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Jillian walked faster now
the cool air capturing her breasts
closing in her cardigan
she briefly hugged herself
in search of inner warmth
and perhaps inner strength

The lights further out caught glimpses
of shark nets
rust rope then chains
holding their weight
a north easterly breeze
brisk in its center
causing the barrier to sway then grate

Danny had been relentless
unkind to a T
Jillian was lost
a woman and her sea
in search of a crust
a mere morsel of of love
a lightning bolt from above
yet her evening walk was lined
with questions and revision
rocked to the core
during Danny’s inquisition

Leaving the promenade
streetlights high above
people quietly chattering
fingering her glove
Jillian felt nervous
cautious and circumspect
he’d practically denuded her
rendered her a wreck


Idling up the stairs
opening the doorway from ajar
Danny smiled then hugged her
beneath their shooting star
all was not lost
true love had once shone through
for in that moment of embrace
he kissed her

Lights flickered in the distance
yet theirs shone forever bright
Jillian stole his warmth
til early morning’s light