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Natasha watched as his wrists moved left then right
his forearms were strong
pushing hard against his white shirts and their cufflinks
his shoulders broad and his chest taut
she was aware he played squash
that he surfed
he had been a good footballer

the car wound down the long driveway in toward his rural shack
her heart skipped a beat
was she making the right decision
her mother had assured her she was
yet her Mom had been keen to marry her off since she was 24
her best friend Liv thought she was insane
he could be an axe murderer
she had scoffed
as Natasha had waved goodbye from work
either way
she was with an online date she had only dated once
at a dinner party with his ex footballing buddies
and their now wives
hardly an outstanding entree for a weekend away
it what now appeared to be pretty rugged country

At 32 she had to try things though
meet new guys
she was tall and attractive
successful in her own right
yet now was the time to meet someone
another decade of meandering through relationships
was not on Natasha’s menu
And why not travel away with Miles
he was outwardly successful himself
with a cool apartment in town
a funky office
truckloads of high profile clients
and a solid education
kind of a bit weird that he had been single for so long
she mused
as the car now slowed toward what appeared to be a shed
I’ll just grab the keys Tash
he said
as she noticed him foraging behind some fire wood
to then open the shed door and reappear into the cars headlights
I just needed to turn on the water
he explained
before re entering the car and angling further down the driveway
toward their weekend getaway

Inside the timber floors ran throughout
even up a classic set of stairs that led to what appeared to be an upstairs bedroom
the dining table was cut from a mahogany log on the place
he assured her
and the balcony they now drank their wine on was built from timber next door
where Myles’ brother and his wife had a place
outside the barbecue’s smoke danced toward the stars now
the evening was brisk
as Tash felt within her bag for a black cardigan

Readjusting her bra she felt her nipples harden to meet the chill
her long legs now straightening back up
to walk outside and chat with her new man
Tomorrow we can head over to the beach if you like
Myles said
now turning inside to lay out our dinner upon his long table
he lit some candles
before reappearing with a sensational green salad
and another bottle
red this time
to compliment their steak


Myles was interesting
Natasha thought
and he was interested in her
in her work
her friends
her life
okay so working in a city law firm in the family law area wasn’t exactly rocket science
yet he made her feel as though it was
He made her feel as though he did care
Let’s face it he had a name for being one of the best investment consultants in town
but that wasn’t all there was to him
as she was about to find out

The wine was playing tricks with her bearings
is the bathroom upstairs?
Natasha queried
I shall just go and then bring us the dessert I prepared
she said
Don’t go upstairs
Myles said
with a dangerous smirk now entering his repertoire
stay there
I  can bring the dessert

he replied
before entering the kitchen
only to reappear and place the strawberries, cream and ice cream upon the table
I really need to go
Natasha said
as she stood up now
still dressed in her skirt from work
her tall legs kept warm as the long dark stockings rode all the way to her garter belt
It’s fine
said Myles
you can go here
he said
as if peeing on his timber floor was just another routine habit of those who visited
Natasha’s mind now raced
this was just too fucking kinky
she thought to herself
in a now state of flux
she had hardly even touched the guy
kissed him
and now she was supposed to semi undress
and stand before him
then urinate all over his timber floor
Don’t be ridiculous Myles
Natasha now pleaded
I am bursting Myles
She anxiously said to him
I know he replied
but I said its fine
just go there

Miles moved toward her
with his two hands he swept the dark hair from her cheekbones
before kissing her first upon the cheek
then drawing in her mouth he kissed her passionately on the lips
releasing his tongue deep inside
his strong hands clasping at her back
her hips and thighs
he turned her around now
then slowly lifting her skirt he pulled the thong lower
to rest on her dark stocking above her knees
then reaching forward he placed her two hands flat on the table
in the centre
between the slow burn of its candles
before returning to sit back from the table
on his dining chair
only six feet away from her
take your time Tash
he said
as she angled her neck
turning her head to see him sitting
the candlelight flickering light below his chest
upon the now upright bulge within his pants
this is crazy
Tash thought
but it was too late
angling back toward the dining room table she braced herself
the palms of her hands lengthening and gathering in the grooves within the wood
against the grain
she felt a droplet slide against her inner thigh
then a warm wet feeling met her
as she released the tension
tingling now like lightening
high up through her spine toward the back of her neck
the intensity of her flow increasing


As she opened her legs further
to spurt the warm pee out
showering the timber now
in a circle upon his floor
she reached down now with her fingers
to open her pussy some more
as she gushed and pushed more out
shooting from within her hole
opening her snatch wider
to satisfy her goal
then two hands reached from behind her
to take the strawberries then the cream
the cream first washed her pink lips
the strawberries thrust in between
with now five strawberries inside her cunt
and his hand holding the red fruit up
Myles lowered his right hand back
to open himself up

Before releasing his now long cock
stiff and erect
moving in toward her juice hole
to indulge in the healthy red fruit
as the cream dripped further lower
smothering her gorgeous boot
take that my beautiful Tash
he whispered from behind
as she bent now further over
to open up her mind
to straighten her black high heels
in preparation for the pending scene
to tighten her dripping cunt lips
as he entered her sensational wet dream
fuck that feels good
Tash thought
as his manhood entered her hole
slithering through the cream
the pee the juice and her slit
as she opened her pink lips wider
stretching to take in her man
pushing back on his shaft
now reaching back with her hand
to feel his long lean strength
to circle his wanton vein
as in and out he slid
moaning over
and over again
that feels so good Tash
I needed you from the start
I’ve been dying to taste that juice hole
to pull your legs apart

And with that Tash writhed and bucked
forcing his long cock out
climaxing hard in a spasm
coming with a shout
the strawberries squirted out
the redness lining her thighs
as Miles eagerly gathered her back in
to penetrate further inside
fuck me you gorgeous woman
he moaned as his hands now opened her wide
creaming within the cream
shooting his warm juice into her
fucking her deeper inside
she felt a hot liquid burst
somewhere high upon high
this ones the real deal
Tash thought
he put the stars back in my sky