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Sophie was quite tall
she was about 5 10
and in clogs she stood taller than Derek
Matilda wasn’t quite as tall
at 16 she probably still had some growing to do
and little Art
well he was only five
and it was Art’s first day at school
with the photos finished
a cup of tea with the new principal
and a kiss goodbye to Derek over
Sophie drove home
her eyes wandered
it was one of those might have been moments
if only she didn’t now live in the suburbs
if only Derek was home during the day
when she needed him
it was almost cooler when he was previously married
and they were having an affair
at least she’d get to fuck him on the phone every day at 930
after his wife had gone off to work

now it was all about the kids
about dance lessons for Matilda
about Arties sleeping arrangements
I wish Art slept in his own bed she thought
He’s five years old for heaven’s sake
Sophie lit a cigarette
poured a coffee
and sat on the balcony
with her leg raised she dipped into the wax
pulled the hairs away from her tired legs
one after one up then back into the wax
with the messy wax and hairs in the bin
she collapsed
when she awoke she pulled up her dress
taking care to undo her bra and pull down her thong
she showered
the water felt soothing
almost relaxing
as her breasts lathered in the body wash
she took care to wash her torso slowly
it was still firm
in spite of her child bearing days
down around her snatch the wash disappeared
her fingers massaging her hole
before bending down
to lather her butt hole
the rose body wash racing down her legs
and out into the suburbs somewhere
no doubt

it was late now
and time to pick up the kids

At 8.00 that night a miracle happened
Artie was so tired after his first day
he fell to sleep
in his own bed
as Matilda wandered off
to kik, facebook
and instagram out the night
what a scream
i’m tired again
she thought
as she threw on her pink negligee
before curling up in her usual foetal position
and drifting off to sleep

Sophie’s eyes blinked
slowly open then shut again
the bedside lamp
turning on
causing her to stir
she felt Derek’s hands
slowly removing the pink panties
slightly below her thighs
his fingers
wandering around her inner thighs
in search of her warmth
you smell so good he whispered
as his mouth kissed her ass
she winced briefly
as his tongue
touched her open butthole
he licked the sweet rose wash
then pushed his tongue further in
the tight hole asking for more
rolling over now Sophie pushed him down
down inside her cunt
lick it
she said
give it a good lick Darling
she felt his tongue
exploring the wetness
his lips
parading around her clit
his index finger
producing ecstasy from under his tongue
fuck me Darling
she said
I need a good stiff cock
now pulling his head north
diving her own tongue
deep inside his mouth
Sophie tasted the warmth of her own juice
the soft sweet juice
from her now dripping snatch
fuck that feels good
she said
you are such a fucking turn on
she thought
as Derek pounded her open hole
his arms pulling back her knees
she watched
as his hard cock thrust
then out
her neatly trimmed pussy
taking the cock with ease
she watched
as the vein on his cock
then disappeared
deep inside her hole
she needed more
rub it
he said
rub that tight fucking pink hole
he yelled
as she pushed harder
and harder
rubbing her hungry clit
take it
take it
he said
as his huge cock threw her back
her head
hard against the bed head
take my juice
he said
as she felt the warm flood escape
pushing high into her juice hole
filling her with love
she kept on fighting
rubbing at her snatch
fingering her hole
until finally she exploded
dripping on the bed
laying further up
away from his cocks head
I feel so fucking good
she thought now to herself
I should use that rose wash more
I’ll leave it on the shelf