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Lauren stood waiting
the rain began to fall
he still hadn’t arrived
it was late
she was tired
a taxi home

in the bath Lauren soaked
two vanilla candles
a glass of white
lavender bath oil
a delicate breeze
and now
the chance to be on her own
without him
he really was tiring
changing plans
letting her down
then pretending to care

she lay
relaxed and warm
the soap
sliding down her neck
over her shoulders
in circles
massaging her small breasts
her stomach
raising her legs
the soap
wandering across her slit
then down
toward her little bum hole
then over her thighs
toward her ankles
her feet
then her toes

the candle flickered in the breeze
Lauren drank in the warmth of the night
with the blinds
letting in only moments
pieces from outside
as they ebbed then flowed
in sync with the wind
a storm was approaching
as was her bed
where two soft pillows
clean sheets
and her fingers beckoned