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The smallest ray of light
a skylight
allowing a skerrick of dust
to flow within its centre
as it found her table
in the left hand corner
of Biology Lecture Theatre 2

where his gorgeousness met her hormones
well out of balance
every time he spoke
his tight pants
causing her even tighter slacks
to expand
every time he moved


Mr turn on
and then turn on again
with his firm butt
warm brown chest
open shirt
and long
Who are you?
She whispered
to whom do you belong?


Her fingers
sliding beneath the small desk top
below her notebook
undoing her zip
just walk left
once more
you sensational creature
her tiny binoculars
fixed firmly upon his bulge
his manhood
his cock
and crying
crying out for her

Her eyes wandered
the Friday afternoon lecture theatre
all but empty
her fingers
finally catching the warmth
disappearing into the wetness
sliding into her
with her long forgotten memories
of all those around
with her anxious
nervous need
not to make a sound

His shoulders
broad back and bones
his legs
taut and fully toned
his torso
clutching within his shirt
his voice
calling for her to come
the bell
ringing all too soon
the light
lighting up the room
burying her ray of light
drowning her of might
of just what might have been
removing the final act
from her dirty little scene