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Your back lay flat
head upright
legs straight then firm
toes taut but tight
hips in sync
vagina smooth and soft
shoulders asleep


Breasts in keeping
with a torso of skin
muscle and toil
to firm for me
to attempt to uncoil

You were but my love
my friend in the night
to have and to hold
till mornings light

In search of intimacy
I opened your gate
eager to find you
unable to wait
licking your button
your thighs
in between
inhaling your scent
entering your dream

all but firing out
your sweetness upon me
arching right back
pushing further into me
spreading your crack
fingers and lips
yet intact
working together
in sync and in tune
releasing your love
all over our room
alone yet together
just you and me
open a little wider
set yourself free