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You nestled into my neck
hair softly touching my cheekbones
fingers reaching into my hand
drifting off to sleep
another memory to keep

You’re breathing ebbed and flowed
falling into a deeper sleep near me
the night sounds rested less peacefully
birds flew in circles
unsure where to land
bats hung on recklessly
fighting for more fruit
cars dealt with late night police
the pool lights flickered
in and out of time with the teenagers
brown from a summer of bikinis
laughing through a summer of holidays

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A train rattled by
two birds played
it was darker than I thought
early Sunday
breathing ever so quietly
you swam through the night
in and out of dreams
in then out of sight

I wanted to hold you
brush your blonde hair away
kiss you on the forehead
hug you over my way
perhaps I’ll just listen
to the sounds of the night
before you awake
to turn on my light

Wind howled at my window
pushing back the blinds
racing through the night sky
swirling around my mind
were you now awake
listening to iron rattling on our roof
or were you still asleep
frightened of the day
when you and I would drift
with the wind leading us astray

The wind crept slowly through my window
I could faintly hear you
breathing quietly
against the tide of another morning
with her sun
away in the distance
moving ever so peacefully
toward us

I could still hear you breathing
I leaned over to breathe you in
to drink in your warmth
wrap your soul around mine
to capture the moment
and take with me
for when i needed it
in times when I was lonely
in need of love
it feels good
you whispered