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Mike’s car left to head back to town
no doubt his wife would be waiting
On Friday nights he said she had a roast prepared
he was probably lucky to have her

He had no sooner left
my legs became restless
I needed to sit down
his body turned me on
if only he could stay
but it wasn’t to be
he was really only my agent
I shouldn’t ask for more
but I needed him to spank me
and treat me like a whore


With my dirty little pussy
screaming for a cock
I lay upon the couch
and pictured Mike on top
as I loosened his tight pants
and freed him from his chains
taking him in my mouth
again, again and again

My dirty little pussy
now took two fingers in
rubbing my clit with another
moaning and yelling out
fuck my mouth my lover
fill me with your spunk
stroke your long throbbing cock
you gorgeous piece of hunk
fuck me gorgeous Mike
shoot it all over the place

shoot it on my lips
and all over my hungry face

My swelling clit now leaked
more juice upon its slit
as my wet fingers danced
from my firm and erect tit
back into the warmth
of my soaking dripping cunt
back to Mike’s stiff rod
as I tried to hold his bum
he kept moving from my hands
as they grabbed and held his ass
until finally he shot it
over the coffee table glass
then reaching out I held it
his spurting thrashing knob
forcing it in my mouth
to finish off the job

Feeling his warmth inside me
his creamy slippery heat
sliding over my tongue
rising from my seat
to lay two hands upon it
to drink now every last drop
I loved him standing above me
I loved him being on top
Then down to the bottom I drifted
closing my eyes as I played
if only Mike could fuck me
if only for once he stayed