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He took her aside
lets get out of here
he whispered in her ear
But your’e almost half my age
came the mature woman’s reply
It’s way past your bedtime 
he said
And you can help me with that?
she asked
I need to 
came his reply
She felt an urge
a sudden need
a pulsating feeling
from somewhere down below

He left through the glass doors
out onto the veranda
down the marble stairs
she said her thank you’s
exchanged pleasantries
before waving courteously
a kiss on both cheeks at the door
Goodbye again
she said

In the car park the gravel made way for high heels
somewhat ungenerously
her dalliance waited
in the dark beside her car
behind the stand of figs
upon opening her car door he appeared
the open door now shedding light upon her skirt
which he proceeded to lift
before sitting on the car step
moving forward to pull them down
to lower the blue satin panties guarding her crotch
reaching up her thighs to grasp her butt
the handsome young guest pulled her forward
with his thumbs now either side
he parted her cunt
only to dive deep inside
slicing her open with his anxious tongue

Leaning into him she all but fell
with two hands on the car roof she sighed
moaning softly as he massaged her crevices
licking her clit
then sucking within her sweetness
it had been years since she had experienced such pleasure
the gravel sounded out a warning
she became unsteady
her hands reached lower
clasping his hair
forcing his head upon her
into her
she groaned with delight
weak at the knees
yet strong enough to continue
held up by the platform
of his upright youthful tongue

Grinding in and out
in rhythm with his thrusts
pulling on his hair
drowning in her lust
she finally released him
back toward her seat
pulling up her panties
from down around her feet
You can go to sleep soon
he said
as she lit her cigarette
before rearranging her attire
straightening skirt
You can drive my darling
she responded
I ‘m unfortunately far too wet
come with with me my precious
take me in my bed
then leaning in toward her
lifting his gorgeous face
his smile lit up her evening
filling her with grace