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It was early
his fingers slid underneath my fringe
his hand brushing my hair from my forehead
slowly beneath my cheekbone
upon which he lay his cheekbone
a ledge from which he could rest
drinking in my scent
breathing softly
with his nose into my ear
before moving on
to kiss my neck
across the top of my shoulders
to caress my left breast
his lips sucking quietly upon the skin
releasing his tongue
to suck upon my nipple
before drawing the moisture back in
inside his sweet mouth

My ribs were squashed
underneath his weight
with the palms of his hands
firmly planted on the bed
the backs of his fingers
sliding beneath my arms
he rose
straightening his arms
releasing all his weight to his thighs
to his hips
to the ridge of his cock
which began rubbing me
at first in circles
then up and down
across the ceiling of my slit
drinking in my warmth
covering itself with pleasure
my pleasure

His tongue continued in circular motions
dancing upon my nipples roof
only to be sucked back in
by the wave of his mouth
taking me whole
before moving further out
I needed to spread my legs
to open them up wider
his stiffness began to enter
my moans still kept intact
then further on he swam
covered in white water
up to meet the walls
thrusting higher up
to reach the other side

I began to quiver
to feel the wave come over me
I dived now back in lower
to where it all began
amidst the swelling and the wetness
diving into the deep
my fingers felt his manhood
his love was mine to keep
for I covered him with me
with all my passion and emotion
releasing my pleasure from below
to swallow his beautiful center
whereupon he reached the top
his head now breathing again
his peak too opening up
above the white waters flow

With the small of my back
now pressing into the shallow
I opened up my hands
to grasp onto his wrists
tightly I clung on
to the sound of his blood pumping
pushing through his veins
pulsating as it ran
toward his throbbing shaft
then out into the open
we rode the wave together
rocking from side to side
as the shallow soon approached
the wave moved back out once more
releasing us from the its power
to rest upon the shore
my eyes looked higher up
to see his smiling face
killing me with kindness
filling me with grace

returning to my cheekbone
my lover softly spoke
I lay there deep in love
resting from the swim
deep beneath the waves now
swimming away with him