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The iron bark splintered her finger
as she pushed the wood up inside the stove
before slamming the door shut
only to lick some blood away with the splinters head

The oil was now hot
placing a kitchen chair in front of her she rested her feet
lifting her legs before slightly parting them
taking time out to listen
the fire began surging from inside its stove
crackling then whistling
heating from below

The zucchini was warm too
as it drank in the oil
before meeting her lips
then disappearing slowly
inside her
her left had now opening a passage up higher
for her tiny vibe to wander
up then slowly down
slithering upon her swollen clit

Now she arched her back up even higher
to thrust the green length in
as she lowered her vibe in anticipation
to play with her tight now wet butt
yet before she had time to insert it
her pussy exploded with a gush
opening her legs even wider
Soph came with a powerful rush

The tea was soon to boil
her fingers wrapped the cup for heat
as she listened once more to her fire
whilst staring at her feet
they rested flat on the chair now
as she lowered the cup upon her chest
before fondling the small matt of pubes
and gently rubbing her breast
her orgasm had drained Sophie’s energy
yet a tingling sensation remained
hopefully he’d soon be awake
to enter her once again

Back in bed she snuggled in tight
to her warm and cosy tall man
angling her feet alongside his
placing her warm fingers inside his hand
he stirred now ever so slightly
before rolling now upon his back
Hi babe
he whispered softly
then drifted toward his need for sleep
Soph listened and waited for morning
playing quietly with the hair upon his chest
her fingers nestling within his warm jumper
in love with his muscular breast
the inside of her thigh
lifting to meet his smooth sword
her need for him would now lay dormant
until morning could be heard

She listened again for her fire
and sucked her finger
her blood and her scent
peaceful content and in love
Soph felt restful and partially spent
her eyelids now closed slowly in memory
of the time when he’d taken her in
the girl with the wandering spirit
the girl with a passion for him