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“Lets push it up to 12.4” he said
Reaching in front of me to press the button on my treadmill
Increasing the speed yet again
“Only two more minutes, then we can bring your heart rate back down”.

Little chance of that, I thought to myself
as his sports watch brushed past my ribs
taking his strong foreceps and gorgeous aftershave with it
this guy was hot
I can’t believe I’m doing this
my mind wandered

“Righto, lets take it down” he said

leaning forward once again to take the speed down to 5.4 for a minute
my towel slowly wiping away the sweat from my brow
as now he stood directly in front of me
with those jet blue eyes
that 5 oclock shadow
his chiselled jawline and streaky black hair
handing me my water bottle before guiding me onto the cross training machine
this guy is a machine, I thought to myself
“Stride length 26 at level five for ten minutes” he said
and off I went again
“Just straigten your back slightly when on this one” he said

Gently touching the small of my back as he stepped back away
as I now looked forward to ensure I kept focused
to ensure I didn’t meet his gaze again
I carried on
blushing as usual in my girl shy kind of way
whilst staring forward out toward the swimming pool
in front of everyone in the gym
busily transacting with the vast array of equipment on offer

I’d like to be out there in full view of everyone, I thought
kneeling down in front of him
swallowing his manhood whole

“Stop it girl”, I whispered to myself
as a bead of sweat appeared around my sports bra line
today I’d made sure there would be no repeat of last weeks training session
I had taken the precaution of inserting a fully lined pad within my briefs
I could be as wet as the swimming pool and noone would notice
thank the stars

“Lets finish it off on the machines with ten minutes on the rower” he said
“We should be able to do 2 km
Lets start with our hands over for a km
and then turn them under for a km
that should serve to utilize a variety of different muscles in your upper body”
he said

Take a look at his body I though again to myself
His abs were like something out of a magazine
rippling all the way down his torso to where I couldn’t imagine
fuck this guy was hot
and I mean smoking hot
with a capital S

“Good stuff Sasha” he said
standing before me again passing me my water
“By the way, sorry to hear about your relationship”
he continued

“Yeah thanks” I said
“It’s been a month now though
It gets easier”

He wasn’t making it any easier though
let me tell you for free
I hadn’t had tasted or even looked at a cock in a month
and my body was dripping inside at the sight of his…

“Lets finish it off with a quick butt blast on the mat” he said
“Down on your hands and knees” he said
doing the same on the mat beside me
“Lift your leg up and push it out”, he continued
“like a dog peeing on a fire hydrant
lets do 20 on each side”

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Looking over toward him nodding my head in agreement
I could see his inner thighs stretching out beneath his red gym pants
I caught a glimpse of his left ball beneath his purple boxers
as I watched his knob bounce from side to side beneath his shorts
man, they said this guy was a gym junky , I thought to myself
but the gym certainly wasn’t doing anything to adversely effect his junk
he was hung like a guy straight out of my porn
or some other site I’d traversed in my last solo sojourn

“Same time next week” he said
handing me my water
then giving me his usual complimentary parting kiss on the cheek

Taking slow sips now from my drink bottle I watched as he left me
walking away with his firm sensational butt tightly gracing his apparel
this is ridiculous Sasha, I quietly stressed,
your’e not going to make it home in time
grabbing my sweat towel and gym bag I quickly entered the shower cubicle
thank the heavens there was little traffic this early in the day
fuck I can’t wait I thought to myself
stripping the tshirt from my back
and then pulling my pants, briefs and pad all in the same action away from my ankles
with the sweat drenched sports bra now over my shoulders
I gushed the water from the shower head
cold as it was at first it did nothing to appease my firmly erect nipples
grabbing the apricot body wash from my bag I drizzled it down over my nipples
then lathered my taut torso
choosing to watch as it slid slowly over my blond mound
then down the front of my thighs toward my gym sneakers
screw taking them off I thought

I could feel a twinge and burning sensation in my lower abdomen
to much water I thought
then a warm trickle met my inner thigh
opening my legs wide I watched the now bursting yellow line
flow from my snatch
reaching down to open my lips I noticed my now throbbing button
standing outright
pink and rock hard
fuck I thought to myself
this is insane
I’m like a bitch on heat
a dog without a bone

leaning up and foraging through my gym bag I could feel my thin black hair brush
clutching at the bristles I began thrusting the handle inside my wet hole
finally I thought
finally I can feed my hungry wet cunt
shit that feels good I thought
as the slippery hairbrush handle thrust its way further up my juice hole
with my right hand squirting more of the apricot nectar upon my blond mound
I prised my pink lips open and rubbed down hard on my clit
slithering my finger from side to side on my swollen button
as the brush rammed deeper inside my thirst
let it out Sasha, I screamed inside my soul
fuck yourself sweetheart
fuck that dirty hole
and within seconds another warm stream
came gushing from within
squirting over my sneakers
in the shower at the gym
fuck that feels good Sasha
attempting to silence my moans
as massaging my breasts
I continued to bring it home