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It was late
I was cold
I needed to sleep
fictional characters rattled inside my head
further out from your blanket filled bed
inside your head
dreams filtered through
I needed the characters to leave me
I wanted to dream of you

The cold air dissipated
as my toes met yours
your warm feet
stirring quietly
alone in your world
I could feel my body
needing you
your touch
your tongue
your love

sliding a finger beneath my thong
the wetness gathering below the surface
beneath the groove
within the crevices of my slit
for you to arrive

Drifting now
into sleep with you
marking time
with your metre
your breath
your dreams

Light tickled my eyes
the sun
trying to come inside
the sheet
wandering away from me
as I rolled over
to see you
with your knees upright
I listened
to the sound that awoke me
the wrestling of your want
laying a hand on your stomach
I watched
your fingers
struggling against your shaft
firing through your neck
into your the storm of your temple
flowing at will
through your biceps
your chest
back within your torso
to meet me
with my soothing hand
as my fingers crept beneath
feeling their way
below your swelling
across the surface
caressing the opening
the entrance to your desire

I was too late
your want too strong
too deep
bucking and moaning
you writhed
attempting to gather you
to reel you in
to quell the subsidence
sitting up
releasing my breasts
to capture your need
to drown in your lust
to drink in your desire
before you crashed
in spasms
near me

Massaging your juice across my breasts
arousing my nipples
lathering the torso
asking your fingers
to join in the dance
my destiny soon arrived
with my wetness upon me
with my fingers deep in the pink
being licked now by your tongue
without any time to think
I exploded
in waves upon my fingers
gushing warmly upon your mouth
with the sweet nectar gently flowing
I needed to let more out
lifting my butt from the bed
with my back arching way up high
two fingers dove in deep
to release the stars from my sky
my own self came crashing now
amidst moaning
and a cry
screaming out your name
searching for reasons why

Why it was I loved you
with a passion and with heat
why you turn me on
every time we meet
why I need to take you
deep within my soul
to fill my heart with warmth
in times when I feel cold