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the doorman held the chain back to let us through
my long legs slid across the back seat of our cab
your blond hair fell over my shoulder blades as you began to doze
within moments we had left the city lights behind
the LA hills began to appear in the distance
watching over the now sprawling metopolis that lay below
readjusting my hand bag I noticed a faint droplet on my panties front
the navy blue moistened with my excitement
with us sucking on Tequila
then jiving together on the floor
as the clubs dj jammed through another cool Friday
your black leather pants had recharged me
I still had some fuel in the tank

I could see you undressing as I slid from my short dress
I’m out
you called from the bedroom
within seconds you would be asleep
I needed to move quickly
to catch you before your slumber
guiding you into my mouth
I could feel your breathing slow
yet as I worked up and down your shaft
gently fondling your sack
then softly released my tongue
to encircle your tightening crack
I could feel your manhood harden
as your head began to stir
I wasnt going to miss this opportunity
my kitty needed to purr

Sliding my long legs now forward
my heels still in tact
I slid aside my navy blue panties
and straightened my lengthening back
then opening my dance tired thighs
I straddled over your knob
slowly lowering my pussy
I could feel myself slither and slide
as the head of your long cock touched me
farther then farther inside
leaning forward to kiss you
then arching now further back
I ebbed and flowed as you moaned
stopping briefly to finger my crack

The pleasure now all to intense
I spasmed with an orgasmic rush
falling back on our bed
as my slit continued to gush
Don’t leave me lover
you whispered
Where has my blond baby gone?
as you played with your now hungry rod
keen for me to play along

Spent and pulsating I returned
to suck on your anxious cock
in then out of my mouth
then up toward the roof of my throat
with my hand now clasping at the base
and my tongue penetrating the eye
I could feel your hot veins throbbing
your legs tighten beneath your sigh
within seconds your juice had exploded
as I fought to keep your shaft in
squirming and fighting in ecstasy
releasing upon my chin
before I finally reeled your knob back
to squirt within the walls of my flesh
gorgeous thick creamy bursts
of lust then juice filled with cum
licking the final droplets
before softly tonguing your bum

x-art - beautyisdivine before 2009

I could hear you quietly sleeping
as I opened our door to the to the night
with my vodka lime and soda
fueling me again with delight
stretching back on our deck chair
I thought as the morning sun
climbed slowly above the hills
of how lucky we’d become
to have all these moments together
where fun filled with ecstasy
would dance around our lives
lighting a fire within
a passion that burned through our soul

I longed for today’s new moments
the vodka now smooth and crisp
licking my lips of your scent
I could taste myself in between
relaxed, in love and content
as the sun awoke on my scene