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He lay thinking of his day
of her
remembering her in the garden
pruning roses
of the short dress riding up her thighs
of her panties clinging to her butt
he remembered hugging her tightly
as her breasts pressed hard into his chest
toward evening he noticed her slit
sitting flush in her panties centre
as her dress lifted briefly in the breeze

The children were reading next door in the cabin
aside the warm fireplace
embers crackling before burning into the night
her cheekbones nestled into his neck
I just want to sleep
she whispered softly
he stirred
not wanting to to make noise with the children nearby
before reaching across to find her gorgeous breasts
I just want to sleep
she repeated

He lay back
before thoughts of her breasts
her cheekbones
her neckline
her panties
butt and eyes
overtook him
he captivated and held onto the image of her slit
the vision of her panties
riding high into her tunnel


Lowering his hand he kneaded out his cock
so long and rock hard
as if a steel bar had been inserted through his centre
opening his legs slightly
careful not to make a sound
he began thrusting back and forth
moving with heated pleasure
he had to let it out
he thrust his hand higher
up around his throbbing knob
it felt like a fire was burning through his veins
his torso was tight strong and firm
within moments her fingers massaged his balls
then wandered around his ass
he stroked even harder
along his massive pole
fingers strangling the length
as she gently massaged his hole

My cunts wet darling
she whispered in his ear
my cunt’s so wet darling
put it inside me dear
and with that he ripped her pants
further down her legs
before jumping high above her spread
then thrusting his heat inside
high inside her warmth
searching high within her walls
there it is
he said
as his pre-cum found her juice
wetting his burning passion
with his fire cutting loose
fuck you turn me on
she said
as he gushed and shot then moaned
squirting out his love for her
as if no one was home


You just needed a hole for your cock she said
softly in his ear
whispering I’ve missed you darling
for the children not to hear
before opening her legs even wider
to take him one more time
enjoying his extra length
as he came once more inside
then laying upon his back
drowning in her scent
he smiled as another day with her
was another day well spent