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The morning light met the window pane
to shine through beneath the white curtain
within our room the light travelled
in small segments
to lay upon my chest

I gently rose my knees
then opened my legs some more
slowly caressing your hair
brushing from side to side
whereupon your hands appeared
angling from around my thighs
to rest upon the base of my stomach
before lowering to open me wide


Your tongue sat ever so slightly
gently upon my clit
moving from my hull
softly upon my bow
then rising up my mast
to steady the wandering tac
before gently sliding downwards
to sail me back on track
your gorgeous sweet subtle lips
then encircled the open deck
swallowing in then out
removing me of breath
as clutching to your mane
I arched my firm tail high
to inhale your beautiful tongue
to feel your every move
loving the warmth of you
deeper inside my groove

I needed to empower myself
to open my sails at full mast
to bring forth my anxious wetness
to lengthen my angled cast
opening now even further
grasping and pulling your hair
I released the boat from her anchor
to sail away in your lair
dancing upon the water
at one with my new found crew
bobbing and breathing again
quivering and tingling anew


Watching now as your head rose on up
to see your stomach
your legs and your cock
heading north in a strong firm movement
to land upon my dock
it’s the phone now ringing
why silence the wind from my sails
I have to take this
you said
turning around in a bend
amazing timing
I thought
I can’t believe it
it’s his girlfriend