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Tonight I wanted to look beautiful for Jack
he was at a gathering of colleagues in town
I lay in the bath
slowly lathered my body in vanilla soap
and relaxed
in bed my candle played tricks in the dark
flickering in and out of view
my tiredness overtook me
the pretty pink camisole’s bottom pushed aside
I could feel Jack
rubbing against me
my slit lay exposed
exposed for him
my gorgeous man
half asleep I lowered two fingers for him
with my index and middle fingers
my hole opened wide
the pinkness of my snatch
for him to see
for him only
his rod
throbbing in the night
against a sweet candlelight
and me
I rolled over
awake enough to push up my taut breasts
to part my legs
and receive his juice
his tender load
from above my slit
encircling my clit
warm on my stomach
shooting over my breasts
my love
I love you so much
give me your touch
and again