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He paid the $200 at the door
to Sasha
Louise is the third door on the right
she said
he walked upstairs
lay on the bed and pulled his trousers down
his underpants still on
removing his jacket,tie and shirt
he waited
for what seemed an eternity
the escort the hooker the prostitute
he wasn’t exactly sure what to call them
no doubt from their previous escapade
he thought to himself

with gorgeous breasts the pretty brunette smiled
lying beside him and touching his leg
kissing his cheek she moved closer
he was somewhat nervous
though he appeared not to be
fondling within his pants she reached for his cock
his eyes transfixed on her breasts

He could feel his rod stiffen
everything he had anticipated was coming to fruition
but he was still scared
Louise reached for the condoms
folding, unwrapping, sliding
then slowly lowering the plastic sleeve along his thick shaft
she sucked and lubricated his being
only looking up to withdraw her tongue
for him to gaze at
to analyse
to become more, and more turned on
she pulled away and slowly removed her skirt
her purple thong looking up at him
What would he do now?

Louise appeared uncertain
moving to turn back to him
to launch on her all fours she paused
uncertain of which way to turn
he anxiously moved her thighs
pushing her butt before him
the tight deep hole
almost purple in color now rose
she reached down below her stomach
seeking to pleasure herself
as he guided the condom forth
with his cock and balls soon after
Could he catch a disease?

It was too late now
Louise began to rock back and forth on song
grasping at his cock
with her tender juicy ass
her hands continuously stroking
up and down her rod
she strangled her pre-cum head
as he held her butt cheeks firm
she begged him to push harder
to fuck her dirty hole
as she squirted cock juice out
screaming and squirming whole
he then retreated quickly
to throw the plastic down
now stroking on his shaft
with the might of one half as young
shooting all over her face
her lips her mouth then tongue

with his suit all placed back on
with his tie all nice and neat
thanking Sasha for her time
he made his way back to the street