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The road opened up as we skirted within the hills
rolling eastward toward the coast
a line of heat sat above the bonnet
reminding us of summer
of the need to swim
to litter ourselves upon the northern coast
our home for the coming months

Jack was tired
the riverbank approached slowly
as he idled her down before parking in the shade
to rest

I was skimming stones as the sun crept behind Glasshouse Mountain
the car door waking my sleepy driver
I rolled into him
kissing him on the neck
before resting his hand beneath my short dress

Pushing his fingers
hard against my crotch
unzipping my love to meet his flesh
warm and slender
tender to the touch
my mouth caressing his manhood
sucking into his soul
my tongue sliding lower
to capture him whole

It’s getting late darling
we still have some driving to do

he said now with a sigh
before lifting up my face
to kiss my now warm lips
gently removing his fingers
across my soft smooth hips