was kissing me on the stomach and making his way upward to my pert breasts. His tongue now encircling my young nipples, as they sprang to attention upon his touch. Then without a second thought I reached down to pull my panties off, pushing them past my ankles before throwing them on the floor of the room. I don’t what made me do it, I guess it was my body heating up at the feeling of Dirks lips against my breasts. Or maybe it was just the fact I wanted it. I had waited so long for this moment I could wait no more. 

Dirks blond wavy hair now lowered down my torso, as I slowly opened my long legs, lifting my knees as I spread them slightly further. My head arched backwards now as Dirk met my wet slit with his soft, warm toungue. I then raised my shoulders from the bed, my elbows lifting me up to watch as he licked at my warmth. My juice was glistening upon his lips as he began to suck at my eager button. In and out of his freshman mouth. And then as if completely on impulse I reached down to push his head into me. Almost pulling at his hair as I grinded into his mouth. Thrusting onto his tongue as he licked me up then down, before sucking at my clit as he took me town. Moaning and moaning I then came with a scream, laughing but scared I’d wake the whole team.  But at 2 in the morning they’d be dead to the world, or drunk and passed out with another girl. My body was shaking. I could feel my warm love juice, dripping inside my thighs, passionate and spent. Dirk was just so hot, so gorgeous and complete, from the first time Id seen him, he’d knocked me off my feet. 


“Bend over Josie,” he now whispered in my ear, and with that I rolled over as he entered me from behind, penetrating my young pussy, simply blowing my mind. I could feel him deep inside me, as I pushed harder and harder back, asking him to fuck me, to fill my aching crack. Maybe I was in love, or something in between, Dirk was just sooo hot, so strong and so lean. His body was electric, as he slid inside my hole, filling up my tightness, with his slender long hard pole. I could then feel his squirt, his sticky warm hot cum, as he pulled out from my pussy, to splash all over my bum.

Rolling back over I licked him, and took him in my mouth, to catch a final sprinkle, as he pushed his yummy juice out. His face now smiled upon me, his jaw was broad and clean, his cheekbones such a feature, forever creating a scene. Yet on my 18th he was mine, to hold and cherish and love, my entire body sprayed with ecstasy, as he lit me up from above. What more could a young girl wish for, I thought as he gazed down, Dirk was the ultimate catch, and I had him all to myself. He made me feel so wanted, so horny and hot all at once, I began to rub my pussy, my need to cum now intense. I wanted to finger myself in front of him, to show him my love was immense, to show him how much I desired him, beyond all common sense. “Fuck you make me feel hot Dirk,” I said pulling away from his knob. “I’m cumming for you baby,” I screamed as I fingered my hole, deeper and deeper inside my pink slit, to reach my orgasmic goal.


I can’t remember much more, it was a long time ago, but from above my gin and tonic, I can feel an inner glow.