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My long legs climbed the steps
their high heels tired and rushed
inside throwing down my keys
wiping some sweat from its brow
pushing away my blond hair
I needed to sit for now
pouring a glass of white
perspiring above my chest
finally removing my glasses
upon the couch I could rest
then stretch my weary legs
to release the ankles of their pain


On a hot summers afternoon
our meeting now came to mind
slightly opening my legs
as my skirt began to rise
I could feel my panties moisten
above the heat between my thighs
slowly touching my breast
I released the bra from her strap
then lent further back on the couch
spreading my legs now wide
before closing my tired eyes
and slide my fingers inside

The wetness slippery and sweet
as I yearned to enter my slit
I wanted to prolong my pleasure
yet I needed to feed my clit
for the hunger the lust and the swelling
longed for my fingers touch
as my dripping juice drenched opening
wanted me too much

Finally I succumbed to desire
rubbing before thrusting up high
as my hand forced the panties lower
to rest beneath my thigh
fingering and loving my touch
I writhed then silently moaned
gathering my thoughts from our meeting
enjoying being home alone
with beads of sweat upon my breast
finding my torso now damp
breathing somewhat heavier
the inside of my pussy gave way
releasing in a powerful gush
the heat from inside my day