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Erica still had adrenalin rushing through her. Even after five gin and tonics and now two vodka lime and sodas the thrill of a win on todays market still had her blood flowing. Monday night in Dukes Bar was may have been quiet, but to her it was pumping. She contemplated her previous wins as she reflected on her now ageing career. Starting as a college graduate on Wall Street she had experienced the Crash in 87, and quickly exited from stocks to bonds. But it was foreign exchange trading where she had made her now. Now with computers reducing the spreads available on foreign currency trading she was not having as many wins, but today was a good day. 

She brushed passed two young guys in pin striped suits on her way to the Dukes Bar ladies room and recognised one. It was Tom Capstan she thought. A young forex trader from Goldman Sachs who she had met when he was but an in-turn on the floor of the trading room. She remembered he was now trading Australian and Asian currencies for Sachs over on Broadway. In the rest room she hitched up her skirt and lowered her knickers to stand while she peed. Her freshly shaved landing strip glistening above the flow of another round of drinks. Wiping her pink snatch clean and redressing she lined herself up the mirror. Straightening her hair, smiling, quickly applying another layer of lipstick before proceeding back out into Dukes. 

Erica noticed Toms drinking buddy had left upon her return. She smiled at him as she ordered another drink. Tom smiled back, Tequila’s Erica, he said as if to give her a rise. She batted it straight back past the bowler replying only with a wry grin. At 48 she was too old for games and tonight she wanted to stay in the moment. $28,000 USD was a lot of money for her in a days trade , particularly given the bullshit going down between Trump and the Chinese. Hey Tommy, fancy a smoke? She asked, as she reached into her CK bag for her silver cigarette case and  Zippo lighter. Sure, came Toms reply, as all 6 foot 3 of him stood up to wave the blond hair from his brow and follow her out the back into the lane behind Dukes. With no doorman present and little lighting out back they had the comfort of taking their drinks with them for a smoke, a simple pleasure not often available to most urban dwellers in New York these days. 

As Erica bent over ever so slightly to light his Benson and Hedges cigarette she noticed Tom catching a glimpse at her navy bra, as it met her ample breasts beneath her beige coloured shirt. She felt a sense of pride. She could still hold her own with the boys, she mused. At 6 foot herself she may have appeared somewhat intimidating to many, yet Tom was confident and smart. Good looking to boot. A handsome young buck straight from IV central who had more than one dalliance with the ladies about town. You like an old girls breasts Tommy, Erica said laughing, as she took her first drag on her newly lit smoke. You’ve still got it Erica, Tommy replied smiling, as he pushed in close to her, sliding his hand up the back of her skirt across her navy knickers into the cleft of her smooth tight butt. I do he said, whispering into Ericas ear as he foraged further up to feel the warmth of her wanton slit. Finger me Tommy, Erica spoke softly, hungry for the touch of his firm young hand. 


Within seconds she could feel a gush of liquid from up within her stomach, slowly pushing southward to meet his youth, as he drove tow fingers higher, almost to his knuckles. She Removing them briefly she turned to face the wall, before reinserting it reinserting it back into her now dripping hole, stretching out her arms, bracing like a mole, who needed to fingered, to be fucked like a whore, as pleaded with Tommy, to finger her some more. Then casting his cigarette aside, and laying down his drink, Tommy brought his right hand around, her gently rub her clit. Within moments his fingers, high up in her cunt, moved in and out in time with the rubbing of her clit, as she let her juice flow forth before buckling to with a grunt. Fuck that feels good Tommy, she turned her head to moan, as she writhed in absolute pleasure riding his fingers home.

Erica could feel the night breeze make its way through her shirt, lifting her nipples to stand at attention as she turned to face her blond captor. She readjusted her skirt and took another swig on the Tequila. She then decided to turn Tommy back against the wall in the alley way before pressing close up into him, sliding her tongue into his gorgeous mouth. I need you Tommy she whispered, and I want you inside me she said, caressing his cheek with beautiful hair. And with that she lowered her head down into the darkness, unbuckling his belt and lowering his suit pants to expose his black boxers beneath. The pulling them aside she took his young cock into her lipstick covered lips, lowering her mouth tightly, toward the bottom of his shaft. As she moved back up toward the crest of his knob Erica could feel his hardness, strengthening inside her, as she gasped for breath in the cool of the night. She dove back now onto his warm meat, sucking and sucking at his ever lengthening pole, spitting out saliva along his smooth young shaft, before sucking even tighter loosening to her craft.  Erica could feel his hands behind her, pulling at her hair, pushing her in closer, as he forced his rod in deep, loving the warmth of her mouth, brushing against her teeth. With seconds he exploded, splashing forth his load, releasing his warmth inside her, deeper and deeper in farther toward her throat, as his head flayed back in pleasure like a young kid on a boat. 




Erica stood to face him, as she fingered at her lips, slowly licking his fresh cum, from on top her fingertips. Then lighting another cigarette, and catching the evening breeze, she felt like such a slut, a dirty middle aged sleaze. But Tommy drew her in, and kissed her on the cheek, caressing again her butt, as he slowly found his feet. You feel so warm he whispered, so soft and so serene. Let me walk you home he said smiling, before we make a scene.