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She texted Room 101
then showered quickly inside
before lying on the hotel bed
waiting for him to arrive
he slowly undid his shoelaces
his belt and then his cuffs
then after removing from his pocket his wallet
he lent over to take off his socks

The planes flew further out
as the water waved up then down
white horses blew in the distance
in this southern part of town

I’ve missed you

now he said
turning to hold her near
kissing her willing cheek
pushing away his fear
she felt an inner fire
a hunger for his thrust
passionately she kissed him deeper
her tongue outstretched in lust

Unzipping his dark blue suit
unfolding his eager cock
lowering herself upon him
engineering her mouth to lock
Beth slowly swallowed his head
to surrender below his pink
massaging the eye of his knob
to savour his pre cum then drink
his warm and now smooth lava
toward the back of her throat

Then she gathered herself ever upright
upon her hands and her knees
begging him to fuck her
now quickly
fuck me she politely asked
fuck me she said
with a please

Kneeling upright beneath the window
its curtain and the hotel blind
Beth begged him to enter her pussy
asking him to finger her behind
yet her lover acquaintance and friend
was having nothing of her wanton lot
instead he requested firmly
Open your dirty wet twat
as she began to furiously finger
Fuck yourself
now he yelled
whilst stroking on his long stiff rod
buckling forward now he screamed

Finger your dirty juice hole
and do what your master says
climb up into your cunt
open up wide on our bed
you naughty
naughty temptress
you must wait now and plead for my pole
rub yourself even harder
fist yourself
you hungry mole

She was confused and scared all at once
this was neither her lover
nor her friend
yet turning to gaze upon his cock
she longed for his length once again
so closing her eyes she continued
until juice dripped awash upon her hand
with two fingers she fucked toward pleasure
awaiting his every command