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Willow could feel the button harden at the top of her yellow panties
she quickly pulled the short denim skirt slightly lower
Looking into the mirror where she could see the side of the bus drivers brow she blushed
Only to look away outside the window before straining to turn her attention to something else

Yet as the bus meandered toward her northern beach home her mind drifted back to Josh
To his taut torso and slender legs
His golden brown suntan and chiselled jawline
as he sat above her smiling
Where she laughed
Playing with her hair in the shade of his gaze

Before long she ended up in the same place as she had been moments before
Mesmorised by the pronounced angular ring
that lay beneath the crest of his swimsuit
The slight bulge glistening in the early afternoon sun
From which water dripped ever so slowly
toward his smooth tanned thighs

She could now feel a tinge of wetness meet the crevice of her slit
As she stood up quickly to alight from her bus
Stretching now intently at the bottom of her skirt
Making sure to pull it down as much as she could

Inside the door her college bag flung sideways
Rushing to her bedroom then into her sheets
Finally the skirt falling down to beneath her feet
As she fondled her breasts before exploring her lust
Opening her legs licking fingers to thrust
Her panties aside to find that sweet button
To satisfy all that was deep within her mound
Whimpering ever so softly
The slightest warmest sound
Finger me she whispered looking back in those eyes
Before gushing out her warmth much to her surprise