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She danced with him until her legs gave way
the couch was an attractive proposition
he was ready for her she thought
a few drinks after dinner some peaches and cream
a dance and play with him her date from the net
the world wide web of swimmers
swimming around in search of a pool in which to reside

He was a bit strange though this latest thread
he had hardly looked at her they had sat opposite one another
danced then laughed in tune within an easy step of one another
yet he had reached above her eye line
then down toward his wrists
fidgeting in a restless shy kind of schoolboy manner
then he would look away as her eyes met his beneath the candlelight

Either way he was kind of sexy she thought in a nerdish geeky kind of way
the guy tested concrete in a lab ascertaining its mega Pascal strength
its flexural strength
not exactly what you’d call stimulating
but his corduroy pants were
and Olivia felt pretty turned on about what might lay inside them
okay so Olivia was always rather  turned on
as it was she had slept with practically half the guys in her office
but then again it was an advertising agency
and she was an account executive
it wasn’t as if she was tied to a desk all day
moving around meeting people and handling client issues were her forte
along with selling

When it came to selling herself she didn’t have to try too hard
her looks did most of the talking
and her reputation did the rest
well along with the odd flirtatious comment
the good thing was Olivia pondered she didn’t do married guys
she was never alone if she didn’t want to be and she had never been that hung up on anyone that she lost all control well emotionally that is
but what about this “look the other way” concrete tester
she had enjoyed his sense of humour on their first date
and he was younger in a less intimidating sense
yet he was a bit stand offish maybe she just needed to fire him up a bit

So tell me Clint What do you think of Olivia..
Do you need to turn off the lights or are we able to leave them on from here on in?
Clint smiled
He did have a smile in there
Sitting forward almost leaning into her is that an offer or an expectation?
He quipped Olivia reached out sliding her hands below his cheekbones
before kissing him softly on the lips
then lowering her fingers to his corduroys
Do they make these pants with zips?


Lowering his pants to his ankles then downing his boxers nearby
Olivia sucked gently on his cock
now releasing her tongue to its eye
licking then drawing him in she wet his long shaft for her snatch
as she rested high up on her knees
before angling her slit toward her catch
her wetness arrived in a heartbeat
as her pussy soon slid down his pole leaning back with hands on her breasts
whilst steering his rod up her hole straddling and writhing in pleasure
Olivia soon yelled from up top
screw me you young horny man
ram it up
give me your spunk
fuck Olivia’s dirty  pink hole now you gorgeous internet hunk

And with that Clint pushed up even higher stretching with all of his length
forcing her dripping wet opening to push down with all of her strength
straining and strangling his juice out Clint looked as though he was in pain
yet at least now he looked straight toward her
now that was a definite gain
for Olivia found him quite cute in a boyish nerdish kind of way
if he turned her on even more
now she may well just ask him to stay