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The leather seats in the jeep were cold at first
as they met the back of Krystal’s legs
beneath her tennis skirt
she quickly covered her legs with the Cherokee’s rug
angling forward she watched
as the lights flickered by
it was Billy’s parents
driving him home

Billy had placed his tongue inside her mouth
it had felt funny
his hands had foraged inside her tennis shirt
rubbing across her bra
her mind drifted back
she had felt awkward
as his small cock pushed into her hip
before the rain became too heavy outside
and they ran inside to escape  the downpour

Her nipples were like little buttons now
as she adjusted her bra
she felt a tinge leave her breasts
propelling itself throughout
her young body was listening
calling out to Billy
needing to be touched
with her hand now sliding underneath her skirt
pulling the panties aside
following her desire inwards
she reached inside her wetness
the car door opened
the light came on
she retreated in a flush
How was your night Krystal
asked her Dad

The drive home seemed like an eternity
as she fidgeted above the rug
taking time out at infrequent intervals
to reconnect with her scent
her fingers now played games
they asked her to come and join in
as her blood continued to dance
beneath her tender skin