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the last chukka

Sylvia wound down the window on the Mercedes station wagon.
Bye Harry, goodbye Tom”, Cliff said “Bye bub. What’s for dinner?” He asked Sylvia.
“Moroccan chickenhis wife replied.
“I won’t be late” he said, before watching as the Mercedes commenced the journey back to town.
“Well played Cliff” the club secretary noted, as he passed by Cliff’s truck to head for the Pavilion.
Old Errol loves his beer, Cliff thought to himself, as he walked around the back of his polo truck.
His polo groom Skye was just letting “Llorento”, the last of the horses free. With all the tack back in the truck, and the horses fed and watered, they were just about ready to leave. Then sitting on the back of the Rover taking off his polo boots Cliff flinched. Skye had thrown half her water bottle down his Jodhpur’s front. “I told you I’d get you” she laughed.
“You naughty little girl“, He quipped. “You’ll pay for that”.


The lights flickered in and out of the passenger seat on the drive home, capturing Skye’s polo shirt and tights. She too had been playing with water. Maybe she had wet herself when hosing down the horses, Cliff thought, as her wet polo shirt caught his eye. Both way it was summer, and no doubt she would be straight in the pool when they arrived home. Like so many other English polo grooms Sydney was home in summer. The eastern suburbs and north shore were lined with beaches, close to polo fields, close to money, and close to boys, or men, whichever you preferred.
“You are a seriously naughty girl for wetting Daddy”, yelled Cliff, as he now caught a glimpse of Skye’s young butt, wandering through the Rover headlights on the way inside his home. Then taking a shower Cliff could see Skye’s bikini top from the bathroom window. He watched as she lay on her back in the salt water pool, breasts upright. Her young nipples pointing firmly northward to the night sky. Soon the moon would arrive to replace the pool lights, and push everyone toward another Monday, of commuting, suits, skirts and computers. He kissed Sylvia on the cheek, before retiring downstairs to watch the last few chukkas of his polo game on video. He was bloody annoyed. The 8 goal polo player they were paying to play in the tournament was having a shocker. “Useless”, Cliff said to himself. “I don’t know what this guy’s game is”.

Cliff went down to the garage to place the cell phone in the Rover, he knew he’d forget it in the morning otherwise. Passing Skye’s room he noticed her door ajar, watching as she turned out the bedside lamp and slid into bed with nothing but her knickers on. Her small “A” cup breasts meeting his eyes as he wandered down the hallway. Then returning within seconds to slowly approach her bed, Cliff placed a toy rubber snake on her bedside table, before turning on the lamp near her bed. Skye rolled over, only to scream at the top of her lungs at the sight of the snake, as she leapt from the bed, jumping toward the curtains in the corner of her room. “You bastard”, she exclaimed.
“I told you were a naughty girl for wetting Daddy” Cliff replied. “Now it’s time for Daddy to wet you”.
The next morning Skye arrived home from the beach. She always had the Monday morning free from her duties as a nanny. She needed the break on Monday mornings. Polo grooming on the weekend was somewhat demanding, and then there was the drive home.  Today her wrists were still a bit sore too. She thought she might take in a shower. Last night Cliff, or Daddy as she knew him, had managed to tie her to either end of the Rover tailgate, before spanking her naughty little bottom with the polo whip. “Poor daddy”, she thought to herself, having tied her ankles tightly together with the purple polo bandages, he had found it hard to forge his large cock into her slight little pussy. “Anyway, boys will be boys”, she thought. Nevertheless her wrists really did hurt, the rope from the polo halter had bit into them, as she struggled to set herself free, in search of daddy’s present.


With Tom and Harry left for the bus stop, Cliff long gone and the Bub back in her cot, Sylvia had already taken her customary  bath and was back in bed, asleep to the peaceful sounds of the babies monitor downstairs. Sylvia’s floral nightshirt, softly caressed her tired limbs, as she lay peacefully asleep. Skye entered the king size room, taking time out to watch a shipping tanker make its way into the harbour through the heads. Two small tug boats were coming forth to greet the tanker, before escorting the large vessel through the harbour into town. The Manly ferry further out was passed by the Hydrofoil, bringing the second round of commuters into Circular Quay. “It’s just another manic Monday”, Skye thought. Sylvia then stirred, her knees pushing forward up to her chest, as Skye slid into bed next to her. “You’re warm”, Skye said, releasing her towel and hugging Sylvia close from behind, the young girl reaching around to cuddle Sylvia’s large, milk filled breasts. Sylvia rolled over to lay on her back, before leaning forward and sweeping Skye’s blond hair back from her forehead.
“How was your swim?” She asked.
“The water was absolutely beautiful”, Skye replied, with a charming smile that lit up the room.
They lay peacefully for a short time, the morning birds sounding out the monitor, as the sun slowly made its way further north, above the balcony toward their room.
“Mommy’s hungry”, said Sylvia. Skye responded, climbing forward from Sylvia’s waist, over her milk filled breasts. Then spreading her legs outward, Skye moved her hips lower, to angle her smoothly shaven young pussy gently upon Sylvia’s wanton lips. The bright red lipstick soon met the pink, as Skye’s juicy young snatch slithered and slid across the mature woman’s mouth, only to be penetrated by Sylvia’s long, gorgeous tongue.
“Keep going Mommy”, Skye begged, as Sylvia sucked and sucked on her small button. Pulling it between her teeth, then releasing it softly, only to dive back inside her tight, young hole. Sylvia’s hand, now leaving Skye’s hips, led a finger toward the young girls butt. The touch was too much for Skye. Within seconds she exploded, releasing a pool of sweet juice all over Sylvia’s hungry mouth,
Running down her neck toward her beautiful breasts.

Skye then moved lower herself back down the bed. Then lifting the floral night dress above Sylvia’s slender hips, she proceeded to expose the mature woman’s pretty landing strip pussy. Opening the moistened lips to kiss her thirsty slit.
“Does Mommy need a lick?” Skye asked wryly, as the early morning sun brought its heat to the centre of their bed.
“Good girl baby’, Sylvia replied, arching back with pleasure, drinking in the young girls wet tongue.
“Good girl”, she whispered.
“Good girl for Mommy”.