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Jaclyn’s Story

Hi my name is Jaclyn. I am the owner of the beautiful homestead Raeburn set in picturesque countryside over three hours from the city. My husband Bill passed away 10 years ago, and now I spend most of my weekdays in the garden, or exercising Bill’s former polo mares. With my weekends being spent in the company of Sally, my 32 year old lesbian daughter, and her tempestuous girlfriend Mel. I will tell you about the relationship I have with Mel later, that’s for another day.

Today I want to tell you the story of a visit by an unknown stranger, the handsome Mitch.


The younger man approached from afar in his car
a late model Jag
or similar I thought
asking directions into town
politely at first
the heat now oppressive
gripping at my shirt
I offered him a drink
a seat then my attention
undivided at times
before wandering further out
searching his eyes for something stronger
a feeling
a moment
where he may notice me
the aging rural woman
alone aside her tree
where I explained my situation
to this strange passerby
with whom I related
now engaging him in the eye
You’re almost at your destination
I let him know
It’s twelve miles west by road
five by the crow
yet with a car such as yours
I’d be reticent to walk
stay for a while lets sit and talk


As chance would have it
he had not booked in town
and he soon fell in love with my place
the more he looked around
the rambling country homestead
with her fence made of stone
where we walked and laughed
til evenings call
whereupon I made dinner
as he showered then dressed
returning to my guest room
to sit then rest

During dinner he spoke
of his ex wife
and his need
to head west once again
to recapture his life
returning to his childhood
near his boyhood home
looking into the past
divining his roots
loving the feel
the strength of the plains
wanting to reach out
let go of the reigns
to close his eyes
then reach out and touch
longing for his memories
needing them so much


Soon after dinner
a night cap and a chat
I retired to my room
to collect my thoughts
then sleep
the last man I had slept with
was 10 years dead
I needed to move on
to start living instead
instead of living in the past
of drinking through the years
through those melancholic nights
lined with sombre tears
yet something about my visitor
lit a fire within
I may have been somewhat older
though I needed to begin
to turn things around
to enter the flame
he provided the opportunity
if only I was game
rolling over now to lay out the night

open a little wider

My legs began to twitch
my tired thighs bite
itching at my slit
asking to be touched
sliding up then down
needing it so much
the curtains drawn
silencing the moon
alone in bed
my mind wandering through the room
he must have enjoyed my company
to sleep here tonight
he appeared well to do
educated and polite
there was something about him
I longed for his touch
gradually opening wider
needing it so much

Mitch had remembered the old homestead as a guest house
his XK8 Jaguar was somewhat low for the driveway entrance
yet he had driven in anyway


As the current owner of Raeburn
I had mentioned my husband Bill passed 10 years prior
I was aware Mitch knew Bill’s age
as he had grown up in these parts
as Bill had been 62 when he passed
I knew he vaguely calculated my age to be 60
as I was eight years younger at the time
either way the way Mitch looked at me
I think he was quite taken aback
in spite of my age

I looked over to him now
as he stood on the veranda
watching as I finished feeding the three mares
down at the stables
as I bent over to mix the corn and maize together
I could hear him as he moved toward me
standing alongside me at the peppercorn tree
so close as to spark a sense of embarrassment in me
as my jodhpurs were tight against my ass
whilst at the same time riding into my slit
lining the walls of my crotch
I turned
Oh hi Mitch
I said
How did you sleep?
Well thank you
he replied
what are these mares ridden for?
He inquired
I don’t do much anymore with them…
I answered
Originally Bill had played some polo on them when they were three and four
Then I had done some eventing on them occasionally
But now they are only ridden by my daughter and her girlfriend
when they come over from Orange on the weekends

How old is your daughter?
She is 32…
she has always loved riding

she’s quite good actually


Why don’t I get out of these clothes, shower
and make you some breakfast Mitch…

How does that sound?
I asked
He replied


I was feeling invigorated at the thought of having a guest
a handsome one no less
the late March morning was crisp but not cold
drawing the curtains I undressed
my jodhpurs clinging to my ankles
as I stood in front of the mirror
before pulling down my thong
and removing the slightly damp t shirt
leaving only my bra
Would he be interested in someone like me?
I thought
brushing my dark hair from its forehead
standing up straight to view my aging body
my thighs were still firm
with my breasts held tightly together by a size 12 push up bra
my stomach
slightly bulging
not too much
Don’t be stupid
I thought
he no doubt has a girlfriend in the city
or even a new de facto

I could hear the old galvanized pipes
rattling as the shower heated up
my ankles drank in the smooth liquid
this body wash smells beautiful
I thought
there weren’t many remnants left
from when Raeburn was a guest house
but this was a worthwhile artefact
I mused
as the wash ran slowly down my neck
catching it on my breasts I lathered it across my nipples
before allowing it to run free
around my torso onto the lower back
then over my cheeks and inner thighs
before bending over to massage the liquid back into my ankles
lifting the horse feed and the hay for the young cattle was good exercise
but my ankles always felt strained after the process

I then stood up and angled my stomach forward
squirting some of the peach scented wash out onto my torso
circling my stomach with the containers head I splashed even more out
before rubbing the wash in
as it ran quickly past my navel down through my neatly trimmed mound
toward my snatch
whereupon I again caught the wash
before bending over again to smother my lips
sliding two fingers up through my slit
before moistening its clit
then retreating again to wash the inside of my thighs
my butt cheeks and their upper legs
I had not recently entertained male guests
with my daughter Sal being a lesbian
more often than not my weekends were surrounded by girls
yet it felt good to have a man around
to watch as his broad shoulders bit at his shirt
forcing the buttons to cling on for dear life
as he lent upon the post and rail fence
watching as I had fed up before breakfast
his boots were clean as were his jeans
as they stretched between his legs
capturing his fit thighs
and his bulging manhood


I then felt some wash of my own
trespassing inside my torso
searching for my own juice hole
as I let my fingers wander back up to the pinkness
into my shaved lips
opening at my touch
the juice soon moistened my fingers
as the hot water
penetrated inside my shoulder blades
soothing my back
whilst I bent over more
watching as my fingers began to rub even harder
probing my inner sanctum
fucking lick me Mitch
I murmured
lick my juicy cunt
open it up
lick it
suck it
pull that swollen little clit out
swallow it
lick that juice up
I demanded
as I arched back against the shower wall
legs wide open now
allowing two fingers in
deep inside the walls of my cunt
fuck me
I said
give it to me
give me your hard stiff cock
push it in
ram it into me
slam my cunt
fuck me
I screamed
before buckling over in ecstasy
releasing the pent up desire
the lust
and the juice
from deep inside my dripping cunt hole
fuck me Mitch
I pleaded once more
before returning my fingers to the body wash
as they reached inside my slit again
drowning in one last spasm
my ankles fighting with the ecstasy
needing to hold me up straight
if only I could have him
I thought
I’d give anything
I just can’t wait


After breakfast I asked Mitch if he would like to ride the horses with me
being Friday it would be good if they had a workout
before Sally and her girlfriend came to stay tomorrow morning
I thought
whilst Mitch hadn’t ridden much since he was a child growing up in these parts
he was on an extended break from the city
therefore he thought why not
it wasn’t as if he had anything else on offer
and besides he had revealed he was quite taken aback by Raeburn
not to mention me
I had been nothing but friendly since his unexpected arrival yesterday
hospitable to a tee
thought to myself
whilst he might even enjoy riding the range with me
the way he had looked at me in those tight jodhpurs
was beginning to engage him
on more than one level I noticed

The mares are educated and relatively quiet
I said as I bent over to stack the dishwasher and finish in the kitchen
your’e pretty fit Jaclyn
Mitch said
as my clean white jodhpurs caught him front and center
for the second time that morning
I try
I replied
for my sixtieth later last year I made a pact with myself
I would ride each day
well whenever I am home that is
that way I keep sane and continue exercising at the same time 
I laughed
For my 50th I made a pact I would sell the business
escape the rat race for a while
and forget about the ex
Mitch said
two years later here I am
he concluded
All the more reason to come riding with me
I said with a smile

Out at the stables I put the heat on Mitch
open saddle or stock saddle?
I asked him
Well given it’s been 20 years or more I’m going stock
he retorted
somewhat hesitantly
lets face it I can ride
but from memory young horses are young horses
and with all due respect to you Jaclyn
I’m not up for taking chances

Within minutes we were over the creek riding into the pasture
Mitch found his youthful seat again albeit on a tight reign
I found myself occasionally looking back over my shoulder
to catch sight of the guest
but before long I came to rely on his presence
falling in behind at a slow but steady clip
toward the middle paddock cattle yards I climbed down
pouring some tea and offering Mitch a biscuit
we sat gazing beyond the open paddocks toward the river
over Raeburn’s boundary into the township
Are you happy here Jaclyn?
Mitch pried somewhat awkwardly
Well that’s a loaded question Mitch
I responded
I enjoy the feel of the country
I am in tune with my own company
I am lucky enough to have a daughter who loves and visits me
But clearly

I said in a slower more reserved tone
since Bill passed my life has been lacking something
call it intimacy

call it companionship
call it what you will but clearly
I am not as content as I otherwise would be

I responded

Mitch kept pace with me on the route home
he had found his sea legs and enjoyed the young horses rhythm
almost dancing beneath him with her free flowing nature
reminding him once again that he should have been doing this for years
I noticed his mind wandered
perhaps back to his business
apparently he had sold it at three times profit
from all accounts he wouldn’t ever have to work again
were he to relax and not try to break any records
he may not be as successful as Bill
I thought
however he was well to do in a modest matter of fact sort of way
he could hold his own
and whilst he had said his house was by no means palatial
it was in the best suburb in town
and within a nine irons distance of the better streets in town
Mitch then lamented
I wish I had come away earlier
perhaps there would be no ex wife grief
a chance to settle back into country life earlier
potentially a shot at romance

It was all to no avail
he said
the cards had been dealt
hindsight was present in spades
it’s now time to move on

Back at Raeburne’s stables I unsaddled the mares
with the ease of a consummate professional
Mitch quipped
then we adjourned to the courtyard for a lemon lime and bitters and a chat
before late lunch
I took the opportunity to rib Mitch
a country boy lost in the big smoke 
I joked
your’e lucky you you had me in front of you today young man
the country roots shone through
but not until late in the day
I continued
better late than never
Mitch chimed in
as he rose to return to his ensuite for a shower
Thank you again Jaclyn
I am beginning to wonder how I can ever repay your generosity
he said to me
It’s fine
I replied
you have helped me
I feel stronger now in a man’s company than I have for over a decade
and that to me is a blessing that in itself is payment enough

With a late lunch behind us we then walked through Raeburne’s garden
extensive as it was the garden had been kept in check in recent years
in retrospect there was no over planting or excess throughout the yard
the two acre lot surrounding the homestead was indeed immaculate
a credit to Bill’s tenacity in times of adversity
I thought


I had showered and appeared in a blue skirt
my white flats set the crisp white shirt I wore alight
whilst aqua earrings and matching aqua necklace
suited my neckline
as my dark hair drew in the shape of my face
I smiled openly toward Mitch
as he rose from his seat
to kiss me softly on the cheek
Thank you for having me in your home
I really appreciate it

he said
The pleasure is all mine

I responded
the day was fading toward sunset
as we sat on Raeburns veranda
taking in the view of early evening
with her willows gently whispering in the breeze
a bottle of white wine taking the edge off the everyday
and sparkling mineral water keeping us focused
Do you need to leave tonight Mitch?
I inquired
I’m in no hurry to be anywhere
he replied

I then took the first step
somewhat hesitantly I reached out to touch his hand
Why  don’t I make us a nice dinner
and then you can join me for a nightcap in my room
How does that sound to you?
I questioned
a tad promiscuously
I would like nothing more
my guest replied
I then breathed a deep sigh of relief
the last twenty four hours had been a mixture of lust
confusion, desire and most of all anxiety
I had needed him so much
without even a touch
now I could plan her evening
I could finally have him
I thought
on my way back inside the homestead
after a large glass of wine in the pantry
I rearranged her skirt
before unbuttoning the top button of my crisp white shirt
pull yourself together I whispered to myself
don’t blow it Jaclyn


Dinner was fun
we laughed through a rendition of eighties music
another bottle of wine, this time a Pinot
soon I was thinking more about what was ahead
than about what had come before
with a sensational crème Brule desert (even if I must say myself)
and coffee behind us
Mitch sat in the drawing room
eagerly awaiting his much anticipated night cap I’m sure
as I retreated to the kitchen
to tie up the evenings loose ends

I then felt flush
and began to panic slightly
it had been ten years since I had taken a man into my bed
or any bed for that matter
don’t misunderstand me
I felt sexy enough
in spite of her years

but what would Mitch desire
what we would expect

clearly he was attracted to me
otherwise he would not have stayed on
he seemed normal enough
my local research had led me to believe he was from good stock
either way it was too late now
I just needed to dive in and do my best
in the bathroom I paused
then brushed my hair again
on the toilet seat I found myself opening my legs somewhat further
watching intently
as the warm yellow fluid left my shaved pink slit
before quickly racing to the sink
taking the lavender soap in hand
I wet myself with warm water
the tap head gushing easily across my lips
as I washed my slit
above the now soaked bath towel
lowering my head to dry the wetness with the small hand towel
the scent of lavender now lingering upon my opening


Follow me young man
I said
as the handsome Mitch angled his way down the long hallway
from the drawing room toward Raeburn’s western wing
Feel like a whisky?
I asked
as Mitch nodded
before taking the glass
and sitting in one of my antique chairs
within arm’s reach of the gorgeous queen size bed
joining Mitch in a whisky I sat
legs crossed in the bedrooms center
be careful with me Mitch
I said quietly
I am not knew to this
But it’s been a while

and with that I stood in front of him
the wine and whisky assisting in unbuttoning my shirt
to release my naked shoulders for him
before turning ever so slightly to ask
Be a darling Mitch
I requested
undo my strap
its easier from where you are
Mitch then stood to release the strap
then placed my bra on the beds corner
before reaching around
to place his hands on my torso
we have all the time in the world
there’s no rush

he said
as he guided his hands from behind me
massaging my shoulders
then returning them to my now naked torso
Mitch began kissing my neck
then my shoulders
as I turned now to face him
lifting his mouth to meet mine
before allowing my tongue to slowly enter his lips
finding his tongue and filling him with passion
my passion
my yearning desire
to kiss him
to hold him
to have him

tumblr_mwql5pc8cJ1qzleu4o1_500 (1)

My breasts began feeling their way around Mitch’s shirt
my now firm nipples
colliding with his buttons
as I took a step back
to unbutton his shirt
exposing his broad chest
where my dark hair now rested
as I entered his eager mouth once more
his tongue then filled my throat
before he retreated to allow me another breath
our saliva and lust met as one
during our romantic embrace
the heat between us almost stifling
Mitch had wanted me too
it was not until he became intimate with me
that I realized how much
our tongues continued dancing with each other
as Mitch’s burning desire became evident
a fire was lit within his groin
and before long I was against the bed head
feeling the full hardness of his cock
pressing into me with the stiffness of a man who needed more
I turned to him again
unzip me Mitch
I asked politely
as Mitch slowly reached for my skirt
sliding the zip down
before lowering it to the ground
and massaging my thighs
as I stood straight up
with only my thong now coming between us


Mitch then kneeled behind me
resting his hands on the bed he pushed his mouth into me
kissing the back of my legs
my hips
and their inner thighs
I winced with pleasure
his tongue felt so divine as it slithered softly upon the folds
below my hungry wanton opening
he then brought his hands back to where they needed to be
slowly opening my inner thighs Mitch began licking the back of my thong
probing inside my slit
longing for some moisture to appear
as he bent me over on the bed
elbows now flat upon the queen I waited
I listened as my torso murmured
the first droplets were released
my thong now surrendered to Mitch’s hands
his fingers sliding the final barrier lower
then with his two index fingers firmly beneath my butt
his thumbs worked in unison
to open me up
with the scent of lavender upon him
he divined my sweet hole
sliding in and out
in search of his goal
the wet shaven slit encompassed his tongue
pushing back further
loving the touch
the warmth and the exhilaration
of having him inside


Moaning now softly
with nothing more to hide
I kept on pushing
harder and harder back
as Mitch’s tongue dove deeper
higher in my crack
I attempted to rub myself
but it was all to no avail
Mitch grasped my wrist
extending the desire
my torso now sweating
awash with desire
I then began to shudder
feeling weak at the knees
my pink muscles tightened
holding back the release
within seconds the muscles relaxed
and my lust came squirting out
smothering Mitch’s neck
his tongue and all his mouth
he continued sliding inside me
drinking in my cum
grasping at my butt cheeks
before opening up my bum
whereupon he tongued my butt hole
as I bucked and moaned once more
before collapsing over his shoulders
in pieces on the floor

mitch 1

Mitch lay with his head on its side
catching full view of my dripping hole
with my darkened hair sitting in a small cluster
on top of my wet pink slit
he clutched at his trouser zip
forcing it lower
before sliding his pants down
then throwing them away
his briefs now bulging
his cock all but ached
my cunt driving him into a frenzy
he could no longer wait
I gathered myself up to rest against the bed
with my back now straightened
I found a pillow for my head
Mitch then stood before me
his briefs against my face
his rod ever hardening
longing to escape
then I slowly lowered
his briefs beneath his thighs
before looking up and smiling
into his stunning blue eyes
as his knob disappeared from sight
with only my black hair to be seen
he thrust his stiffness forward
my mouth open and keen
I then held the shaft
as I swallowed his swollen balls
one by one I loved them
in and out with force
then licking up his shaft
I danced upon his peak
my tongue circling his head
as he drove me into the bed
he wanted to fuck my juice hole
to slice open my slit
to gift my wetness to his cock
now hard as a Raeburn rock

Mitch yearned to rub his stiffness
all over my hungry clit
yet fortunately my mouth
was far too experienced for that
I swallowed his throbbing passion deeper
before spitting on my catch
then clasping beneath his ridge
to close his head off tight
whilst spitting on my other fingers
and sucking them out of sight
I reached them back behind him
to slide between his cheeks
as the wetness penetrated his ass
my other hand released
finally I let his cock now free from my grasp
as I pushed my fingers
deep in his ass
he then fucked me
deep in the mouth
driven crazy by my tongue
every time he drew back
I thrust deeper in his bum
till finally he gave in
releasing a slither of pre cum
but it was too late to taste my cunt
his cock now had to run
he clenched it with all his might
and guided the head up straight
to shoot his load in ecstasy
up then down my face
as I reached further out
to gather in his cock
licking at the swelling
swallowing the lot
before bringing my fingers forward
removing them from his butt
to taste his sweet release
from either side of my face

mitch 2

He then looked down upon me
to see my fingers entering my mouth
you look so pretty and sexy
then beautiful all wrapped in one
he said
as his body leaped for joy
his feelings now all undone
to think it was still but early
the night was only young
Mitch could not have imagined
the best was yet to come


I handed him a towel from the Victorian wardrobe
then wrapped another around my waist
as we sat and finished the whisky
on my light blue antique chairs
before opening the curtains
and walking through the glass doors onto the balcony
we watched as the full moon lit up Raeburn
the night air bringing with it a chill
just enough to heighten my naked nipples
as he closed in behind me
to hold me once again
his mouth drank in my neck
my scent then my warmth
as he crept beneath my towel
in search of inner heat
breathing upon his fingers
asking him to meet
my open dripping love hole
the one he needed again
to fill his night with pleasure
as it had back then

mitch 3

I then dimmed the lights
and opened my legs once more
with two pillows under my head now
and another beneath my back
leaning forward with my fingers
to spread apart my crack
as Mitch kneeled again before me
this time stroking his shaft
up then over his vein
before holding the head now steadfast
I needed him inside me
I begged him to enter the heat
fuck me Mitch
I pleaded
like a hooker on the street

Mitch then lowered his knob toward me
angling it into my clit
as I licked my long sweet fingers
releasing saliva back onto my tit
before placing the fingers inside
burying them now just a bit
pushing Mitch’s cock in
asking him to enter my slit
fuck me you handsome stranger
fuck me hard in my bed
push your cock into Jaclyn
give me the juice from its head
slam me and fuck me harder
fuck this dirty wet cunt
give it to me Mitch
slide it deep in my hole
fuck this pink little slit hole
fuck me like a mole


Mitch pulled my legs up even higher
my knees all but clasping my head
ramming into my love hole
grinding away in my bed
I then screamed with pure delight
releasing another sweet gush
flowing inside my thighs now
letting even more out
in the following rush
as I writhed and opened in ecstasy
his cock was stiff and strong
penetrating high in my channel
firm, thick and long
I then lay my legs down flat
to feel him inside the pink
asking him to shoot his load
my cunt now pleading for his drink
Mitch kept slamming my pussy
looking intently upon my mound
sucking in the deep breaths
without so much as a sound
til finally he focussed
on my beautiful smooth breast cups
forcing him to surrender
to give in now and give up
he lengthened into my g spot
feeling his way as he went
ejaculating somewhere even higher
moaning and screaming as he came
I drowned in a sea of pleasure
as he penetrated my loosened frame
I grasped his cock with my muscles
draining every inch of his juice
clenching tighter as he continued
to shower my love hole in rain
squeezing through my tightness
over and over again
fuck me harder Mitch
fuck my dirty slut hole
fuck Jaclyn even more
fuck me like a whore

Mitch kept bucking and moaning
his load was far from spent
on and on he drilled me
on and on he went
then his arms could hold no longer
as he fell down upon my chest
my lust was all consuming
putting  him physically to the test
how was that my darling
I whispered in his ear
my legs had opened wide for him
I no longer felt my fear
I needed even more now
for years I’d awaited this night
again toying with his butt cheeks
setting my fingers alight

Coffee and a cigarette Mitch
Does that appeal to you?
I asked
Mitch said I’ll join you in the coffee
on the cigarette I’ll pass
though if it’s ok I’ll make an affogato
in your Raeburn coffee glass
and with that we adjourned to the kitchen
to search for stamina again
though deep down I still wanted more
I craved him now more than then


On my hands and knees I now waited
for my man to return to bed
with a vibrator buried in my snatch
I reached back around for his head
push it back into this hole Mitch
fuck me alongside this vibe
fuck Jaclyn again Mitch
take me further inside
within seconds Mitch was again throbbing
his cock came alive on my toy
so I thrust it in even further now
as he followed it with joy

With nothing to hold on to
his hands soon found my butt
whereupon he spread my cheeks open
to gaze at my sweet back door
my pussy was far too wet now
he needed the tightness more
with his hand now clasping the toy
he penetrated it slowly into my bum
whilst fucking my slit even harder
pleading with me to come
give me your dirty juice now
shoot it all over my rod
push back even harder
squirt me with your cum
open your butt cheeks wider
give me your gorgeous bum
with that I took back my toy
and slid it deep in my cunt
then handed Mitch back his cock
to take over
where my toy left off
begging him to fuck my ass now

mitch 4

I pleaded with him to take it slow
as he touched my tightness with his knob now
waiting in anticipation to go
then the vibrating sensation
ignited his cock once more
together with me demanding
to fuck me like a whore
fuck me in my ass Mitch
fuck me up my hole
give your stiff hard cock to me
your dirty ass open mole

As I felt his pulsating shaft
entering my tight love muscle
searching inside my ass
fuck that feels good Mitch
you gorgeous handsome man
open me even wider
open me like a can
fill me back up Mitchie
shoot it in my ass
give it to me you stud
make the pleasure last

And with that Mitch slid in even further
with his blood filled throbbing cock
for him my tight hole was just too much
as he had never felt such pleasure
he had never felt such a touch
it was as if his entire being
was swallowed in a feeling  so immense
the vibe continued on humming
my writhing now just too intense
I couldn’t feel myself cum
the ecstasy all too overpowering
with my ass now filled to the brim
Mitch’s torso straight and towering
high above my elbows
my knees then feet and bed
high above my nipples
my dark hair
and its perspiring head
ten years was worth the wait
I had found inner peace on this night
I tingled all over with pleasure
giving in
without so much as a fight
Mitch was truly lovely
a sweet and considerate friend
a warm and compassionate lover
to be with til the end
although I had only just met him
I yearned to hold him in close
I needed to feel him beside me
from my head down to my toes

I need you my dear Mitchie
I whispered in his ear
stay with me this evening
hold your Jaclyn near

Of course I will my darling
came his swift reply
I’m not leaving you now darling
there’s no need now to cry

But everyone I love ends up leaving
I slowly solemnly said
love me tonight my darling
stay with me in my bed

I then turned out the light
resting my hand now on his cock
he had taken me that night with a passion
he had laid himself open and bare
my passion had finally been ignited
my heart strings in love with his stare
as Raeburn drifted off to sleep
with us tired yet happy below
I thanked her ever so quietly
for giving my face back its glow