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Kate’s story

Kate is a dark haired woman, standing 5 ft 10 in height, aged 62, with a sense of loneliness clouding her. Kate longs for the days of the salon, of sexy haircuts and bikini waxes, however recently she has “let herself go”. Not, without a tinge of inner sadness.She lives on her own near the coast and is frequently visited by her daughter Julia, a TV Reporter in town, aged 32, and Julia’s boyfriend Jake. Jake is the same age as Julia, he runs a concrete supply company in town, whilst enjoying body surfing, polo and golf. His best friend Tyler, a Fijian born insurance broker, aged 34, is a constant companion on Julia and Jake’s visits to Kate’s.



Kate was quite lonely
her children had all left home
living on her own was comforting
but something was missing
last summer
the beach
clear water
rushing over her body

She remembered back to July
when Jake had been gardening
her daughters boyfriend
so strong
fit and toned
she needed to lye down
her aged body in need of comfort
slowly opening her legs
she thought of Jake
of his tight swimmers
his bulging pants
his cut torso

Her aged pussy
opened for her fingers
reaching into her mouth now
she licked them slowly
providing the moisture
she desperately needed
her cunt was dry
in need of the saliva
in need of a hard rub
she eased her finger in
then two
she began to push harder
on her now swelling clit
lowering her fingers
to arouse her ass
with one hand on her button
and a finger
now deep in her ass
her hairy cunt loosened
to the feel of her touch
she rocked forward
in spasm
then in pleasure
her tired old legs
shaking with delight
releasing so much juice
from deep down within
she had to keep on rubbing
as she slid three fingers in


By the time they had read the papers
finished a quick lunch
and walked to the beach
it was early afternoon
Kate lay under the umbrella
as Julia and Jake swam
Jake made his way further out
catching larger waves
his strong torso
arching then bending his arms
manoeuvring ever forward
up then down the face of the wave
he was a powerful body surfer
she thought
he always had been
Kate adjusted her bikini bottom
as Julia approached
it was embarrassing enough as it was
she thought to herself
at her age all your body parts drifted south
let alone having hair appear
from under your bikini bottom
she had cancelled her appointment at the salon
on Friday
as she chose instead to dabble
with her share portfolio
a move she now regretted
she watched
as Jake made his way toward them
his swimmers
not board shorts
perhaps you could even call them boy shorts
still looked good
as they clung to his 34 year old frame

Kate rolled onto her stomach
looking across at Julia’s pretty face
be a dear
said Julia to Jake
rub some cream in
the sun was heating up
as was Kate as she watched Jake
kneeling now and parting Julia’s legs
massaging the sun lotion
from around her neck
down toward her shoulders
then the centre of her back
as she loosened her bikini strap
his hands gliding firmly from the centre of her back
under toward her breasts
then across her slender hips
toward her inner thighs to her ankles
you’ve done that before
Kate quipped
your next
Jake replied
I’m ok
Kate blushed
No Mum said Julia It’s so hot today
Jake approached
this time choosing to kneel at Kate’s side
his hands began slowly wandering along her shoulder line
she tensed as they moved under her arms
past the side of her breasts
moving lower toward the centre of her back
Jake took time to firmly rub in the lotion
above her hips then came her legs
as he massaged deeply
both outside then down her inner thighs
toward her ankles
leaning back to look at him
not having been for a swim
god I hope I’m not wet
she thought to herself
how embarrassing


Back at the house
Kate peeled back her yellow sarong
only the slightest of drop of moisture was visible
she sat to pee
opening her aged cunt
slightly with her fingers
to shield her hairy bush
from the now strong flow
It’s going to be a long night
she thought to herself
walking toward the bathroom door
now Jake appeared
sorry Kate
he exclaimed
as he moved to take a shower
It’s fine
she replied
as she turned leaving the door slightly ajar
she caught a glimpse of his strong buttocks
as they angled up and above the bath
into the shower
with the shower curtain approaching
from behind his thigh
she noticed the head of his cock
disappearing into the shower
so round
and handsome

she thought
In the bedroom she pulled on some black panties
and black tights
choosing to remove her pink bikini top
from beneath her white singlet

You’re a bit pink
said Julia
as Kate sat by the kitchen table
drinking a glass of white
she watched her daughter prepare the curry

Julia had been busy reporting on the fires
throughout Southern California
while Jake had been busy too
Summer was always hectic at the plant
with everyone screaming for concrete before Christmas
and the summer break
it may not be late night
Kate thought to herself
Hi darling
Julia said her eyes wandering over Kate
toward Jake as he stood
his white towel tied firmly around his waist
Would you care for a glass of white?
she asked as she poured him a large one
knowing him only too well
sweetheart I’m busy
she said
but can rub some moisturiser into Mum’s shoulder’s
I think she is slightly pink
It was hot today
Kate leaned slightly forward
allowing Jake to smother her shoulder blades
with the “cold at first” Vitamin E cream
his hands taking time to spread the cream
across her inner back under her arms
sliding beneath her singlet ever so slightly
over the side of her breasts
thankyou Jake
Kate said
as he moved sideways
she could feel his cock brush passed her arm
protected only now by the soft white towel
as he retired to his bedroom to change for dinner

Kate had a quick bath after dinner
then decided to try on her new pink camisole
it had arrived in the mail on Friday
with size 12c breasts and a size 10 waist
she still looked beautiful
her body choosing to fight against her age
from the hallway door
across the lounge room
she glanced
Julia’s bedroom door was half open
no doubt to let in the night breeze
she watched from behind the door
as Jakes backside climbed
then down
on top of her daughter
striding beneath the sheets
in search of the pleasure he had waited all day for
Kate’s own juice hole began to stir
she could feel her tired lips moisten
as she lay down on the bed
she desperately wanted to take her time
to play with her now erect nipples
her still taut tummy
yet she knew she could not wait
reaching into her bedside drawer
the long pink vibrator appeared
only to disappear just as quickly
inside her waiting mouth
she licked and drank in the toy
as  her aged cunt dripped
in anticipation of its present
she thrust the ribbed shaft deep
deep inside her eager hole
as the v pronged vibe worked hard
encircling her swollen clit
within moments Kate exploded
warm juice flowed throughout her bush
her inner legs now shaking
trying to force away the toy
arching her ass now upward
she took in one more thrust
dreaming of Jakes strong head
at the top of his gorgeous shaft

She now felt somewhat peaceful
as she drifted off to sleep
the gently lull of waves
dancing with her feet
as a little girl she had played
down beneath those rocks
tonight the water swam over her
caressing her tired frame
moaning ever so slightly
her fingers now returning
from whence they came