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Zoe could see his muscle
in the centre of his pants
she stared as hard as she could
to catch a closer glance
turning toward the blackboard
catching his side on stance
where the length of his gorgeous member
made her hot
then flush at the sight
the folds within her skin
now moistening with delight
as her iPhone button hit stop
the last frame captured his ass
with the lecture theatre dispersing
at the end of their last class

Two more stops til home
Zoe wound down from her day
she could now throw down her bag
and set her phone to play

with her tiny skirt now unzipped
legs apart upon her bed
she gently lifted her pillow
to rest her college head
panties so wet they could swim
intently watching her screen
sliding the soaked briefs lower
to massage
whilst watching the scene

now sweating
then dripping
and moaning
as she zoomed toward his crotch
longing to take him inside her
to release her college crush