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Hearing heels crash
from high above the timber floor
lying straight I fingered
then sucked on the vodka’s straw
untying cotton buttons
from bottom to the top of my shirt
exposing my flat firm torso
to ocean breeze above my skirt
leaning slowly beside me
he unzipped the garment free
releasing all of the tension
to slowly undress me
gently unstrapping the bra
his lips caressed my breast
pleasuring my alcohol fuelled body
wetting my treasures chest



As I slid away my panties
to part my legs with ease
he lowered his warm long fingers
to sighs and mouthing please
finger me darling
I whispered
finger my thirsty hole
fuck me with your fingers
slice open my hungry slit
finger fuck me my love
as I rub my throbbing clit
then with two fingers thrusting in my cunt
and one at the opening of my bum
I spasmed and writhed above the ocean
my juices began to come
to drench his long hard fingers
squirting upon my inner thighs
loving his firm hard fucking
the fire within his eyes

As kneeling high before me
he stroked down his now long shaft
above his pulsating ridge
as I gently fingered his ass
then licked at his cum filled sack
longing for him to splash his cream
beneath my landing strips crack
opening my pussy lips wide
I could feel the cum explode
give it to me
I screamed
shoot me with your load
spraying and spurting he continued
before releasing a final grunt
to fall flat beneath my thighs
at the mouth of my swollen cunt
where I tickled and fingered the opening
teasing my lover some more

I love you darling
I whispered
I love being your sexy blond whore