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the rain fell softly
gently across my roof
you came and went
unsure of your move
were you here to stay
or simply here on sand
to shift back out from shore
but when you had the chance
I too was uncertain
I wanted you to stay
yet only on the premise
you would look my way
for the house has many cracks
from which to disappear
and I but need you close
I but want you near


two times we drifted
alone and apart
only to find ourselves
back in the same place
without each other
we weren’t much at all

together forever
it’s easier to call
for what’s it all about
this thing called you and me
I guess I really love
and I guess you me

let’s celebrate tonight
dine with the dessert
custard and crème Brule
ice cream and tarts
coffee with warm milk
the key to your heart
let’s lock ourselves in
inside near your fire
wrap yourself round me
fulfill my desire