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I felt the heat burning
deep within my thighs
I could see his long shaft hovering
from the corner of my disguise
I needed him inside me
as I waited on hands and knees
Please I said
Fuck me Master

Prise open your juice hole
Open your lips you mole
Sit and wait your turn 
he said
whilst continuing to stroke his pole
my cunt was now but screaming
as I tried to slide a finger in
then with a forceful shout he yelled
Don’t you dare begin
I felt his pre cum wetting
the opening of my crack
I could feel him slapping his cock
upon the crevices of my back

Crying now with anguish
I begged for his manhood whole
to slice into my pussy
to fuck me like a mole

but laughing and teasing he exploded
treating me like a slut
condescending and demeaning
to shoot all over my butt

All you had to do was ask nicely
All you had to do was ask 

as he lifted up my head
to pull away the mask

Crying and upset I sobbed
uncontrollably at first
his sick and sorry game
was the lowest
just the worst