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I lifted my legs up in bed
opening them slightly
listening to cars playing below
screaming through the lights
only to be slowed by another bus
then cab
taking their passengers home
or out to work
Jack was home from work
I had missed him
he turned in late
no doubt frustrated
lugging camera equipment
up and down stairs
on and off platforms
in and out of studios
waiting on his feet
as the girls flowed in and out
after countless hair and makeup sessions
innumerable bra and panty changes
before rearranging again
lights camera action sleep
beside me
the horny Sasha
I felt like a housewife without a husband
a cougar with nowhere to prowl
a Jenifer without a stepdad
Sarah without a Malcolm
Maria, two weeks after Antonio had left for fishing

My hand drifted
slowly caressing a small tuft of hair
on the landing platform above my slit
pushing lower at infrequent intervals
to play with my kindness
making a coffee now
attempting to write
poor choice
I write erotic fiction
hornier still I entered the bathroom
gathering up the red wax
my small pink vibrator and the matches

On the spare room bed
with the wax now hot
turning my ribbed pink friend on low
I angled her toward my tight little butt hole
to circle
to dance upon the surface
with her toe in the water
waiting to take a dip
below my newly found drip
Alas I hear stirring
He must be waking up
tools down
with haste
beneath the sheets
tongue inside thighs
licking the shaft
engaging his head
I arise
to engulf his upright hardness
his early morning want
such a gorgeous feeling
sliding further down
hands reaching now behind me
to guide without a sound
silently I moan
juice flowing from within
my cunt wetter with every moment
it needs licking once again

climbing further up
across his long flat chest
my pussy cream now sits
around my lovers breast
I lower ever so slightly
toward his soft wet tongue
up then down I lift
now back down with my bum
resting on his neck
as he works now on my lips
licking deep within
divining my warm wet slit
rubbing anxiously on my clit now
my fingers feel his tongue
his fingers now searching for lava
sliding open my wax filled bum

with knees shaking in a rift
my lovers arms outstretched
his hands teaching my breasts
to push in then to lift
fuck that feels so good
I whisper to myself
only to move back lower
across his torso shelf
to slide his love back in
to push it through my juice
Take it Sasha
he whispered
take me in your pink
take my long hard cock
take it in your hole
with that I arched even higher
my breasts alight in his touch
my pussy simply ached
his length was just too much
ramming into the sweet spot
feeling him explode
my mind racing through the traffic
my love hole about to implode
then shooting forth it came
that sensational hot release
out into the open
gushing at its peak
I rammed him in once more
muscles clasping at his head
draining every inch of his love
whilst squirting on our bed
as my fingers returned to the swelling
to where it all began
the heat now too intense
hey lover boy
turn on the fan