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Soon the water turned from green to blue
as her eyes moved further out
repositioning her glasses
to see the tiny boat
ebbing then flowing toward the horizon
a slight wind attempted to lift the beach umbrella
as she angled her knees upward
repositioning her bikini bottom whilst the children swam
the children were practically adults now
yet they were still children to Janet
laughing and splashing at the water’s edge
as the sun gathered some heat to worry her legs
only her purple toenails sat outside the umbrella shade
yet she was still worried about burning in the heat
she had to worry about something
if it was not the children
or the fact she had so many unfinished chores at the house
it was worrying about how to fill her days
once they had all returned after the summer break
alone in that big old beach house
without Ranald
without anyone

Walking to the water’s edge her toes danced in the shallow surf
she felt the cool rush of white water splash up toward her ankles
the small surge as the ocean pulled the water further out
to leave her standing upon wet sand
in view of Marcia
as she played with her boyfriend Keith in the waves
as young Ian battled the white water closer to the shore
his arm signalling to her
today a swim was out of the question
she was tired
the water was too cold for her
and she needed a cigarette
returning to the umbrella for solace she sat upright
lighting another Marlboro before lying back down
her toes playing with the towel for warmth
Janet’s stomach was still taut
although a fold of skin wrapped over the top of her bikini bottom
another sign of age she mused
gravity was playing havoc with her hips
not to mention her thighs
as her size 10 figure still clung onto her past
only just
another crevice of skin appeared from below the bikini line
as she readjusted her bottoms to remove it from her vision
the bikini wax had been a good one she thought
though that was weeks ago now

Finally the children made the way back toward their towels
Camille lay hers out straight before falling flat
shaking her long auburn hair to one side as she gazed at Janet
Marcia and Keith held hands
as they always did
with Ian following Keith’s every move
as he always did
Poor little Ian,
Janet thought
oh to be the youngest
pushed and pulled through life at the behest of all before him
Yet he was loved,
she reconciled
handing out the chicken wraps and juice to her loved ones
Janet was pleased they were all together
well everyone bar Ranald

Later that night Janet sat on the balcony
the waves now stronger
crashing into the rocks below
the headland just a dark escarpment further out
she could hear Marcia and Keith laughing in bed
as the chimes met a gentle breeze
beyond the cigarettes newly found smoke
for some strange reason Janet felt aroused
perhaps it was mixture of contentment and relaxation
she gathered her sarong to cover her thong
adjusting her t-shirt to stretch out over her breasts
where her nipples were now hard
and erect in the night
the wine felt smooth
easy on her lips
Janet remembered back
to when Ranald had caressed her hips
then softly rubbed her thighs as he spoke with gentle tone
“I’ve always loved you’
he had whispered
her heart within his reach
Her bedroom lamp upstairs
shone red against the sheets
as Janet stretched her legs out
now massaging her feet
the night cream soothed her ankles
then gathered in her knees
as she proceeded to lather her thighs
the liquid spreading with ease
standing to remove her sarong
then laying her crimson thong down
pulling off her t-shirt
above the taut tanned brown
with her bra then removed
to expose her whitened breasts
she lay now flat in bed naked
to feed her tiredness with rest


Yet her mind drifted back to a hotel room
not long after they’d first met
to when his firm stiff cock
had entered by the rear hole
she had whimpered at first in fright
before relaxing around his pole
before rubbing her long smooth slit
then fingering deep inside
as he thrust in then out
screaming with pleasure and pride
I always love fucking you
he said again and again
I’ll always want you near
he said softly
massaging her thighs once more
Janet now longed for the hotel room
as she decided to close her door
Reaching for the moisturiser
she covered her fingertips
then parted her short brunette mound
to slowly play with her clit
up then down she applied the cream
to wet the buttons face
opening her legs further
to give her fingers more space
with two fingers caressing her nipples
and another two deep in her slit
she began to push in somewhat harder
as a bead of moisture
appeared on her tit
her nipples were hard and erect
pleasing to her touch
her juice hole was now wide open
as her fingers disappeared in the brush
cum drenched and warm they explored
deep and high in her snatch
as she arched back to push them in further
to the upper walls of her gash


Sliding and pushing them further
in further and further with length
lowering her second hand now
to rub at her clit with strength
as now three fingers entered
the lips of her hungry wet hole
stroking at her clits swollen head
dreaming of Ranald’s long pole
fucking her hole with a passion
rocking her gorgeous double bed
now with her knees lifting up on high
and her ass coming up from the sheet
Janet exploded with an orgasm
sending spasms from her sex to her feet
she writhed and gently moaned
continuing to play with her clit
returning her second hand back up
to softly massage her tit
before sucking her fingers with her lips
to smell her strong scent of cum
before throwing back her hair
to sit upright now upon her pulsating bum

With her robe now encircling her body
and her cigarettes firmly to hand
opening the doors to her balcony
she proceeded to the rail to stand
high above the surf
above her glorious beach
away from the children now sleeping
with the future within her reach
What would tomorrow bring?
she mused
would it bring moments that lightened her day
the palm trees swayed in the breeze
as her smoke slowly drifted further their way
Whatever tomorrow brings
she thought with a new found strength
I’ve loved every minute of today
I’ve loved being back in my skin
for the first time
in a long time
I’m me
now let the future begin