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I was sore
I lay at the end of the bed
his hand moved slowly
from right down the bottom
toward the ridge of his head
his thumb circling the top
before commencing the descent again
I leaned forward
to slightly touch his butt hole
every so softly
with my finger
following with my tongue
licking his swollen balls
then allowing my lips
to follow his hand north
climbing his sexy pole
one kiss at a time
his hand passed by
moving south again
as I licked
underneath the ridge
toward his peak

With the smell of my own scent
now upon me
I encircled the cape
swallowing his beautiful head
caressing the brow
and licking the tip
allowing my tongue to wander
all over his gorgeous crest
my eyes meeting his

His hand became restless
climbing to the top
he became anxious
his face now full of want
I lay my tongue out flat
my mouth now wider than wide
I needed so much to please him
to take him deep inside

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His cream lay still at first
an entree for my soul
before bursting forth upon me
from out his hand held hole
I quickly gathered him in
clenching at his shaft
swallowing the juices
down to the very last
so smooth
so warm and lovely
it was mine all mine all mine
licking at his shaft now
feeling rather fine

With soreness having left me
I need to lie with him
cheekbone upon cheekbone
the love of skin to skin
nestling into his neck now
feeling his soft heartbeat
the distant sound of birds
cars playing in the street
snuggling with my man
feet to feet
I can’t remember a day
before we came to meet