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Late late at night Tash began to stir
perhaps it was the moisture
settling beneath her fur
cupping her face in his hands
he gathered her for a kiss
his tongue filled her with passion
his lips a heavenly bliss
then all of a sudden awake
briefs now twitching at the seam
he hadn’t entered her mouth
t’was but a teenage dream



Tash’s tan lined breasts
lay smothered on her bed
with her bed lamp now alight
she assessed the confronting mess
before slowly lowering her fingers
to hide within the heat
soaking from her dream
she gently rubbed her feet
embarrassed and somewhat shy
she cried then began to weep

He would never notice her
nor look her in the eye
he was out of her league
she needn’t even try
removing her small wet panties
finding a fresh new towel
to wash away her fantasy
alone in her evening shower