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before the sunlight woke

Light entered Sylvia’s bedroom
it was a hot morning outside the blinds
her sheet moved slowly
folding itself in clusters around her thighs
where inside her restless thoughts now gathered

she thought of Luke
lying in the spare room
separated from her only by her parent’s bedroom
kissing him goodnight she had longed for him
to thrust her up onto the side table again
to lift her skirt
and push her panty aside
to finger her youth
as he stood bringing her in closer
holding her tight
searching within the tightness
for her hungry thirsty love
spreading her even further
directing from above

releasing her sweet warm juice
closing her eyes now shut
moaning ever so softly
leaking toward her butt
her sweet little pussy did open
crying  and wanting to shout
as he had moved silently onwards
further in then out

now bringing her own fingers downward
to dance then play about
she remembered almost vividly
as the vase was about to give way
the water dripping all over the table
the flowers falling out
begging her boyfriend to fuck her
to enter her dripping spout

rubbing frantically into her wetness
her opening now set on fire
fuck me darling
she’d begged
as the boy recklessly gathered his cock
before touching her soaking slit
then pushing finally in
slowly sweetheart
she’d moaned
her pussy wincing with pain
she felt for the first time his love
bursting and gushing free
fuck that feels good
she had whispered
to have you so deep inside me

Her tongue had opened his mouth
as his cock was opening her hole
she couldn’t comprehend the pleasure
as she tingled
with pleasure and pain
her sweet little pussy now yearned
for her boyfriend
to find her again