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it must have been late
the middle of our night
my lover rolled me over
to open me up wide
spread your ass cheeks Sasha
he signaled from up high
open up your butt hole darling
licking inside my thigh
before collecting my sweet cunt juice
to wet his now keen tongue
within moments he’d then enter
my sensitive yet eager bum
lubing up his thumb
reaching for his knob
he inserted his gorgeous ridge
in then quietly out
my elbows planted firmly
I then turned face about

he had prepared me well
my gorgeous erotic man
taking me ever so softly
gently as we began
to find our steady rhythm
to love at an even pace
car lights circling our bedroom
bringing me his face
he was focusing ever so closely
on gathering my firm hips in
gripping at my thighs now
cutting into my skin
fuck me up the bum hole
my gorgeous sexy boy
fuck my tight little asshole
use me as your fuck toy
you know I need it darling
ram me up my bum

fuck me harder darling
give me your hot wet cum

grinding on his cock
my tight little butt did ride
up and down his shaft
sliding it deeper inside
way up into the tightness
my one true hole for him
squirt it out my darling
shoot it further in
unbelievably sensational
are adjectives that spring to mind
my boyfriend fucking me
up my bum hole
taking me from behind
screwing my tight hole senseless
on and on I’d scream
drowning in a sea of ecstasy
loving my honeys wet dream