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The cars rolled around on queue as one by one the infants approached
clutching onto their schoolbags, pencil cases and water bottles
the sun was hot at this time of day
as Skye took time to readjust her hair
the feint smell of Issay Mayake perfume still present upon her wrist
this was the time of day she loved
seeing all the little ones smile and skip a step
as their parents approached
kiss and drop as it was known provided Skye with an escape
a repository far away from the mundane life that awaited her
far away from another lonely night at home

Mother by mother paraded around the turn in their new SUV’s
a few grandparents took part in this ritual
not to mention the occasional stay at home or single dad
opening and shutting the car doors
making sure each child was buckled in safely
greeting the parents
waving goodbye to the young students
then taking in the fresh air as another summers afternoon meandered by
in the mid-west town of Brigalow Hill

Young Dirk gathered his goods and chattels together as his father approached
Hi said Skye amicably
as she buckled young Dirk into the rear safety seat of their old station wagon
before opening the front door to throw Dirks bag on the front seat
Hi to you said Dirk’s Dad Dan
leaning across the front seat to take the schoolbags strap
then as Skye lent over her necklace caught the end of the cars handbrake
unable to lift her head she was hooked up via the neck
Daniel moved his arm across slowly to gather in the silver
It’s okay he said politely I’ll pull it off
then blushing a bright pink to match her bra now fully exposed to Dan
Skye lifted her head back up
Thanks she said drawing away
I owe you one
Dan smiled briefly
focusing now intently on her deep blue eyes
Anytime came his reply

Bye Miss Jones yelled Dirk from the window as their car rolled away
Bye to you came her distant reply
as Skye turned back toward the staff rooms
before collecting her brief case and homework assignments to mark
within minutes she had traversed across the wooden bridge that separated her from town
and was out on the open road toward her two young horses Bill and Josie
and her beloved dog Ranger
her mind drifted back to Dirk’s dad Dan
what a pleasant smile
how easy going was he?
she pondered
I owe you one
she mused
before taking in a dollop of her strawberry homemade pie

Winter in Brigalow Hill was all about sport for the children
and keeping warm for the adults
Skye spent most lunch breaks at the student services counter
keeping track of each child’s movement
in and out of sick bay
or watching as they filtered back and forth from the school canteen
with the second break almost over most of the children were ambling back into class
Skye noticed from the corner of her eye a parent with a football at the reception desk
OMG she inhaled to herself
It was Dirk’s dad Dan
dressed in crimson jeans, purple converse and a white t-shirt
he looked HOT
she felt a twinge trickle down her spine
and a small ounce of fluid leak from within her thighs
then readjusting her navy blue skirt and straightening her pantyhose she stood up
her heightened nipples becoming apparent from beneath her cream silk shirt as she approached him
It’s okay Sonia she said
I’ll take care of it
Smiling courteously she then directed Dan down toward the sports locker room
Apologies said Daniel
Dirks been a tad forgetful of late
he said
before taking the pencil to sign Dirks football into the sports book
Bloody pencils he said as the pencil broke onto the page
then locking the sports room door Skye reached from behind him to take the pencil
I’m not to forgetful she responded
I owe you one she said in her most sultry voice
and then taking his hand she slowly unzipped the fly of his jeans
and proceeded to unbutton his boxers
before turning Dan around to face her
Here she said
Let me sharpen that pencil for you

skye dan (2)

Within seconds Skye was on her knees
taking Dan’s now lengthening flesh between her lips
releasing moisture onto her tongue to lubricate the flow of his growing shaft
as he pushed in and out of her mouth

skye dan 2

moaning in pleasure Dan thrust forth
now pulling Skye’s black short red hair
forcing the cusp of her head onto his eager and wanton cock
when the last lunch bell rang
Skye knew everyone would soon be back in class or out on the back sports oval
as she continued to repay her debt to Dan
then suddenly
a knock on the door
she quickly rose to place the palm of her hand over Dan’s mouth
easing him now before the sports room door
Who is it
she said in a court voice
It’s me Mr. Rowles
I just need to pick up the Volleyball for Year 6
he replied
One minute said Skye
I’ll grab it for you
she said before placing a finger over her lips to signal Dan toward silence
I’m doing a Winter stock-take here in peace she laughingly said to Mr. Rowles
then unlocking the door and opening it slightly ajar she handed him the volleyball
from beneath the sports room table
Thanks came his reply
I shall leave you in peace
Then relocking the door Skye made her way back toward the sports room table
bending over to reposition a volleyball that had rolled forward
then lowering her pantyhose to her thighs
pulling her thong lower and leaning over the table she turned to Dan
Lets finish our game
she said
Dan reached forward to enter her outstretched pussy lips
with her blue skirt riding up her legs and her stomach flat on the table
Skye took Dan further in
deeper and deeper inside her anxious cunt
within a minute Dan was moaning again
as he came with an almighty grunt
he couldn’t believe what was happening
he’d never played this sport
well never in a school locker room
and never with such a sort

skye 1

Then rolling onto her back
Skye sat up and began to rub
fingering inside the warmth
of come and sweat and love
her clit was truly swollen
full of heat and myrrh
as Dan leaned forth to kiss her
her mind was now but a blur
rub it for me darling
he whispered in her ear
then gently massaging her nipples
she came in a rush without fear
moaning softly in pleasure
as her fingers thrust up her hole
before releasing that ounce of juice
toward her orgasmic goal
spasm after spasm
she gushed on the tables edge
bucking writhing and moaning
as Dan entered the corners of her bra
wanting to expose her nipples
needing to go that far

Then sitting up and smiling
Skye reached for her pretty blue thong
then lifted her pantyhose up
and zipped her skirt back on
I’ll unhook you anytime said Dan
with a pleasant and sweet grin
Thanks for repaying the favor
Thanks for letting me in
then following Skye down the aisle
back toward the path and bus stop
he caught a glimpse of last summer
of Miss Jones at kiss and drop