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Brit lay flat now as her head raced back to earlier in her evening
the graduation dinner was so amazing
with Chelsea, Sarah, Jason, her Step mom, Dad
and of course Tyler
in her mind she could almost touch his tight jeans
as they clung to his gorgeous butt
before he lowered himself into Chelseas car to leave the restaurant
his eyes had glanced up as he shouted goodbye
with his blond hair waving in the drift of oncoming traffic
and his strong forearm disappearing behind the car door


Tyler was unattainable for Brittany
at least whats she thought
he was all IV League
blue blood
sexier than a boy could be
and straight down the line
she wrestled with her pyjama pants
unsure whether to remove them
or simply let them drink in her sweat filled thighs

Brit wondered where he was
Was he with Chelsea?
What would they be doing?
Were they really just friends?

She thought of how he had placed his hand upon the edge of her skirt
Just above her knee
“Congratulations Brit,” he had said
“I am so proud of you, First Class Honours”

Brittany had wanted him to leave his hand there forever
to forever stare into her eyes
with his deep green eyes
his smooth brown forehead
and his pure pink lips
as they whispered once more toward her ear
“I’m so proud of you”

She could have melted
Fallen in a heap on the table
Lay bare before him
crushed by the weight of his gorgeousness
His style, charisma, sexiness
His young manhood

As he stood up to leave the table she had blushed
When his jeans had brushed past her shoulder
His body connecting with hers
Pushing against her young breast

As he navigated his way around her seat
Had Chelsea noticed her?
She had tries not to stare at him
Yet his body was all over her
All around her
Within her tender skin

The pants had to come off
Brittany began caressing her breasts
From under her pink pj top
Her right hand wandering toward her now wet snatch
her fingers wanting
needing her desire
as she rubbed, then rubbed some more
pleasing her hungry clit
moaning ever so slightly
before forcing two fingers high
high inside her warmth
juice, cum, beautiful liquid
flowing from inside her love
gushing now from her pink
crying out his sexy name
Tylller…she moaned
Before bucking forward
in a spasm that knocked her teddy from her bed

In the bathroom Natalie could hear some distant noise
Perhaps it was the tv still on
Listening intently she picked up the moans
The sounds of her step daughter
pleasuring her hole
Her bathrobe was silky
Crisp against her skin
As she felt the warm liquid leave her body for another world

Then back in bed Rhett only stirred
Her bathroom break had not awoken his alcohic slumber
She thought of Brittany
of her orgasmic play
of her young hormones exploding
wanting to escape

Her own pussy felt horny
wanting to be touched
needing to be prised open
and fingered from below
she felt her wedding ring
as she slid her index finger beneath her pubic hair
now inside her wanton cunt
she licked it now
inhaling the scent of her hot slit
before fucking herself some more
driving two fingers in now
then lowering her right hand lower
to caress her tight ass
she massaged
fingered and fucked
until the cream came upon her

Drenching her knuckles, her hand and her skin
writhing in her lust
before coming once again

The moon was higher now
her curtains blowing ever so gently against the evening breeze
the hallway seperating her from Brit
from her girlish thoughts
her teenage dreams
her youthful lust
her needs and desires
Would they be fulfilled?
Or simply just expire?

How long could she wait
to put out her burning fire