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Bath time in Sorrento


Maria’s feet were tired
at 5 foot 10 inches heels were not everyday wear for her
particularly on previous visits to Rome
where the cobblestones played havoc with her ankles
however when walking aside her striking beau
standing inches above her
they made her feel comfortable
comfortable in the knowledge that she
was not too short for him
some may call her old fashioned
she referred to herself as traditional
With the bath run she could finally relax
turning the lights off

Antonio surprised her
as he lowered the scented candles above her bath
before finding her feet
with his strong, firm hands
the oil soothed her feet
as the young Italian slithered the liquid between her tired toes
her towel awaiting her
as was her bed
lowering her now on her bed
Antonio removed the towel
to soften her ankles with his tongue
to kiss her inner thighs
moaning ever so quietly as he proceeded
Maria opened the pink
gathering in his head
burying him in her hole
with his lips devouring her muscle
and his fingers upright and in
Antonio sucked on her swelling clit
releasing the sweet tasting cum
with her stomach moving up and down
as the spasms ignited her bum
in and out she pushed
until the final droplet escaped
leaving the young man leaning over her
satisfied he had opened her gate

Now clenching his tired manhood
fixing his eyes on Maria’s open cunt
as she parted the pink hole wide
beneath the hairy platform in front
Maria you are so beautiful
the young man briefly said
as he squirted upon the mound
on her pink then on the bed
collapsing by her side
the shooting stars had now subsided
they lay peacefully
side by side
in a moment
where their love collided